When we moved into our home we took a workshop and made it our studio, we took the old dining room and added a fireplace to make it a cozy sitting area, turned a home office into our family room and we took the larger living room to become our library and music room. We looked at our home for how WE COULD use the space to love and support our family and over the years I believe we poured back into the home because we used it well!

So often I will hear from families just not feeling settled or at rest in their homes and often I think it is because they are using someone else’s idea of what home should look or feel like. Sometimes we are using someone else’s idea even what a room should be used for instead of using it well for your own family.

My friend Myquillyn Smith has just released her newest book, House Rules: How to Decorate for Every Home, Style and Budget. Myquillyn’s whole heart around home and decorating is that it doesn’t not have to be perfect to be beautiful. There is a lot of freedom there and also the room to find your own way with your home. The best part is she is always sharing the journey she has been on and allows you to learn with her.

This book is SO FUN with one hundred memorable, universal decorating truths that apply to every house, style, and budget. By guiding you to do what you know, use what you have, and finish what you started, Myquillyn Smith will help you find

· understanding of why you love (or don’t love) your spaces
· confidence to make rewarding decisions that feel risky
· satisfaction with small wins that combine to create big changes
· inspiration and motivation resulting in finished, personalized rooms

I am so proud of you Myquillyn!


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