The New Collection and a Big Ol’ Giveaway!!!

Drum roll….it is HERE!!

Well…almost here.

At midnight my shop will have my new collection (ok..I put it up a little early because this girl is tired).

I am so excited to show you all that I have been working on.

If you have followed my shop for awhile you know that I just have two new collections a year and many of the things that are offered are ONE OF A KIND.

I am a little surprised I am actually at the computer doing this post because my backside is sore from sitting here for the past 48 hours editing and entering all the items to my shop!!!

I wanted to give you a glimpse into the Summer Collection.


Linen Ruffled Tote


Vintage Summer Purse


Ruffled Apron


Linen Ruffled Messenger Bag


Linen Dress


The Chloe Lampshade


The Anne Marie Necklace


Vintage Ledger


Vintage Charm Bracelet


Altered Art Journal

This is just a GLIMPSE..there are SO many new things!!!

I also thought it has been awhile since I have had a giveaway and thought THIS was the perfect reason to celebrate.

So…I will be giving away a $200 gift certificate to my shop.

Leave a comment on this post and you will be entered.

Twitter, Facebook or Blog about my new collection, link back to my SHOP, come back here and let me know and you will be entered again

Every time you spread the love about my new collection and you will be entered again and again and again….

I will have a random drawing next Saturday morning and announce the winner.

I just would like to also take a moment to thank you for all the amazing emails I have received telling me how excited you are for this collection…you guys bless and support me so much!!!

Your emails have made me smile through all the photographing and editing.

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  1. Matt Landry

    Hey………………….Jeanne………now my wife wants to spend all my money in your etsy store!!!! What is wrong with this!!! Stop making cool purses and stuffs……yeah, I said stuffs!!!!!!! She can’t wait to spend some money!!!

  2. Jenn

    it is almost midnight and I should be asleep… but here I am browsing πŸ˜‰ he he!
    I actually came to tell you I found a copy of the Artful blogging…. tomorrow I have a date with it! after I do a little blog reading… getting behind! =) and after I do a little PW baking! sigh… life is so busy!
    Love love your brown ruffle purse! I am a bag girl!

  3. polly

    Wow! What a giveaway! Just love your blog and seeing all the wonderful things you create!! Thank you!

  4. beth

    Oh what a fantastic collection of goodies!Congrats on the cool things in your shop!

  5. Angela

    I found you at Julie’s blog and went to your ‘shop’. You are one talented lady. I adore everything.

  6. paige

    what an amazing collectin. i just sat here forever & looked at everything over & over….finally decided on several items.
    hmmm….should i wait to pay to see if i win…just kidding.
    you really outdid yourself girlie, everything is awesome! you have so much talent

  7. Amy

    Love your lampshade Jeanne! Can’t wait to show Matt – he’ll be trilled. another thing to move. πŸ™‚

  8. Heather

    Oh my stars and bananas! I LOVE the new tiered skirt and even more the ruffled messenger bag – BRILLIANT! I love that you decided to branch out into other colors too! I really do love my original ruffle bag, but with your new addition I won’t need to worry about skuffs and baby boogers so much! WOOHOO! Your linen dress is definitely going to be a summer favorite for me! Texas gets HOT ya’ll!

  9. Carla Ludwig

    Oh Jeanne, I LOVE your new collection……already placed my order and can’t wait to get my goodies. Now, get some rest!

  10. kelly

    I love your bags and I love the apron oh and the charm bracelet too…oh Ilove it all

  11. lissa

    Oh how I would want to win! Jeanne it’s remarkable! but I cannot win. πŸ™ It’s someone else’s turn! I love you.

  12. Jeanne..Evertything is simply fabulous! I’ll be launching my own line this summer–Bixby Home and Vintage–and I’ve been so inspired by you.

  13. AshleyR

    Jeanne its gorgeous! Your talents never cease to amaze me. I spead the word via facebook as well.
    Congrats girlie!

  14. scrappy jessi

    hey doll,
    eeekk i just placed my order. i cant wait to strut around town with my new bag. tee hee.
    love ya girl

  15. Stacey

    Ok the above post was from me – but it didn’t work out so well with saying who I was! πŸ™‚

  16. Courtney Walsh

    Is that messenger bag gone already?? I love it!! I love the ruffles. I also love the tourquoise bracelet (I saw it in the shop, not here)… it’s so pretty! πŸ™‚ Good work, friend!

  17. Hayley

    Beautiful! I so admire your artful life… I know your goods will sell like crazy. I better look before they’re all gone! Best wishes with the new collection.

  18. Suzen

    Jeanne, These creations are just over the top amazing!! No wonder you are tired…you have obviously been working your pin-pricked fingers to the bone! I’m inspired! With love, Suzen

  19. Rachel

    Oh Wow – what beautiful things you have to offer! I love that ruffled linen purse, and I’m not even a big purse girl.

  20. Francie

    I am in LOVE! I’ve already forwarded your shop to my husband. Mother’s Day is coming- hint, hint.

  21. amy

    jeanne, you did a beautiful job! so many treasures to enjoy! can’t wait to share the love!=)

  22. Suz Reaney

    I just love your new collection. You do beautiful work. I joined the “It’s Friday, I’m in Love” blog hop yesterday and so I am in a very loving mood but, honestly, you have such style. I know it will do well.

  23. Wow Jeanne ~ I am so excited that it is May 1st!! I am heading over there now and please, please put my name in for the giveaway!

  24. Heatherj

    Ohmygoodness! Gorgeousness!!! You are one talented person!!
    Please put my name “in the hat.”

  25. Melinda Barrowcliff-Reyes

    Everything is so beautiful!!! I love that white linen dress! Your new collection is so fabulous!
    I would love to be entered in your lovely giveaway.
    Thank you so much for the chance.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. Susan

    I just have to win. I NEED that apron, truly I do. Unfortunately I don’t do Facebook or Twitter. Not even sure what Twitter is. I just love your things and your artistic ability. Jealous!

  27. Nerina

    Fabulous…that lampshade is just to die for!! Love the bag in the gorgeous brown, all of your collection is just beautiful!
    You have been a busy beaver!!
    Enjoy your weekend xOxO Nerina

  28. Ashley

    Yes please!! I have been eyeing those ruffle purses for so long!!! LOVE them! I am also hoping to see you at The Barn Flea Markets too!! I will be there!

  29. Jen R

    I love visiting your blog & today what a sweet treat. What BEAUTIFUL things!! I wish much success with your new items & myself some LUCK to win!! πŸ™‚

  30. Kim Caldwell

    Everything looks amazing – so excited for you and I am completely worried about your tush now! Hee Hee. . .
    Hugs, K

  31. Meg

    Oh my, this is the most beautiful collection! I love the bags and dress, so lovely! Have a wonderful weekend!

  32. Amy Jo Axe

    LOVE IT! You are an amazing women! Smile and be proud because you have been given a beautiful gift from the big guy upstairs! Love you!

  33. camille mcclelland

    Jeanne… You are simply amazing. Love the line.

  34. Saskia Kok

    Oh my goodness, that tot and messenger bag are beyond heavenly!!!
    Hope you’re having a great weekend. xx

  35. Melaine Thompson

    Oh dear, I could do some serious damage in your shop with that. It all looks amazing, you have been busy! I’m drooling over here! Melaine

  36. 3egirls

    I love so many of the new items in your collection!!! Amazing work.

  37. Brandie

    Oh Jeanne, everything looks absolutely divine!!! Isn’t it nice to see all of your hardwork pay off?! You are so talented lady!!!

  38. Brenda

    WOW, such a generous giveaway, i love everything and I love your blog, I may not comment much but I read every post…I adore that brown ruffle tote….
    Hoping I might get a chance to get it….

  39. Saskia Kok

    O.K. , just got back from my visit at your GORGEOUS Etsy Shop. I really couldn’t resist your awesome clutch! Looking so so soooooo forward to using that lovely!! =)
    Have a great day, I know I have! xx

  40. Alaina

    Oh my gosh that apron is to die for. Absoutely fabulous, and it would look so good on ME!

  41. katy

    Those bags are gorgeous! I’m a new-ish follower, I think this is my first post. πŸ™‚

  42. Rachel

    OH.MY.GOODNESS! I LOVE it all! What an awesome new collection! Everything is SO amazing…so you can bet that I’d be ecstatic if I won the giveaway. πŸ˜‰ You have been a busy bee!

  43. Theresa

    Oh my goodness! It is all beautiful! I loooove the new ruffle apron and the brown bag, the altered journal, really it is all wonderful and I am happy to put you button on my sidebar for all to see… even though that means it’ll cut down on my chance to win, I just think it’s that fabulous! so please pu my name in the hat! Theresa

  44. Katie Rodgers

    I am so excited!!! Thank you for the chance to win a gift card for your collection!! You are so talented!

  45. Shelley P.

    would love to get my mother in law something sweet from your shop for mothers day to thank her for raising my husband to be the very best person my heart has ever loved. Thank you for considering me.
    Deuteronomy 3:18,

  46. Sarah Mattingly

    your talent blows me away. I would be beyond thrilled to win this giveaway πŸ™‚

  47. Andrea Villarreal

    Oh I couldn’t wait for you to pick a winner! I had to get that little linen dress and summer purse today!!Okay I have to go find you on facebook now so I can be in twice;)

  48. LuLu

    Oh Jeanne I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous your new collection is!!! Stunning all of it!!!! Congrats!!!

  49. Tricia

    Jeanne- I love everything! It’s all so lovely and I want one of everything, so if I won, I seriously think I would pee. Maybe that was tmi. Anyway, I hope you are doing well and again, it’s all AMAZING!!!!

  50. Stephanie

    I love your shop!!! I am going to check out the apron now, I’ve been wanting one of those and I really like the white one! Enter me! πŸ™‚

  51. Jan Richards

    What a fun new group of items for us all. Thanks for all the hard work.

  52. Cynthia K.

    Hi there! Your collection is fabulous, Dahling!! My favorite would be the pale messenger bag, but it is all wonderful – I’d be thrilled to win your generous giveaway.
    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  53. Trinity Sharpley

    Love it all Jeanne! Great job once again. I totally posted a link on fb and sent some notes to friends to check out your shop. I placed my order first thing this morning but would still love to win your giveaway πŸ™‚

  54. kimberly

    somehow my first comment disappeared…
    LOVE it my friend – you have done it again! Seeing as I have seen the apron already, I am sure the rest is just as marvelous!
    Bravo to you~
    gross bisous mon amie,

  55. Carmen

    Oh my! You are so talented. Your creations are breathtaking. I am IN LOVE with that lampshade. πŸ™‚

  56. Karen

    I found you for the first time today through The Artful Blogger. Loved it! This is a whole new world. Love the new collection too.

  57. Lindsay Lee

    Oh my gosh! GORGEOUS! That apron is amazing. I can’t wait to see the WHOLE collection. Thank you for this giveaway! Hugs to you!

  58. SoDucky

    Oh, it is all so beautiful! You have such talent.
    soluckyducky at gmaildot com

  59. Jen Probasco

    I absolutely LOVE your collection! Especially the ruffles. Beautiful!

  60. Lisa

    Sweet Jeanne! I love everything! It is all beautiful. You will be sold out very soon. I’m so sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner with measurements/prices. I promise I will send an email with info today. Just wanted to let you know that your new collection is just amazing!!!

  61. Rebecca Nixon

    Ok ~ You have outdone yourself again…I don’t know how you do it all and do it so well! I linked you on my facebook page so all my friends could see too!

  62. Rebecca Ragan

    Jeanne! Your collections are always gorgeous, and yet somehow they keep getting better! You are so talented!

  63. Maija Lepore

    I bought my bag!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!! I can’t wait for it to arrive. Since I love it (and you) so much, I posted your store to my blog and Facebook!!! I want more!!!!!

  64. Shellagh Selee

    Wow what a beautiful collection!! You are very talented! Please enter me ~ I would love a little shopping spree!

  65. Sweet Pea

    I loved it so much I already purchased a bag and some hairpins… Those lamp shades are haunting me. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win.

  66. Alisa Logue

    You have been busy! Gorgeous things! So inspiring! -Alisa

  67. Nathalie

    YOu did a great job on your new collection. I just love the linen dress… cant wait to head over to the shop and see more

  68. A Cupcake For Moose

    This is an AMAZING collection! Seriously, I am in awe of your talent and soooo grateful you have an etsy shop!
    -Rachel from A Cupcake for Moose

  69. Lori

    Jeanne, everything is really gorgeous…i am totally in love with the ruffled linen tote, that is a real beauty…congrats on all of your sales!!!

  70. Patty

    Your talent is a joy to see. I just found you through my daughter’s blog, where she introduced me to your Etsy store, having put several lovely pieces of yours on her birthday wish list!
    Your pieces are indeed exquisite and your blog is going to be an added bonus to enjoy!

  71. J Sorensen

    I love, love, love, all your goodies that you have added to your shop. Beautiful masterpieces! Please enter me in your drawing. Thank you,

  72. Tiffany

    OMG!! I thought it couldn’t get any better than before, but you have certainly outdone yourself!! Where do you find the time!! ??? you are superwoman!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  73. the domestic fringe

    Wow!!! Can’t believe I haven’t been to your shop before. I guess I’m still new around here. Your creations are BEAUTIFUL! Really amazing…love everything, but especially the bag and apron. You are super talented. Congrats on your new line.

  74. ann

    love love love everything! just purchased the caitlyn dress and bracelet but much much more on my wish list! ann

  75. Sherry @ No Minimalist Here

    I had to pick myself off the floor when I saw that amazingly divine apron. Oh my, your Etsy shop is wonderful..I love, love everything. There will be one very lucky winner here.

  76. Marie

    Hello sweet Jeanne – oh my, I spent some time in your lovely shop drooling over all of your new creations. The vintage charm bracelet is fabulous. And your art journals are so beautiful. You really have done an amazing job with this collection! I admire you so much.
    Can’t wait for my ruffle bag – I’ve been checking the mail every day! {not excited at all. Ha!}

  77. Marie

    Hello sweet Jeanne – I just Tweeted about your fabulous new collection and generous giveaway!

  78. alee b.

    Love the cream colored bag…actually who am I kidding..I love them all πŸ™‚
    Just what I need to welcome summer! How sweet of you!{your work is LOVELY!}

  79. Rachel

    LOVING the new collection!! Oooooo do I need a third ruffled tote?? The chocolate is yummy!

  80. robin bird

    you are so talented my friend. wow! and productive to boot. i love the brown linen tote best πŸ™‚

  81. tracey

    I can’t stop ordering from your shop Jeanne…I just LOVE all of your new items…truly incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will gladly mention your super generous giveaway in my post today!
    Hugs ~
    πŸ™‚ T

  82. Alice Peterson

    Your summer collection is beautiful! My heart is going pitter-patter over that ruffled apron.
    And, oh yes, I’d love to win that prize!!!

  83. tara

    Jeanne, your new collection is just fabulous, I heart that messenger tote so much!! πŸ˜‰ You work so hard to bring so many lovelies to us so thank you!! hope you are having a good day~

  84. Michelle Slonaker

    Everything is so beautiful! Nice work! Wow! I hope I win!!

  85. julie

    wow jeanne! your new collection is beautiful! and what a generous giveaway! i would be absolutely thrilled if i were to win! your shop is wonderful! thanks for the chance!

  86. Lara Harris

    Oh wow! GREAT colors! Would love to win! I am also having a giveaway, a couple oil paintings and giclee of your choice πŸ™‚

  87. michelle

    I just found your etsy shop thru French Larkspur…oh man, you have GORGEOUS STUFF! You are very talented! I love love love the linen ruffled tote and messenger bag….IN ALL THE COLORS! Beautiful!!!!

  88. Carrie

    So, so many lovely things. How would I ever decide! Thank you for the lovely giveaway. The winner will be blessed. Hope it’s me. πŸ˜‰

  89. Kristin

    Oh my goodness, what a fabulous giveaway! Thank you, everything in your shop is just amazing, I love it!
    Take care

  90. Chani

    Oh those are LOVELY things! You’ve worked hard for your summer collection. Everything is so nice. I’m glad I’ve discovered your shop!
    PS: I’m having a give away myself, come over if you’d like to participate!

  91. Roberta

    Wow…just love your handbags and messenger bags…so beautiful. Found your blog via Tracey at French Larkspur cause she was sharing the love πŸ˜€ Now I’m off to share as well and to add you to my google reader…cool beans πŸ˜€

  92. Angie

    Love all your new creations you have added to your shop-just beautiful!

  93. June

    Jeanne, I adore everything that you have added to your beautiful shop. i have always loved your ruffled tote and now just look at that ruffled dress.

  94. Gina

    Oh my I love everything in your shop, but the ruffle tote is always my fave!! Thanks for a spectacular giveaway I am off to spread the news!!!

  95. Beth Rawling

    You are so creative and your work is beautiful. Please enter me in your generous giveaway.

  96. Anita

    The lampshade is awesome. What I want is a skirt with the ruffles, but I need you to make it so I don’t look fat. Cause looking at your site, you obviously can do magic…it’s just awesome. The lampshade is cool too- so incorporate that into my magic skirt- the flowers and ruffle part πŸ™‚

  97. Dana Summers

    Welcome back…what a beautiful re-entry! Love the linen, creamy white’s, flowers, and stripes. Looking forward to a well dressed Summer. Keep creating and be blessed.

  98. Monica Murphy

    Love and gotta have the vintage charm bracelet! All the items I’ve seen so far are lovely!

  99. whowland

    ohmygosh! LOVE it ALL! Adore those linen ruffles!! on the bags – on the apron – on the lampshade – yumm!
    Wanda in NH

  100. Anne

    HI Jeanne!
    Tracey sent me over, and I am so glad she did!
    Wow, your new collection is simply stunning, it’s apparent how hard you’ve worked on it.
    Well done!
    Have a wonderful week!

  101. Sandi Fields

    I love everything……Your amazing! Another one to add to my favorites. I have yet to start my own blog but so enjoy stumbling across all of these amazing women and their blogs, writings, reading about their lives and opening their doors to all of us. Your collection is amazing and I will definitely spread the love for it!

  102. Barbara

    Wow! All of it is great-I’m heading over to look at at your shop!

  103. Abby

    Wow what a generous give-a-way! Every piece is so dreamy…thanks for the chance. I’ll link it on my sidebar asap.

  104. Julie

    Hi Jeanne
    Just popped over from Tracey’s blog… Wow.. What a beautiful collection you have… all simply wonderful.. love the totes and all your beautiful creations.. you are certainly one talented gal.. thanks for the chance in your giveaway…[I’m having one too if you’d like to enter].. cheers Julie

  105. Julie Pishny

    Love you new offerings for Spring – please consider me as entered into your generous giveaway. Now I’m off to post a blog link…hugs – Julie

  106. Julie Pishny

    Hi, just popped in to let you know that a link has been posted from my blog. Good luck, I hope you have a great response to your lovely blog, Spring offerings and giveaway. – Julie

  107. Doni H.

    Good nite what an awesome giveaway!!! I’m so loving your goodies! That lampshade is so pretty and JUST what I need!! I’m off to blog about your giveaway, so will add another comment soon. Also, I’m going to be a new follower and keep up!!

  108. Doni H.

    I’ve posted about your giveaway on my blog at
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win your awesome giveaway!!

  109. Shelley

    LOVE your new collection! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  110. Christina

    These things are sooo adorable, just lovely! I am in love with that linen dress!! And your bags! I can’t stop writing exclamation points! (Exclamation marks? Hey, there’s a question! I am obviously up way too late!)

  111. Helle

    Oh, what a pretty collection of fine stuff, I could buy all of it!! Love it!
    Hugs Helle

  112. Leslie

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful!! I’m in love with your designs, thank you for bringing me such a wonderful smile this morning with your creations!

  113. Beth

    Oh my goodness, you’re shop is lovely!!! Really gorgeous! I’m in love! Thanks for the great opportunity to win a shopping trip to your beautiful goodies!
    A new fan, Beth

  114. Beth

    I just added your awesome giveaway to my blog “giveaway” sidebar! What a terrific giveaway! Beth

  115. Lee

    Jeanne- you have really really lovely things. A gal could go broke…!! I’m puttin you on a a blog button- hope that’s OK. My BFF and I just launched a little ‘Zine, and I’d like to keep the post up. thanks- Lee

  116. Josette

    Found you thru French Larkspur…..your new collection is so very lovely. Keep it up!!!!!

  117. Veerle Davies

    I’m so glad I found your blog (thanks to Tracey at French Larkspur!). I love it. I love your work…it’s so beautiful and chic.

  118. Brenda

    What a fabulous give away. It wouldn’t be hard to spend the $200. You have such neat things in your Estay shop. Can I have one of each?

  119. chasity

    your new collection is gorgeous jeanne….
    linen is the best fabric on earth! so pretty.
    big hugs~

  120. Connie

    Wow! This is the best collection yet! I want it all! Count me in for the giveaway please!

  121. Katie

    I love everything! I am so excited about this πŸ™‚ I am going to have to purchase a ruffled tote for sure, I have been dreaming of having one of those for awhile now!!

  122. Lora

    Your stuff is just so great! My faves are the purses and the lampshade…. and everything else :O)

  123. monica fava

    Thanks for the opportunity!! I really love your creations and your Style….You are great, Ciao MOnica

  124. Am I too late to enter??
    Even if I am, I would want to say just how much I love your blog AND your store. Both are elegant, light-hearted, so much fun and always an inspiration. Wishing you the best!

  125. Jami

    Beautiful things! I just love the linen bags, that lovely white ruffled apron *sigh*…just makes me happy.

  126. Effie

    Just found you and love your goodies… I will put info on my blog about yours…. you are so talented…. Thanks for the chance to enter!!

  127. Kara

    the vintage summer purse is truly lovel-y…………… i’m so inspired at your persistence to sit and upload all these things. i have so much to do and yikes I’m so behind!!
    looks like all is fine & dandy!!

  128. Lemonade Makin' Mama

    I can’t not enter… it’s that brown purse that’s to blame… I LOVE it!! You rock girl. I can’t believe all this creativity comes out of one person.

  129. Callie

    I love it all! Your etsy shop is so cute! Thanks for the contest!

  130. Laura

    Oh my goodness! So many beautiful things!
    I’m jumping over to your shop…
    Thank you for a chance to win your amazing give-away!
    πŸ™‚ Laura

  131. Lee Ann

    Oh my goodness, please enter me in your giveaway!!!! I would love to win a Jeanne original, oh yes I would. Your designs are wonderful. I especially like that lampshade and the aprons.
    I will be posting again in another day or so and will mention your giveaway on my blog and then I will come back to tell you so I can get a second chance.
    Whoa! A $200 gift certificate to spend in your shop!!! You are Amazing Jeanne!
    Lee Ann

  132. Carmelina Lounsbury

    the linen messanger bag is THE best! i love, love, love it…and that simple linen white dress! too cute!
    your collection of creations are elegant and have such a wonderful and creative flair about them!
    well done! you certainly do oooooooze talent!
    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  133. Jeni Carlson

    Your designs are amazing! I will be blogging about you.
    Love your style.
    Wishing you a happy day. My fingers are crossed. So are my toes.
    Happy Traci told me about you.

  134. Jeni Carlson

    What beautiful designs! I will be blogging about you.
    Love your style. My fingers are crossed. So are my toes.
    Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Happy Traci told me about you!

  135. Crystal

    Awesome!!! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I won 200 bucks to your shop!!! So nice of you!

  136. beth

    hey girlie !!! your new line is AMAZING !!! love everything of course !! hugs!! xoxo

  137. Suzen

    Hey there Jeanne! Take a look-see at my blog and find yourself there. (Just in case you might have gotten lost or anything…) I am delighted to feature you and your delicious store, too! I hope you sell lots! XOXO Suzen

  138. A.Love

    OH MY GOSH!!!
    Your talent, your passion, your energy…

  139. A.Love

    I absolutely tweeted this! @missallegralove
    Embarrassed I’m so late to share your new collection with people!

  140. Ange

    Your collection is absolutely stunning and I particularly adore the first two bags and that gorgeous white linen dress. You must have very nimble fingers dearie to produce so much. FABULATIONS πŸ˜‰

  141. Kati Kronholm

    The collection is lovely! The messenger bag is a “must have” for me.

  142. Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

    OH.MY.GOODNESS!!! Jeanne!!! What a fab giveaway girl!!!! I would LOVE, LOVE to be entered and will be back after I shout it from all of my rooftops ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  143. aj bush

    Oh I just discoved your blog. I am in love!! Everything is so beautiful, what a talent!!

  144. ~Tonya

    Hello Jeanne,
    I just found you while looking for chip art tools and seen what you created with that, very talented you are….in all aspects!
    I love your style, so very pretty. I would love to be entered into your very generous giveaway. Congratulations on your NEW Collections (what a fabulous Collection I might add)!!
    Be Blessed,

  145. Lisa Leo

    Well, I’m sure I will not win with all the entries, but I am still going to try! Your wares are absolutely stunning – I love them and I love the neutrality of it all. The lampshade is fabulous!!!!!

  146. Lana

    I would LOVE to be entered in your giveaway. All of your items are so lovely! πŸ™‚

  147. Katie

    I love the linen purses! The ruffles apron is so cute too! Everything is just so cute and summery! Wonderful job!

  148. Janet (Shabbyfufu)

    Taking a little time to blog hop this afternoon and just came across you somehow. Beautiful things and although I never have much luck winning anything I would love to enter. Good luck with your new collection!

  149. SuZeQ

    Oh my. What a generous giveaway. I wouldn’t know where to begin … everything you do is PERFECT and just what I love!

  150. jennifer Rizzo

    Did I mention that your collection was completely awesome! You totally rock sister! I can’t believe anthro hasn’t called you yet!!!!

  151. Laurel@Simply Bay's Place

    You have been working your tail off. I can tell. GORGEOUS! I mean my heart went pitter-patter when I saw EVERYTHING. Love!
    Not only can I see your gift and your love of creativity, I can feel your heart coming out through your work.
    I haven’t commented lately but want you to know that I stalk you often. I absolutely love what you’re doing and where you’re going. Keep it up girly!
    P.S. it’s getting warmer. I’m going to take you up on your trip to Penrose…I have a baby room to decorate and I’m nesting big time!!!

  152. Shannon Klingen

    First time on your site but great items! Very cute! Going to check out the rest of your store now! Will definitely keep coming back!

  153. robin

    You were the highlight of the latest Artful Blogger! I am going to drool in your shop now…

  154. Karen Jones

    Oh my, I could spend that easily in your shop! I love what you do with linen.

  155. Marie

    Hello sweet Jeanne – I Tweeted about your fabulous giveaway! Oh how I would love to shop til I drop with all of your lovelies.
    tw33tmarie Jeanne’s giving away a shopping spree. Where? In her lovely shop! Don’t miss out.

  156. Jessica Canham

    Please enter me into your amazing giveaway! I love your ruffled bags and apron. They are so ME! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  157. Rosie

    Ahhh…your site is so completely angelic…I’m in love…you my dear, are definitely sidebar worthy…Smile on …Rosie

  158. Sharon

    Your style is so appealing and unique. The ruffles are so charming. The whole Summer collection is wonderful!

  159. Vintage Simple

    Oh, goodness. I LOVE that brown linen ruffled tote… It’s gorgeous. Found you here via Tracey’s blog, dear. Beautiful work!

  160. Beachy

    You have the most lovely shop!!! I’ve purchased one of your bags before and I just love it! That new lampshade you’ve created is GORGEOUS!!!

  161. Louise

    Be still my heart this collection is beautiful…
    I would love one of everything….
    Congratulations on a job well done…
    Please add my name to the hat; this is a wonderful prize.

  162. Jemm

    Wow! Everything is SO pretty. I love all of the linen and flowers and pearls and….everything! Your bags are especially beautiful. Just looked through your whole Etsy shop. You are very talented Jeanne.

  163. Donna Liljegren

    Hi Jeanne:
    I learned about your and your giveaway from Dawn at The Feathered Nest. Oh, please include me in your giveaway drawing! I’d love to win!!!
    I’ll be back to let you know when I’ve posted about you on my blog!
    That ruffled messenger bag is fabulous!

  164. Isabel ~ Maison Douce

    Oh, my goodness, what a generous giveaway, Jeanne!!!! I would LOVE to win, so throw my name in the hat!!!! Your new collection is adorable… Congrats!

  165. Susie

    Love your linen bags and that lampshade is incredible. What a talent you have!

  166. Stacy

    Love your shop! And $200 to spend there would be a great Mother’s Day present. You are so creative! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.
    Stacy McNew

  167. Sue

    Wowie,It will be tough for the winner to choose- everything you’ve created is so wonderful and you’re so talented!
    πŸ™‚ Sue

  168. sarah

    your linen bags are gorgeous. i am so glad that i came upon your blog and etsy shoppe.

  169. Gelia

    Wow! Absolutely amazing! Sooo beautiful creations! Hoping like everyone else to be the ‘lucky number’.
    Love the linen ruffled tote!
    Good luck, Blessings!

  170. Diana Thompson

    Your shop is awesome!! I love your blog, you are very creative…and I am excited to have found you…I also live in Colorado, Fort Collins…and I am glad to see that there are flea markets around here…I did go to Farm Chicks last year and I am going again this year, are you? Hopefully, we can meet sometime!!!

  171. Dee

    I adore your shop…thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway!

  172. Janna

    BEYOND……beyond beautiful!!!!!! You make amazing stuffs ( πŸ˜‰ ) esp love the Linen ruffled tote. yum!!

  173. Jennifer

    I’m so glad I found you through the Faith Christian School facebook group. I love your creations and would buy out your Etsy store if I could. Great job on the new collection! It’s a feast for the eyes!

  174. Marie

    Hello sweet Jeanne – wanted to let you know I’m helping to spread the love about your fabulous giveaway! I Tweeted this…
    tw33tmarie Make sure you enter Jeanne’s fabulous giveaway. A shopping spree in her lovely shop!

  175. valerie

    love everything! The handbags are to die for! Love the ruffles and the colors you chose to use….and they remind me of simple feminine styles. and the flowers that are removable…love that too. Wanted to ask you, how do they close at the top? (If they close) Happy MOther’s day.

  176. Becky

    I just found your sight today and am still looking through everything. It is wonderful. Congrats on your new “stuff” being completed.

  177. Mara Farmer

    I will take one of everything too please!!! And I would give every woman I know one of you Anne Marie necklaces .. those are timeless and amazing:)
    Mara Farmer

  178. JoAnne M

    Your stuff is gorgeous! I love all of it. Just bought one of your ruffle bags and the “bloom where you are planted”. I hope I win so I can get more…smile….JoAnne

  179. Wendy

    Okay, so I’m absolutely crazy in love with everything and here’s the kicker. I can’t remember if I already entered. You are so talented! ? ? ?

  180. Candice

    You are truly talented. Everytime I go on your etsy page I get all giddy!! You make such creative things. Keep up the great work.

  181. emily

    My first time at your blog! LOVE your creating! Just beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win! I’ll be back for sure!

  182. Nora

    I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I am loving it sooooo much. Would love to win!!! Your things are beautiful.

  183. K>C

    Jeanne ….You are so truely talented! Your work inspires me soooo:) Have a wonderful weekend hiking! LOL

  184. Sharon Boyer

    I love all your wonderful items you create. What a generous giveaway. I would love to win.

  185. Shelley P.

    I would be most grateful to be granted the gift of a certificate to your lovely store.
    Thank you for considering my request.

  186. cynthia Wolff @Beatenheart

    wow what beautiful things you make….I love each and everyone of them…What a talented lady you are..Pop by my humble little blog, I’m having a giveaway too…Thank you, Cynthia

  187. CMN

    What loveliness you’ve created, Jeanne! And what incredible generosity to share such a terrific, giveaway! Why, it’s almost enough to make us ALL feel like winners… almost. LOL! πŸ˜‰
    Wishing you a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend!

  188. Deborah

    I love your new items. I have my eye on the new brown ruffle bag. It is perfect just like the rest of the things in your shop. Your shop is something to be proud of. It is beautful.

  189. nadine johnson

    I love them all so I hae to buy one . I have shared eery thing you make with my frirends on my blog

  190. Cher O'Donnell

    What a great blog, so many lovelies to see! Please enter me in your drawing, I already have a wish list! Cher/Voondi

  191. Mandi

    Stumbled upon your page today…I’m in love! I Absolutly LOVE it!

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