The New Collection Is Here!

{all new bags}

{The Julia French Messenger Bag}

I am so excited to tell you that the new collection is here!

Welcome to The Thoreau Collection…

{Vintage Clothes}

{Grainsack Market Bags}

{The wool Aubrey Ruffle Tote}

{The Emerson Handbag}

{French Linen Market Bag}

{The Elsie Linen Messenger Bag}

{Grainsack Market Tote}

{The Ellison Camera Bag}

We also have new jewelry pieces that you will love…

The shop is full…sooo full of vintage treasures that we bought back from our last buying trip to France!

With the later than expected launch we will ship everything in the United States priority to get packages to you in time for Christmas!

We hope you love the new collection!

Tell your friends:-)

Come and see our new lookbook!

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  1. amy

    beautiful, jeanne!! so glad you all are feeling better, too!! gorgeous purses! love the setting you two shot in!! loving seeing all the vintage french finds, too!!

  2. kay

    Absolutely beautiful designs and choice of fabric for your bags! And the photography is so amazing too!
    Congratulations on your new line!!

  3. Joanna

    Beautiful and professional – as always! I don’t know how you do this, but I feel better (more calm, grateful and happy) just by watching your gorgeous photos:) The lookbook is fantastic, I love the quotes, composition, colors… Bags and jewellery look great! Congratulations!

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