The Shop Is Full of New Bags {and so much more}

I am so excited to tell you that the shop is FULL!

Not just full of bags but so much more!

Come and check out the bags, wallets, vintage items, art supplies, aprons, jewelry and more!

You know I can’t have a new collection and not do a giveaway!

We would love to giveaway package from the shop!

We have put aside jewelry, art supplies, aprons, purses, an art bag and a complete online course package from for the one lucky winner!

One lucky winner will get an art package valued at over $1,500!


To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post letting us know what your favorite thing is about summer!

For additional chances at the giveaway you can…

* Facebook about the new collection

* Pin this post and/or new collection to Pinterest

* Talk about the new collection on Instagram and use the hashtag #2015summercollection and tag @jeanneoliver

* Blog about the new collection

* Share this post on Twitter

Β Each time you share about new collection please come back and let us know.

Thank you for sharing the new collection!

{the winner will be announced on June 26th}


Thank you for taking a peek at our new collection and supporting all the men and women that make Jeanne Oliver Designs possible!

We couldn’t do any of this without you!


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  1. Lori

    My favourite thing about summer is all of it! Warm nights ~ Sunny days ~ Bonfires on the beach ~ Fields of wildflowers ~ Meals outside ~ Gatherings with friends ~ Morning coffee on the deck ~ Vacation and Weekends at the cottage….. and you know I could go on and on. I have tweeted your post and shared on Facebook.

  2. Catherine C R

    So So excited to see new stuff!!! The sun, the CO sun has been taking turns with rain lately but when it is out, I am in love. Thanks for a chance to win & congrats, as always the goods look amazing!!

  3. Linda

    I love summer gardening and the amazing array of colors. Truly inspirational. Love the long slow days where I can be creative. Would love to win. And thak you for the opportunity. Linda

  4. carlanda williamson

    my favourite thing about summer is the abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits! we live where it is extremely hot in the summer, so being outside much isn’t really an option. the longer days make for getting more done and making more art! thank you for this generous giveaway! have everything crossed! carlanda

  5. carlanda williamson

    ok, i pinned it and i shared on facebook for two extra chances! i almost forgot to mention flowers. oh the colours of summer flowers!

  6. Victoria

    My favorite thing about summer is being with my brothers and sister at my brother’s summer cottage in Michigan. We all have children and two of us have grandchildren ( I have seven) and they often join us. This is the most amazing way to connect even though we all have very busy lives.

  7. Kathy

    I love going to the beach and boating… And the casual downtime with the kids out of school.

  8. Betty Wisse

    My favorite thing about summer is being able to spend more time outdoors with friends and family!

  9. Peggy McDevitt

    Love your art bags, actually there isn’t anything I don’t like about the collection. I enjoy the summers because I have 8 grandchildren and I have camp mema with all of them, sometimes at the same time. Ages 12 to 19. Can you say tired?

  10. hudsok

    My favorite thing about summer is growing fields of sunflowers and spending evenings outside under the stars. Love the collection πŸ™‚

  11. Diana V

    My favorite thing about Summer is that we all go outside, see friends, cook out and have fun!

  12. Ronda

    I love long days sitting on the beach, evenings on the deck in the back yard. Daylight savings time.

  13. Kathy Mills

    My favorite thing bout summer is having my son home from school. He’s in 7th grade and my last at home. Is like to spend as much time as possible with him while he is willing too.

  14. Elaine Neidig

    What an awesome collection and giveaway! My favorite things about summer are the warm breezes and thunderstorms. Dragonflies, butterflies, lightening bugs and the sound of cicada’s. Thank you for this chance, keeping my fingers crossed.

  15. Kathy

    Hi Jeanne! Your collection is so beautiful! The whole bag collection is divine! I posted to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram! ????

  16. Mikal McPherson

    I agree with everyone’s comments about summer favorites but I’m most excited about not fighting with the 13-year old to get out of bed!!

  17. Leslie Cude

    Such a lovely collection Jeanne, you never disappoint! My favorite thing about summer is going to the beach with my family!

  18. Sandra Hearn

    My favorite thing about summer is the sense that it is only temporary so you just have to get out there and do what makes you happy every chance you get. That, and the simple fact of more family time. (Which is the thing that makes me most happy!)
    Love the collection, Jeanne. Thanks for the contest. Fun!

  19. Tracey

    My favorite thing about summer is the relaxing pace that we can all take for a few months before all the craziness starts back up.

  20. Melissa

    Such a beautiful collection! I love it all! Summer is my favorite time for so many reasons: a more relaxed schedule, less academic stress for the kids, spending more time as a family, enjoying the outdoors, growing flowers, time at the beach and drinking sweet tea!

  21. Ellen Goodloe

    my favorite thing about summer is the daylight. I love waking up and it’s already light and getting home from work and it’s still light. It just gives so much warmth and energy.

  22. Sheila E.

    My favorite thing about Summer is that we’re back home in Colorado! Am anxious to sit out on our cute little patio with company, a good meal & a pitcher of sangria!!

  23. Lisa Tompkins

    My favorite things about summer are going on picnics and not having to be on a schedule!

  24. Molly

    My favorite thing about summer is being able to take my dogs for a long evening walk and not worry about slipping on ice! Also, sleeping in a bit because kids are out of school… Yippee!

  25. Tanya

    Favorite thing about summer – open windows, splashing at the lake, the green hue in our home from the canopy of leaves, bare feet, dirty hands, birds chirping, chickens outside my kitchen window, fresh eggs, fireflies.

  26. Debi

    How wonderful of you, to give us a chance to win…Thank you! My fav thing about summer is, my family is able to spend more time together.. Being a CO native, it’s also a glorious time to be in the mountains!

  27. Heather Wiliams

    Mmmmm…sooo much to love about summer!!! Practically no schedule. Road trips. Time at the beach. SUNSHINE!!! Homemade popcicles. Ice Cream. Grilling. So much free time. Time w/ my teenage son. Family vacations. Creating outdoors. Garden fresh veggies & herbs. Fresh picked berries. Bare feet or cute sandals, tanks & denim shorts. I love it all!!!

    Thank you sooo much for the super generous opportunity!!! Blessings ~H??~

  28. Kimberly S. J.

    Favorite thing about summer? I’m a school teacher, so I love EVERYTHING about summer! πŸ˜‰

  29. Tarrah Miller

    One of my favorite things about summer is all being together! Kids off school, husband teaches and is off, so we enjoy lots of great times together and enjoy the slower pace.

  30. Shannon

    Beautiful Jeanne! My favorite thing about Summer would be sleeping in, long evenings with windows open, 4th of July, beach camping, family get togethers around the bbq, flowers in the yard, kids in their swimsuits and their cute little tan lines πŸ˜‰ cold drinks, Summer salads, juicy strawberries!!! Oh my gosh there is just too many things to choose just one!!!

  31. Tammy

    My favorite thing about summer is the long days, warm nights, grilling out burgers, catching fireflies, homemade ice cream, and cold ice tea. You can tell I am a southern girl! Just found you on IG. I am so impressed with your unique handbags. ?? Hope you have a great summer????

  32. Peggy

    Dining al fresco, fresh produce, water fights, Popsicles, fireworks, hanging out with friends and family, fire flies, starry nights, flowers, creating art outdoors, preserving and the luster goes on! Basically all activities spent with our loved ones!!

  33. Michelle Wooderson

    Great new releases Jeanne! Glad I was able to snag a few fun things. My favorite part of Summer is that my girls are home more and no school. I also love the warm weather, gardening and our annual trip to Colorado.

  34. Teresa in California

    With our all-around weather, here in California, we do just about the same things year round. Hiking, fishing, day trips to the coast, antiquing and collectible hunting, gardening, caring for the grandkiddos, baking, making jam from summer fruit, but the one thing I do like is my sister drives out from Minnesota for a few weeks with her four kiddos, to be in California and we have a couple of days where we do artwork, and crafts, sculpting with Creative Paper Clay with all the kids, and we make memories which we know will last a lifetime.

  35. Margo Herndon

    I love the slower pace of summer, it’s such a refreshing change. It always feels like everyone is happier in the summertime.

  36. dannylion

    I can’t wait to finally order a pocketbook!!! Hopefully the one I love is still there by Friday (payday)… This giveaway is crazy awesome!!!! Summer – hmmmm….. I would say there is something freeing about summer… a certain feeling I get when I am outdoors in the sun on a hot humid day! I love looking at all of the beautiful annual and perennials – the colors are amazing! My most FAVORITE THING – is blowing the wisps from dandelions and making wishes!!!!! I still believe in miracles!!!!

  37. Maeve

    Love the longer daylight hours of summer days, the huge shade trees on my property, more time to read and relax, fresh blueberries from my own backyard, sketching with pens and paints, fresh veggies and fruits, friends and family times, and so much more! I would so love to have that paint bag to carry around my supplies! Love it! I am enjoying your class offering “The Masters Series III” so much, though I have not shared my work yet. I signed up during the sale for several additional classes. My summer is going to be very artsy!

  38. Debby

    Some of my favorite things of summer are spending more time with my 8 grandchildren! Toasting marshmallows and catching lightening bugs with them. Just hanging my clothes out on the clothes line! Feeling the summer breeze!

  39. 22limes

    Is there a harder question to answer, do I really have to pick just one? There is nothing I do not like about summer, but if I had to find a way to sum it up I would say I love the lifestyle that is summer. freedom. openness. opportunity. possibility. beauty. amazing.

  40. Kelly

    Having all my kiddos home for a few months is my favorite thing about summer!

  41. Kelly

    I just pinned my favorite bag from your new collection as well as the giveaway itself.

  42. Skye Gregerson

    Summer is my favorite season of the year! I love having my kids home from school, time spent with friends, swimming, gardening, long days, the sound of birds, even the heat and humidity! This is such an awesome giveaway!

  43. Jay

    My favourite things are loooong school holidays with no alarm clock and fresh seasonal fruits like strawberries and blueberries.

    Will share on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest too πŸ™‚

  44. Tami B.

    Summer brings one of my favorite flowers (which I plants beds full of!)…zinnias. It makes my heart happy to fill up the window sill with zinnias in old, blue Mason jars. Simple pleasures to celebrate summer.

  45. Julia Molewyk

    My favorite part of summer is the lazy afternoons on our back deck, and in our pool, together as a family.

  46. Julia Molewyk

    I just pinned this post on Pinterest.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  47. shabbynee

    My favorite thing about Summer is that life slows down and Families reconnect without the hustle and bustle of school and schedules.

  48. Jeanne

    My favorite thing about summer: everything is colorful– greens and pinks, reds, purples, yellows. And riding my bike so I can enjoy the colors.

  49. Tania

    My favorite thing about Summer is the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the fact that it only starts getting dark around 8:30pm :”)

  50. Sarah

    What a generous giveaway! My favorite bits of summer are warm temperatures, daylight lengthens, and the kids are out of school.

  51. Laurie

    I just adore summer and all it has to offer!! I get to start my day in the pool with other amazing women. Life is good.

  52. Emily

    My favorite thing about summer is having extra hours to spend time with my son & love on him! Not having to rush around, make lunches, and get him to school makes our mornings so much more relaxed & engaged. πŸ™‚

  53. Jo

    I love, love, love summer. After being on a schedule during the year, summer gives me a time to catchup with friends and family. And doing some fun things and seeing different scenery. Summer does my mind, body and soul good.

  54. Candace Horner

    Summer is the time to put your feet up with friends, talk to your kids more, have picnics…walk barefoot in the grass and on the beach. Listen to the waves….!

  55. Kathleen Beall

    I love that I can wear less clothes. Simple dresses and skirts.

  56. Gretchen

    My favorite thing about summer is the much slower pace. No fast morning routine getting the kids off to school, no after school practices, etc.. The days are slow and easy and I get to soak up the extra time with my boys!!!!

  57. Pam

    My favorite thing about summer is how slow everything is. People seem to slow down a little more and enjoy things.

  58. Lynda B.P.

    my favorite things about summer are all the fresh produce and the longer, slower days! Beautiful collection @Jeanneoliver!

  59. Veronica bernal

    The pitter patter of little feet, giggles and glee-full screams of kiddos running through the house. Yummy sunsets with dripping Popsicles in hand:)

  60. K brasfeild

    Being less scheduled and having time to just enjoy doing a lot of nothing much w my sweet family…THAT is what I loooove about summer!!

  61. Val

    What I love about summer is walking outside to my garden and picking dinner. It is the most amazing feeling. I pinned on Pinterest and on Facebook. Thank you so much for such a fabulous give a way!

  62. Rana

    LOVE the new collection, and LOVE summer (seems like they were made to be together!). My favorite thing about summer is freedom. And watermelon.

  63. Charlotte

    My favorite thing about summer is the simple pleasure of spending more time outside…. birds chirping, grass under my bare feet, enjoying meals outside, long days and warm nights, sitting around a campfire with family and friends, relaxing with a good book in the sunshine, blue skies, flowers blooming, a cold drink on a warm day, kids playing, sitting with my sketchbook in the shade… its all the little things. It’s a wonderful season to slow down, take notice of the the simple pleasures of life and embrace the beauty of the outdoors.

  64. pfgibbs

    As a teacher with 36 years in, I have always loved summer because it gives me the chance to take some time for me. It’s an opportunity to refresh my mind, body, and soul. I can sleep in, read all the books I wanted to read during the school year, and do my art! It is wonderful!!

  65. Charlotte

    Happily promoted your beautiful work on social media… facebook, instagram & pinterest.

  66. Kathy I.

    What I love about summer…. running through sprinklers, bunnies playing in our yard, picking tomatoes off the vine on our patio and eating them warm, fresh kale, lettuce and strawberries from our garden, and that we are one more season closer to Autumn πŸ˜‰

  67. Krista

    I love everything about summer…longer days, warm sunshine, gardening, flowers, leaves on the trees, spending so much time outdoors and everywhere you go, everyone is in a better mood!

  68. Candice

    I love summer break with my children. No expectations; lazy mornings; pool days; exploring our area and more.

  69. Sandy

    Favorite things of summer: warm sunny days, gardening, fresh berries, sunflowers, smell of cut grass, flowers!
    Thanks for the chance!

  70. Laurel

    Long days, camping and picnics!! I love watching you collections evolve. Everything is so gorgeous!!

  71. Carol Weiler

    Love, love ,love summer days that involve the pool and a good book!

  72. Debbie

    Sleeping with the windows open, going barefoot, cool sun dresses, sweet iced tea,chocolate raspberry ice cream! Swing on the porch with my love! Farmers markets!

  73. katie

    what i love most about summer is sitting with my family on our favorite beach. the herons. the mullet jumping. the teal water and white sand. mushed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. seining in the grass for crabs. sunshine. fresh air. my favorite way to spend a day. my favorite way to spend a summer.

  74. lisa0626

    Oh what I love about summers. WELL I live in Michigan, so after a looooong winter and sometimes spring, WE live for summer. The lakes, the birds, the sunshine, the you can walk outside in your T shirt kinda weather. The bike rides, the walks, love it all!!!!!

    I almost missed this, UGH, computer issues. I love LOVE all your stuff, and have many pieces over the last few years! I am pinning now:) Thank you for the chance!!!!!!!

  75. Michelle Wooderson

    Just posted a photo of my order I just received from you. It’s all so wonderful and nicely constructed. My artsy daughter ripped into it all and now she wants her stash from you. She’s learning well. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration Jeanne. You have given me the inspiration to get back into my art.

  76. nini

    The golden color of sun rays at the late afternoons and being on a pebbled beach alone πŸ™‚

  77. Becky J

    Oh Jeanne- my all-time favorite thing about summer is extra family time!!! My dream day is a day at the beach with my babes or a day in the mountains with my sweeties or a day at the pool with my hunnies – YEP…family time—-the BEST!!! Blessings on your new line-it is GORGEOUS!!!!!! xoxo

  78. Aimee Weaver

    I love all your new products! My favorite thing about summer is heading to the beach with my family and slooowing down. xo

  79. Kait St.

    Favorite thing about summer is sitting on the beach with a great book, reading and watching the tide roll in.

  80. Emily

    Great products! I just found your shop and can’t wait to look around more. My favorite thing about summer is eating fresh watermelon. ????yum!

  81. ursula wollenberg

    Ahhh, Summer! Love the long days, sitting out by the pool, the deck, walks and wearing flip flops. My favorite time of the year. Shared on Facebook and pinterest!

  82. Amy Crews

    I’m entering every way possible! I adore Jeanne and EVERY one of her creations! What I love most about summer is having my children at home, less time in the car (unlike carpooling everywhere for hours a day), and being able to spontaneously travel! We don’t have much time with them…I savor every bit and there are more “bits” in the summer! (I dream of having one of your art bags!)

  83. Lana Manis

    How can I choose one favorite thing? I love the lightening bugs, june bugs, dragonflies, daisies, and longer days. πŸ™‚

  84. Britta glass

    My favorite thing about summer is going on vacation up in Michigan with my family. We rent a cabin in the middle of nowhere and read and eat great food all week. It is wonderful to be able to spend time together and just relax

  85. CynfulCreations

    Summer is my favourite season, mostly because it’s just soooo warm/hot, I love it! The older I get, the more I don’t like the cold weather up here in the North. Love seeing your new collection, such beautiful stuff!

  86. Mary

    hmmmmmmmm…summerrrrrrrrr! what’s not to love?? πŸ™‚ well, a few of my favorites are fans blowing on warm summer nights lulling me to sleep, thunderstorms bringing in a cool breeze with open windows, of course, and a little bit more lenient schedule until we get to the week of bible school and then it’s just crazy! but its so fun going out and bringing in little children along with the Milwaukee bus kids and watching them hear the Gospel for the first time…realizing that Jesus loves them! there’s just SO much to love!

  87. Melissa Ellen's Loft

    wow! What a generous giveaway!!!! Love your new collection! My favorite thing about summer is taking MANY MANY walks outside and eating from our garden!:)

    1. suzanne

      My favorite part of summer is all the possibility she brings! What a beautiful giveaway, grazie mille for the opportunity.

  88. Candice

    My favorite summer pastime is watching nature from my kitchen windows – flowers that seem to bloom overnight, smells of chives and cinnamon basil in my kitchen garden plus the deer, bunnies, a wide variety of birds and even the irritating squirrels and chipmunks!! Every day something new – such a lot of gifts from God!!

  89. paulafava

    It is sincerely a challenge to pick only one favorite thing about summer … but perhaps, it is the 4th of JULY! First of all, I was supposed to be born on the 4th of July … hence my immense love of fireworks. So … now that my 60th is fast approaching … I am grateful for: every cool summer night breeze, fireflies, swimming, lemonade from kids offerings, the gorgeous light dawn thru dusk, s’mores over an evening fire pit, beach walks … and yes, FIREWORKS! But mostly … I am reminded and immensely grateful for this wonderful country we are fortunate to live in … Happy Birthday America!

  90. Cyndi Speelman

    Crossing my fingers! Watermelon is my favorite thing about summer.

  91. paulafava

    Pinned … Tweeted … AND, Shared on FB! Thank you for this opportunity … and, your incredible generosity of spirit Jeanne & Company!

  92. Michelle Fortik

    I shared on Pinterest too. Love the new Quinn bag! Me please!

  93. Michelle Fortik

    Shared on Facebook. The French Linen Aprons. To. Die. For.!

  94. marilyn

    My favorite thing about summer is that my two young fabulous grandchildren come from Michigan to spend a whole month with playing with me! It just doesn’t get any better than having children in the house. Heartfulness x a bazillion.

  95. Denise

    I love the slow pace of summer, as I get to play in the garden, enjoy the colors, and take advantage of creating and cuddling!

  96. Kate Gadd

    My favorite thing about summer is slowing down. I love spending entire days by the river or in the pool, lying in the grass, sketching, weaving, gardening and very little scheduled.

  97. Tammy Grieder

    My favorite part of summer is when you can “pause”. I love being rested and aware of Jesus in a new way!

  98. Manette Gutterman

    My favorite thing about summer is all the fresh produce like tomatoes right out of my garden!

  99. Elizabeth

    The lake, for sure. Love the new collection! I am especially admiring the headbands & aprons. Just gorgeous.

  100. Gayle

    My favorite thing about summer…beaches, snow cones, mountain air, fire in the fire pit with roasted marshmallows and the garden vegetables.

  101. Theresa

    I’m an elementary school teacher, so it’s definitely having July and August off just like the kiddos! Summer means slowing down, having a leisurely breakfast, reading a good book/s, flip flops, beach holidays, visiting family, … and getting enough R&R to fuel me for the next school year. Happy Summer ????

  102. Judith Heinrichs-Harmon

    The best thing about THIS summer is that I got to go to Paris with “A Kiss on the Chic” (guess it is really the end of spring) and I got to spend a week with some of your friends…..Laura McCullough and Lora and Paula and Stacy and Cathy. I had the best time!

  103. Patti Calande

    My favorite things about summer are long, lazy days, with kiddos (now adults) revolving door home and away; bare arms and legs, actually feeling the warm summer breeze; hopping from foot to foot on the hot pavement or sandy beach; and popsicle stickies dripping down my hand and forearm.

  104. Kelli Flitton

    I love how all the days run together–how everyday feels like a Saturday and every night feels like a Friday night. I love how I step outside in the evening and the air smells of honeysuckle and millions of fireflies are twinkling about.
    Lovely collection Jeanne, thank you for the chance at this generous giveaway. I shared on Facebook as well.

  105. Desiree' Hart

    I love spending my summers relaxing with my husband and watching our grandchildren have fun in the sun catching lighten bugs when the sun goes down. And all the delicious fresh veggies you can get!!! I love your shop!! Such beautiful things!!!

  106. paulafava

    Is this where the winner will be announced? Hmmmm … maybe I’m looking in the wrong place?

  107. Stephanie Latta

    The best thing I like about summer is the sunshine that makes you feel alive again. The flowers coming out to say hello.

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