The Shop is Full

I spent most of this past weekend getting things ready to put on my site.   I have so many more things that I will be adding this week.  Keep checking back!  I would also like to do a little give away.  Visit the site, let me know what you like and I will do a drawing at the end of the week for one of my aprons!





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  1. kasey

    so glad you are feeling better by friend!
    Yes, please enter me in that lovely drawing for an apron!!
    I also heard thru the grapevine that you might be doing an ANTHRO giveaway?

  2. Nicoleigh

    I would have to say that I like the aprons best! I have been looking for the longest time for one, but haven’t yet made the purchase. Great products!

  3. paige

    well i sure am glad you’re feeling better….i’ve been dropping by the shop each day!
    love the red wallpaper frame, so i’m glad i nabbed one of those.
    the red bird apron with the jeweled rosette–entirely too cute!
    is kasey teasing us…an anthro give away?!

  4. Tricia Whisler

    Love Love Love all of your new things- especially the aprons! Thanks also for reading my blog! At least I know someone reads it!!!! Hope all is well!

  5. Amy

    LOVE your aprons – I can’t even say which one I like best, b/c they are all fabulous! Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

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