The Winners of the E-Course and Art Supplies {Even a new retreat I am teaching at}

Good morning!

I am so sorry I didn’t get my act together yesterday and announce the winners.

My brand new art course The Journey of Letting Go {creating beauty from ashes} begins April 8th!

If you have never done mixed media before or you haven’t taken an art class ever…you will still have so much fun!

I will make sure to go over supplies in detail and why I use them.

The videos are up close so you can see what I am working on.

I will show different mediums and tips to make pretty faces.

We will play with eyes, lips and hair to create girls that reflect your style.

We will work on collage (one of my favorites) and use those techniques in our journaling and larger creations.

In my last course, Creatively Made, we created Santos dolls out of paper clay.  This time we will be doing more sculpture and using some mixed media techniques.

What I love about my courses (and I hope you do to) is that I love connecting with all of your through the topics and discussions.

I know you can find art techniques anywhere online.

I want my courses to feel different and I want the art we do to connect with the spiritual and emotional journey we are traveling.

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”

I hope you will join me.

For more information on the class that starts in three weeks click HERE.

You can register directly on the creative network or sign up through my website.

{all courses are available for one full year from date of payment}


I bet you want to know who the winners are!

The 10 winners of The Journey of Letting Go {creating beauty from ashes} are….


Posted on my facebook page.



Hi Jeanne,

I would love a class done by you. I live up in the mountains of Northern Colorado and started my own creative business about a year ago.

Thanks for the opportunity. I sincerely appreciate it.


Tarrah Millercommented:

Sounds absolutely lovely….would love to win a spot. Better yet, would love to win a spot AND art supplies. How cool is that?!


Anna Mariacommented:

I too love to connect with myself and others through art!


Desiree de Monyecommented:

What a fabulous giveaway!!! I am planning on signing up for the class – it looks very cool.


~ Jennifer J.commented:

I would love the opportunity to be entered! Art is the best therapy there is!



Just tweeted! I do have to say that this course would be very fitting. My best friend of 28 years and i have had a dying relationship this last year. I know it’s time to let it all go, it’s just not always easy to do so. I’m sure this is the jolt I need as I know I don’t want to look back anymore! Best of luck to everyone!!!



thanks for the opportunity, Jeanne. can’t wait for your next class :) Bessie


Tracy Mosercommented:

What a wonderful giveaway!! I am a mom of three daughters. I also work in a career that is NOT my passion, and it is a daily struggle for me. My dream has always been to be a working “artist” and to inspire others… to help others see the good in this world. I have recently had some pivotal changes and some huge realizations, and have rekindled my creative spirit! I am really starting to believe that making a creative living is possible for me! I recently started your class “The Creatively Made Business”. I am excited to get some direction and advice that will help take me in the right direction! Another workshop would be a-ma-zing! (As would art supplies!)



Shared this also on Facebook !


debbie hosaflookookcommented:

Okay I also just up-ed my chances by tweeting about your class:)



Thank you for the opportunity to win this class and the supplies! I took your Creatively Made class last year, but was working full time then. I watched the videos and took notes on my lunch breaks, but because of our hectic family schedule and some unforeseen bumps in the road, I was not able to do any of the projects before the course ended and the videos were no longer available. This past summer, I quit my job to be home with my family and pursue my dreams of making a living creatively, but I’m stuck in a deep rut, and could use a jump start. I’d love to give it a try again! Thank you for the constant inspiration to work hard and do my best!


If you are one of the 10 winners please email me at and I will get you into the course.

Please go ahead and register at right now if you are not already a member.  This will make it easier and faster to get you into the course.

I would also like to give each of the 10 winners the option to take the course with a friend.  I would like to give away 10 more spots to your friends. When you email let me know who you would like to gift the course to.


What about those art supplies?????

The winner of the $300 of art supplies is….


thanks for the opportunity, Jeanne. can’t wait for your next class :) Bessie

So happy for you.

New art supplies has to be one of the best things on earth!

Please email me at and we will get your supplies out to you!!!


Thank you to everyone that entered and shared the course.

You guys are amazing!!!


I am also excited to tell you about a retreat I am teaching at in Utah!

I will be teaching for 2 FULL DAYS!!!
I have so many fun things planned for you guys and the days are crammed with creative goodness!
You can read more HERE.
There are only 9 spots left!!!

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  1. kay

    Congratulations to all the winners!! I can’t wait for this new course to begin,Jeanne. Love your heart:-)

  2. cassie tarr

    Congrats to the winners! And Bessie, wow! You won twice! It’s your lucky day. Enjoy! I’m so jealous!!

    1. jeanne Author

      One of the 10 would also win the art supplies:-) That was in the original post. Hope to see you in class.

  3. Pam

    jeanne…you are so amazing! congrats to all the winners! i can’t even draw a stick figure. seriously. i am so inspired by your work..but where would someone like me begin?? i would give my left pinky to have an artistic bone in my body! 🙂

  4. Susan D.

    Jeanne, you are so incredibly generous and such an inspiration to me. Hoping to see you again at the Utah retreat. Thanks for all you do! Congratulation to the winners!

  5. ~ Jennifer J.

    Thank you, Jeanne! I’m so excited about winning this that I actually have tears in my eyes! I only recently got back into my art within the past year and I can’t wait to take this course and see where it leads me. Thank you so much for the opportunity! (: I’m ecstatic.

  6. Robyn C.

    Jeanne this is such an AMAZING giveaway – what fantastic gifts you are giving away. Congratulations to all the winners! I hope you can give yourselves the gift of time for this course – enjoy every minute!

  7. Cinnibonbon

    Thank you!!!! You’ve warmed my heart! As strong as I’d like think i am about my failing friendship, I will be emencely grateful for this journey! Awesome news!

  8. Bec Perkins

    I hope every artistic person must have enjoyed the contest. Great to see the creative network, I am going to register to this creative network now.

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