My little Madolyn has been dancing since she was three.  She is now the ripe old age of six.  She took three years of ballet and later added tap to her class.  I have seen three ballet recitals.  This year she decided she didn't want to dance anymore.  I was so surprised because this child HAS to be dancing.  She dances anywhere we go where music is playing.  She has asked me since she has been two when does she get to be on television.  At three years old she wanted a stage to dance on.  I thought and thought about it till we surprised her and brought her to Red Rocks Amphitheatre on a Sunday (no concerts) and let her dance outside on their stage.  She loved it.  So, to make a long story even longer, I was sad when she wasn't having fun dancing anymore.  Then one of my close friends told me about Celebration Ministry of Arts.  She has loved going every week and looked forward to classes.  She has been excited and a bit secretive of her recital.  Last night was her recital and she was smiling from ear to ear the whole time.  To see such joy in your child is priceless.  The joy I saw in children as small as three up to adults was beautiful. 

The name of the recital was The Wonder of the Cross.  All of the songs were Christmas and some were instrumental.  The true message was to remember why Christ was born in the first place and to never let that story get old and stale.  Never forget how amazing and priceless the gift that was given for all of us truly is.  The big finale had all the girls dancing.  Some had bells, some had flags, there was dancing on the stage and little ones ringing hoops with little bells in the aisles.  It was so beautiful that I had tears in my eyes…I am a crier.  What a beautiful start to a beautiful time of year.  Whatever you believe…remember this time of year is really about the thought (not the gift), time with friends and family, slowing down and embracing what is priceless in each of our lives.  As a Christian this time of year is a reminder of the Lord and Savior that came to earth to live among men.  The Savior that felt every emotion I have ever felt, yet he never sinned.  The life that was given FREELY for me.  For you.  For mankind. 



The pictures are not from last night.  I will add them when I get my hands on my husband's camera (he was the picture taker last night).  These are taken from a previous performance.