It is easy to walk into a store like Anthropologie and want to buy everything in site….even when your wallet is empty.

The music, scent, art, lighting, vintage statement pieces…and that is even before you see the clothes, shoes, tea towels and bedding.


(just got this)

(dreaming of this)

They have me at hello!

The truth is that as much as I love Anthropologie…and I mean LOVE…I can not afford to buy too much there.

I will buy a few pieces a season that are so amazing and unique and really are pieces that I will wear again and again.

For the past few winters one of the things I have bought from them is a new pair of boots (not this year though…still poor from France).

If you are thinking about buying their boots and wonder if they are worth the money…YES THEY ARE!

I rotate my boots all winter long.

The majority of my clothes though come from Target, Old Navy, Gap, JCREW and Urban Outfitters.

Anything trendy I buy someplace that is really inexpensive…because by the time it is falling apart… it is already out of fashion.

Even though I spend money on my boots… most (almost all) of my other shoes are from Target.


When I want a new pair of shoes Target is the first place I look.

I have a pair of boots that look just like Fry boots that I bought from Target for $50…and they are comfortable…promise.

I also just picked up these shoes from Payless because I was in love with a pair in JCrew for $275…yes, you read that correctly.  That wasn't going to happen so I was thrilled when I found these.


I have bought a few pairs of Anthro knee socks but after the first time I purchased them I almost couldn't stomach the price so I now get all of my knee socks at Target of Forever 21.

(these are from Forever 21)

Forever 21 scares me…I will be honest.

The lights are so bright that I feel like I need sunglasses and that every wrinkle on my face is showing.

The music is too loud and makes me edgy and a little mad…I am getting soooo not 21!!!

The good thing about the store is that I can walk all the way into the back and pick up really cute knee socks that will peek out from my winter boots for less than $5 a pair…compare that to the Anthro $38.

I love to layer leggings over a skirt with boots in the winter. 

My favorite leggings come from…prepare yourself….Kohls.

The Vera Wang label has the best leggings at a great price..and Kohls always has sales.

These leggings are thick..but not too thick.

They keep their shape all day and you could even wear them again without washing them and they would look good…I mean…not that I would EVER do that…gross:-)

Some leggings are so thin and cheap that they are NOT flattering and they become baggy after an hour.

So, even though I love Anthropologie and I am drooling over there new items……

Most of my clothes and accessories come everywhere from Etsy, Target, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, JCrew (when they are on sale), Gap and Old Navy.  I would also go to H&M more if we had one near us.

I know many of you find AMAZING deals at TJ Maxx, Marshalls etc.  I do find things there sometimes but I have to be honest that those stores stress me out and I rarely have the time that is needed to really find all the awesome deals there.

I commend all of you that take the time…because I have friends that come away with the most incredible finds.

Where do you find the best prices on fashion?

What stores inspire you and then you find similar clothes elsewhere?


If any of you are awesome at taking flea market and goodwill finds and altering them please show us because I wish I could do this!


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