I Think It Is Time To Bring Cocktail Hour Back…

You may tell me that cocktail hour never went away.

Your home has probably been a little more happening than mine I may have to add.

I was just telling Kelly that we need to have cocktail hour on the front porch this coming summer.

I don’t know if I was more excited about cocktail hour or summer.

My number one muse for all things domestic and fabulous is my dear friend Alexis.

She makes everything look cooler than anyone else and she makes cocktail hour an art form.

You know how I love art and there is no reason to exclude the humble cocktail in creative expression.

Here are some that I found on Pinterest.

If you live in Castle Rock be ready for Friday nights this summer.

Cardamom Moscow Mule Cocktail


Winter Sun Cocktail


Jalapeno Bloody Mary


Elderflower Champagne Cocktail


Bomb Collins


Sparkling Honey Rosemary Lemonade (with vodka of course)


Who will be meeting us on the front porch?

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  1. Lisa W.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I wished I lived closer, I’d have to get on a jetplane:) THOSE look so amazing, refreshing, just plain YUM!!! Just the sound of “front porch” sound so good right now, as I sit in about 10 degree weather right now:) Its been a long, cold, snowy but beautiful winter here in Michigan.

  2. Karen Cole

    Hey, how far is Telluride? We are here for two weeks of skiing!! Cocktail hour never ended at our house, honey. I’ll take a vodka gimlet with lots of fresh squeezed lime. Xoxo

  3. Emily Oman

    My husband’s grandparents have a cocktail hour at 2 pm, almost everyday.. There’s always wine waiting or whiskey & seven’s for those who like it stronger.. we all go north to the family cabin for summer vacation and it never fails, as soon as 2pm rolls around we all stop what we’re doing and meet up for ‘cocktail hour’..

  4. Linda

    Though we’re not drinkers I sure can appreciate the beauty of the presentations. The jalapeño bloody Mary does look delicious. I drink virgin Mary’s; just love jazzed up tomato juice. We have tea time at our house in the summer mostly when the days are slow and kids are home. It’s a picked up habit from our time in Hong Kong stationed among the British military.

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