(photo taken this morning)

Last night a friend of mine was able to get three tickets to see John Mayer.

This was all very last minute and very spontaneous…for a not so spontaneous ME.

It started to snow.

Really snow.

Snow so much that you could not see.

The one that got the tickets wanted to still go…the other friend and myself…not so much.

I was a little scared…I admit it…I was going to have to drive.

We finally decided to not go.

Good choice…the highway was later closed, cars all over the ditch etc.

We stayed in, talked, ate dessert and had a little wine and laughed a lot!!!

I got home around 1:30 am which is very late for me.

I crawled into bed around 2:00. 

We woke up this morning to lots of new snow and no power.

It was a fun morning of heating the house with our fireplaces and stove:-)

We did school next to the fireplace, in our pajamas without any phone, tv or computer and it was really nice.

Some days you need to just slow down a little, create, listen to good music and regroup.

I hope you are having that kind of day too!