This Little Light of Mine | Be the Light

I first saw this video at at local church on Christmas Eve a few years ago.

I thought it was so powerful and beautiful and I am honored that the creator of the video has allowed me to share it here.

I hope this is a sweet reminder during December and throughout the whole year…

Now go out and let your light shine!

Thank you Michael for allowing me to share your beautiful video.

This video was created by Michael Sweet at Epitage Media | 720-281-2032

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  1. Angela Dover Meeks

    It’s January 3rd and I’ve seen so many post on FB their “one word” for the year. For days I have thought abt what mine would be and nothing was clear until this word for 2017 and for the rest of my life is “SHINE”. I want everyone I come in contact with to see my light, feel my light, hear my light shine so that all will know my Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much Jeanne for sharing this and thank you so much Michael for making this video! God used you both this morning to speak to me.

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