I grew up in a really small, rural town.

When I was young we would head to the Ben Franklin and buy the gum cigarettes.


Neither of my parents smoked so I don't even know why we thought it was cool.

So, here I was around 10 walking around town blowing candy dust through my gum cigarettes.

That truly must have looked hilarious or mortifying!!

I was recently in a large candy store and they still make them.

I had to buy them to show my husband.

(I am getting off track of what I intended to write about)

I was the kid that subscribed to Archeology Magazine, Victoria Magazine and would pick up Tiger Beat all of the time.

What a strange mix.

I am laughing at myself right now.

I even went through an Elvis phase and I couldn't believe that my mom had not wanted to see him when she was younger.

I also couldn't believe that she had not wanted to see Frank Sinatra.

By the time I could afford to see him…he didn't remember all the words to his songs so I just stuck with the CDs.

(Not on track AGAIN)

Growing up my bedroom was wallpapered so I wasn't allowed to put posters all over my wall.

Instead I had a cork-board that had my favorite hotties🙂 on it.

Now, I have to be honest….these boys I am about to tell you have about as much in common as my Archeology, Victoria and Tiger Beat magazines.

Are you ready…..

Ralph Macchio and John F. Kennedy Jr.

Ralph Macchio???  Seriously???  I outweighed him when I was BORN!!!


Have you watched that movie recently?

He looked about 10 in the movie.

The funny thing is that he is in his forties now and he still looks really young.

John F. Kennedy Jr. I still understand and I can't imagine I will not feel the same when I am 99, in the nursing home, reading Tiger Beat.


I am a history major and have spent many hours reading about the Kennedy's.

I don't know what it is but I have enjoyed reading about them since I was in high school.

When we went to Cape Cod last summer I even made my whole family go to the Kennedy museum at Hyannisport.

I haven't been invited to the compound….YET.

When I was really young I called the operator asking to be connected to Ricky Schroder in Hollywood.


It was strange that she said she didn't have the number….hmmmmmmmm.

So…who did you crush over when you were young?


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