Time To Breathe

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The night of the Crescendoh launch party we all stayed up way too late.

All us girls curled up on beds…and no…there was no pillow fight.

We talked until the wee hours of the morning and had to make ourselves go to bed.

The next morning we slept in, made breakfast and talked some more….we are really good at that one!

We decided the best day would not have much of a plan and it would definitely include the beach.

IMG_1930 copy

We were staying in San Clemente and headed to the nearest beach.

Picnik collageb

We just sat in the sun for hours.

IMG_1965 copy

IMG_1939 c copy

It was so relaxing.

IMG_1941 copy

IMG_1944 copy

It is pretty hard to beat a gentle breeze, warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves.

IMG_1960 copy

My friend Shamanie (my friend I traveled with) had the wonderful idea of writing a word of something we want to be free of in the sand.

We stood in the sand and waited for the waves to come and take those words away.


IMG_2010 copy

There is something so beautiful and powerful in symbolism.

I will not share the words of my sweet friends…but I will share mine.


I have a hard time forgiving when I have been hurt or betrayed.

I want to get better at this.

Letting things roll off my back easier and forgive.

IMG_2019 copy

We also wrote again a word that describes what we can to hold on to…cherish…see more of.

This was my word…..

IMG_2033 copy

IMG_2044 copy

I am blessed to be surrounded by women of such humor, depth, joy, creativity and substance.

IMG_2064 copy

If the waves are taking too long..maybe it is time for a little yoga.  I love this girl.  She makes me laugh so hard all the time!

Our evening ended with with Vietnamese food.  The night started on the patio and thankfully we were moved inside.

IMG_2099 copy

No girl's night out is complete without an arm wrestle..that's right…arm wrestle.

IMG_2112 copy

I would like to say that Shamanie is really strong and she kind of scares the crap out of me now.

IMG_2109 copy

She may look all nice and pretty…but be afraid…very afraid!

Only one more day of photos coming…and some new recipes for you gluten free girls.

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  1. DreamGirlLisa

    You were very close to where my sister lives, and where my oldest is away at college, it was nice to think of your spirit being here in CA. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Beautiful shots on the beach. Can’t wait to see more…

  2. Lara

    Sweet Jeanne! I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful time. What a blessing for you all to be there to support a dear friend.
    You all look FABULOUS, btw.Just lovely.
    Unforgiveness is a word I should probably allow the ocean to take away from my life as well…it’s a long road and I, too, harbor some “ick” for longer than I should. What a gift to let that go—a gift to YOURSELF as well as others.
    Can’t tell you how excited I am to stay up too late talking with you, my creative friend. It will be a magical time, for sure.

  3. Suz Reaney

    How wonderful that you were invited to the Crescendoh party. I really admire everything that Jenny Doh stands for and do think she is a strong woman of substance (I love that…substance!)

  4. Flower Patch Farmgirl

    I love that you share so well the beauty and significance of friendships with other girls. It can be difficult to find these kinds of girls, but ever worth the search.
    Your trip sounds like so much fun and I love that picture of you wrapped up burrito-style in the gorgey quilt.

  5. Susan

    Oh this makes me so homesick. San Clemente is one of my old surf spots.
    I sooooooo love that quilt you have around you. I need one of those badly.
    Looks like fun.

  6. Amy Muffoletto

    So in love with your words. You just lighten a heavy load on my back…. Life is wonderful and it is important to have such amazing friends. Love you.

  7. anne marie

    I guess that wasn’t your husband with the surf board……what a blessing Jeanne to get out like that and meet and connect with other wonderful women……

  8. mkg

    Love that you had time with such special friends in that amazing setting. I love that even at play, you and your friends gave thougth to inspiration and truth. I love your words and how open your heart is to live in those truths:)

  9. Traci

    friends who see the world as you do are such a blessing. you are truly blessed. great photos. i knew i had seen that pier before – in tara’s photos.

  10. Suzen

    What beautiful photos and how wonderful you have all the great friends you do. That is indeed a treasure. I share your desire to be more forgiving. It’s truly a path that leads to great adventure. One way I have found to do it is to imagine vividly all the hideous things you would like to do to the person who acted idiotically. Go nuts with this, but limit it to a session or two. Then when you have got the bile out of your system begin a practice of imagining them surrounded with golden light and pray for their happiness in every way. It might takes months of this but eventually the sting goes out of the memory. Because truly, people who are happy do not do unkind things in this world. Praying for their peace is the most powerful thing for them and for our own healing and happiness. (PS It helps to ask the good Lord to help us in this task because it is really HARD to wish happiness to those we, let’s face it, at times despise!)

  11. Suzen

    I apologize if my post sounded preachy…I just meant to share something that has, at times, worked for me in the hope that it might help you or someone else. (You can be SURE I have a really hard time with this, myself.)

  12. tara

    I am a little sad that you were so close and didn’t even shout my name…or uhem, invite me for a drink, but I will forgive you this time!! πŸ™‚ Lovely lovely setting, and more lovely friends, what a wonderful time and experience!! xoxo

  13. melody

    I will never, ever forget that weekend….I love you so much…your soul is so good and you are such a gift in my life. Being with you is a kind of rest that I cherish……all of you..that we can just BE with each other….come as we are and just BE…and love everything about it. It is such a gift. I love you forever! xoxo

  14. lissa

    in my opinion these are some of the prettiest photos I’ve ever seen. I will be watching for those recipes!

  15. stephanie

    This is all so beautiful! The pictures and the story of friendship, support and lightness of love. You are in the company of some pretty amazing, beautiful women and like attracts like so I’m sure the feeling is mutual if they were asked. πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait for the recipes! Loved your story of a return to health! We’ve had a similar story unfolding in our little family. What an adventure this caring-for-the-temple is. πŸ™‚

  16. tracey

    Hi Jeanne! The new camera is doing good by you my friend, your pictures are incredible!!! What a fun weekend! You get to do all the best weekend outings! Wish I was gonna see you at Farm Chicks πŸ™
    Have you had any grilled artichokes lately??!! πŸ™‚
    Talk to you soon ~
    πŸ™‚ T

  17. Heather

    Forgiveness is a tough one for me too….I would probably need a few trips to the beach to help me wash away the “unforgiveness” completely! Beautiful pictures –

  18. Leah C

    The beach…one of my most favorite places to be:) And I love the idea of writing a word in the sand for the waves to wash away; so freeing!

  19. Privet and Holly

    What a lovely and free-wheeling time with your golds! I absolutely crave those together times and sometimes you just have to make them HAPPEN. Lovely blog ~ found you on Susan’s page ~ safe travels home! xx P&H

  20. Jill Hinson

    Thanks so much for visiting me! It was so nice to hear from you. Looks like this trip was heavenly…nothing like connections with fabulous women. Will you be at Farm Chicks this year??
    xo~ Jill

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