An average day is from the moment I wake up I am already thinking of all that NEEDS to be done.

Clothes are waiting to go into the washer and waiting to be folded from the dryer.

The children are waiting for breakfast.

Dishes are waiting to be emptied from the dishwasher.

There is usually something spilled on the floor that everyone denies having ANYTHING to do with…and somedays go on like this until it is bedtime and I wonder where the day went.

I am too tired to create or pack up orders.

I am too tired to read that book that has been on my nightstand for a month.

Oneour recent trip to Illinois my husband drove the WHOLE way and I read the WHOLE way.

At my feet were all the books and magazines that I was going to catch up on.

With children in the back seat watching movies I was in heaven reading, notetaking and journaling.

At some point I turned to my husband and said, "I think I am going to start dating myself".

Now I will not lie and act like I don't get out of the house to do tons of things…because I do.

You all know that I have an awesome husband and I have been able to travel and see friends all of the time.

I also get together with my friends here all of the time.

The point I was making is that I don't spend a lot of time WITH JUST ME!

I changed that THIS week.

We homeschool our children and we just started back this week.

All three of my children go to a local enrichment school once a week (Benjamin just started their preschool program).

On Thursday when I dropped them off all the other mother's were talking about their days and how they were going to maybe workout, run errands, clean the house etc.


I told them I wasn't even going home.

If I went home I knew I would not create or read all those wonderful things I wanted to read.

I knew I would get distracted by laundry, dusty furniture, the dishes and all the little things in our home that needed to be done.

I was going to spend time with just me.

No friends were invited….even though this went against everything in me (and thank you for the friends that wanted to get together).

I first quickly headed into Home Depot for paint.

I then went to the Starbucks drive thru for a venti, iced, unsweetened green tea.

I then headed to "The Rock" here in Castle Rock and ran to the top…took a break at the top and then ran back down.

I REALLY love trail running.

I love the sound of the gravel under my feet.  It beats any Ipod playlist I could ever come up with.

It has been a few months since I have been serious about working out (I would like to personally thank France and all the cheese and desserts).

So lets just say that I  could feel a lot more jiggling on the way down the hill and I was still smiling.

I then headed over to a local cafe and ordered a large iced latte (I only do this about once a week now) and a large bowl of fruit.  They later brought me a bowl of soup as I sat there and read and read and read…ALL.BY. MYSELF!

I then closed up my books and headed to a move.

I have only gone to a movie by myself ONCE in my life. It was back when Kelly and I lived in DC and I was sooo mad at him and I needed to waste some time (this was back in our first year of marriage and I will write about THAT someday).

Have you ever gone to see a movie by yourself?

It was awesome.

I have to admit that I was giddy all day with my date with myself.

I laughed so loud and hard at some of the lines in the movie and I was VERY aware of my laughter in this theatre with only three other people…and it was OK.

I finished my date with myself by reading a little more and journaling at Starbucks waiting for it to be 3:15 so I could pick up the children.

It was a good day.

I am not that bad of a date.

Even if it just a walk by yourself to think….make a date with yourself.

It is really quite wonderful to be alone.  I hope to be better at this.

My friend Molly (who by the way is super cool, HILARIOUS, amazingly talented) recently posted this video and I LOVED it and thought it was the perfect compliment to what I have been sharing today.


Maybe we will all get a little more comfortable with being alone:-)


 (please pause my music player before watching)