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All throughout high school all I dreamed about was art school.

I was constantly sketching and designing clothing.

If I wasn’t making art I was watching design shows and scouring through fashion magazines.

I grew up in a town of 3,000 and sometimes when you dream big in a small town it is hard to find your supporters.

Sometimes you don’t realize at 17 that the lack of support has less to do with you…. and more to do with those around you.

At 17 you can sometimes not believe enough in yourself to go against the grain.

For that I am sorry.

I went on to college and got my degree in history and psychology.


Looking back over my life I can not say that I am at all disappointed with how my life turned out.

I have everything that I ever dreamed about.  It all just became a reality down a different road than I had imagined.

Life is amazing like that.


Sometimes I have to be honest though that my heart pulls when I see an art student with art supplies under her arms.

I would love to be the one sitting in art history classes and experimenting all day with new mediums.

My mind can wander on what it would feel like to step back in time and give all my energy to just making art.


I can’t step back in time and go to art school (and I am not interested in taking the time and money now) but I can constantly dip my brush into local art classes, online classes, creative books etc.

My friend, Teresa Sheeley, has an incredible online class that is starting April 2.

Teresa and her daughter, Kayla, will be giving you a taste of what art school would be like (without the high bills).

I can not wait for it to begin and I would love to have you join me.

I will meet you out on the green and smoke cigs with you….hahaha


Here is a taste of what’s to come…


Making Something Beautiful is all about living your art dream.  If you ever had ideas or dreams of going off to art school and living the artsy life ~{ MSB} will give you that feel.   Our goal is to make this experience for you to be just like stepping into art school for the first time.  Even if you are an experienced artist this course will be fun and informational for you too, as well as the opportunity to give you inspiration plus let you give back some helpful advice to the class.

This course will focus on what you would find if you were going to art school.  Introduction to various tools of the trade; drawing, painting, color, technique and even art history.  Learning about tools, different paints, technique and color are such important aspects to any medium you are drawn to.  It’s good to know why things work the way they do and even where they originated from.  Having these skills will only enhance where you are in your life of art.

You will receive weekly videos of instruction and assignments.  We will offer all kinds of support through the Facebook page, Flickr sights and our one on one help.  We will strive to create a very artsy aesthetically pleasing community.


ART SALON:  Popularity of the art salon was originated in France beginning in the 1700’s.  The salons would exhibit pieces of art from floor to ceiling usually in someones home.  Many famous artists got there start participating in an art salon.  Cezanne, Picasso, and Matisse just to name a few were very present during the art salon era.  Probably one of the most famous salons were in the home of Gertrude Stein in the early 1900’s.  

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Here is a breakdown of what the weeks will highlight.



This is a FIVE – WEEK course.

Week 1:  Important drawing techniques and instruction.  Learning tools for drawing.  Introduction to different papers and how this all blends together to give you the best techniques. Learning about light source.

Week 2:  Nudes, figure drawing and complex shapes.  Grid drawing and thinking BIG!!  {Week 2 also will be your first critique week}.  **Critique is an option; if you would prefer not to join in this, no worries. More on critiquing later.

Week 3:  Still life – painting – intro to color, materials, oils & acrylics. Painting using just 3 colors.

Week 4:  Plein Air painting – Watercolor & gouache introduction and more. Mixed media. {Critique week}

Week 5:  ART SALON – The art salon will be a website set up for virtual touring of your work.  We will be encouraging you throughout the course to think of a final project that you would like to put in the show. You have the opportunity to sell your work; plus make the money back that you put into the course.  This is a great way for you to invite your family, friends and strangers to view  your work.

You still have time to register.

To register go HERE.

Here is a fun video that tells a little more about the course (please pause my music first).



Quick shop update!

New items will be coming to the shop soon.

All vintage items still in the shop have been significantly marked down.

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  1. Alli

    Please list your photo sources! They link to your photobucket. Thank you.

    1. jeanne Author

      There was only one photo that accidently went to my photobucket site. All the other photos linked correctly back to Teresa’s site. Since all photos are from Teresa’s site I am sure Teresa wasn’t offended. Thank you for your concern. The one photo has been corrected. I look forward to your next comment.

  2. Alissa

    i, too wanted to go to art school, but instead choose a more realistic career, though
    i did minor in art. i have always wanted to go back to school to take art classes, but instead have really enjoyed the online classes. i can do them in my pj’s if i want!
    i have signed up and am really looking foward to learning. not to mention, seeing what
    everyone else is doing and being inspired! see you there.

    1. jeanne Author

      Isn’t online amazing? We have the whole world open to us. I have loved getting to know you in my online class and have loved all the art you create!

  3. Marilyn Johnson

    Jeanne, I won my spot in the class through your blog a while back. Can hardly wait for her class. I wish I had gone to art school too. Like you when I was in high school I wanted to be an artist. For a time I was going to be a fashion designer also but I was horrible at sewing so my best friend and I had it planned that I would design the clothes and my friend was going to sew them. I went to school in a small town and we only had one art teacher who really supported and encouraged my dream. She left after just one year and the encouragement went with her. I turned to a more practicle career of nursing. Nursing has been good to me in that it has paid the bills and kept my child with the heart transplant with insurance but it has had it downsides also. It has made me a more serious person seeing so much suffering and having such a stressful job. It has buried that young creative person I once was. My time to do art now is very little but I absolutely loved your class and learned a lot. Right now I am taking Junelle’s class and am adoring it. I am so excited for Theresa’s class! See you there and thanks again for the spot in it!

  4. teresa sheeley

    Thank you so much Jeanne!! I can’t wait for the classes to start. Seriously, Kayla has been teaching me so many things I HAD NO CLUE about!!! It’s been awesome. I hope everyone who has signed up so far learns something new just like me doing this process. 🙂 I truly from the bottom of my toes appreciate you sharing this information with your readers!!! You’re amazing!! xoxo


  5. Kim

    I feel so incredibly awful now that I DID go to a wonderful art school (#13 in the country now, but was in the top 3 when I went there) and I don’t make any art now 🙁

    1. jeanne Author

      I did not know this about you! How could I have not known about art school? I have actually heard other people say this. Sometimes I feel very blessed that I did not go because I have complete freedom in my art…nothing is wrong. I can use tools/mediums anyway that makes me happy. There are no little voices telling me that is not the correct way to use them. You need to come over and create with me….we would have a blast.

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