For Such A Time As This

My friend Lorraine Lewis is very sick.

I have not known what to do or even what to say.

With her permission I am writing to all of you today.

From the moment I heard that she had stage 4 cancer she consumes my thoughts throughout the day.

I have known Lorraine for at least 6 years.

I remember so many years ago I bought a piece of her mixed media art and I secretly told her that I did mixed media too…and someday I wanted to get up the courage to show it.

Lorraine has been light and encouragement from the moment I “met” her.

I have never met Lorraine in person but I don’t think that even matters.

 So many people in my creative circle know her and have been changed by her faith, love of family, encouragement, tenderness, joy and art.


Lorraine was the one who gently encouraged me to begin sharing my art.

I don’t even know if she remembers this.

Lorraine was born for such a time as this.

Not the cancer.

The way she has influenced the lives of others.

The light and encouragement she has always been.

The grace in which she handles even the toughest of circumstances.

The way she opens her beautiful home to others and her home is only the backdrop to the beauty of her hospitality and love for others.

The way she loves her husband and encourages those around her to try again or try harder.

The way she shares her faith and lets you know that even if you don’t believe the same as she does…she loves you just the same.

The way she softly shares her art not knowing how amazing her creations truly are.

She just loves.

When Lorraine’s name is brought up people’s faces light up. She does that to you.

Lorraine needs a miracle.

 Maybe we all do because we need this light to still be in this world.

Whether you know Lorraine or not will you please life her and her family up in prayer?

I want us to make such a ruckus in heaven:-)

Join me in letting Lorraine know how much she is loved and may our prayers be a blanket that covers Lorraine and her family in protection, comfort and healing.

Lorraine, you still owe me a painting so don’t think you are getting out of it:-)

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  1. heidi wallingford

    When I think of Lorraine, and see her big beautiful family, it always makes me think, look what love can do! She is love, grace and beauty, an angel that walks among us. I knew she was having treatments, but did not know the extent. My heart is so heavy for this, as I know she is EVERYTHING to her family and those who love her. Sending healing prayers and wishes to her and her family! xo xo

  2. Stacey Greene

    Beautifully written, Jeanne. Sending my heARTfelt prayers to God and Lorraine, her family and her friends. As a lightworker and energy artist, I see Lorraine surrounded in turquoise and green (the colors of the blanket of protection, love and healing) and will continue to hold that vision until she is well!

  3. Amy Riley

    This is a beautiful testament to your friend. I will hold her in my prayers.

  4. Cathie

    I don’t know Lorraine at all, Jeanne, but it seems as though her inspiration is here for everyone now, through your words especially, and therefore will stay beyond her time here. That is, I think, the most beautiful thing about artists and creators. If we allow it, if we share it, our words, our art in any form, our beings and our souls are here longafter to put a smile on someone’s face. . . . maybe when it is needed the most, and therefore, I believe all artists are angels, now and forever.

  5. Rose D'Angelo Designs

    Oh Jeanne, this is beautiful! I am sending my prayers, love and hugs Lorraine’s way.

  6. Vanessa

    I may not know Lorraine but we are sisters in Christ so we share an instant bond and I’m lifting her up to our sovereign Lord during this time! Thank you so much for putting out the call Jeanne!

  7. Mindy Lacefield

    I am so touched by the love that you show for Lorraine. She is such a bright light! thank you for this. I say let’s “make a ruckus”….love that. God is about to be flooded with so much love and prayer…….let’s bring it!! xoxo

  8. Paula Cecilia Fava Corcoran

    I met Lorraine this past February … and yes, a greater light we have never seen. Sitting one seat away from her … sharing art making in a Katie class … pure bliss. Looking into Lorraine’s eyes brings a smile to my heart … even reflecting back on those four days, the light is brilliant. A few days ago, I placed Lorraine on a HUGE Prayer/Healing list … YES, let’s create a RUCKUS! Thank you Jeanne for sharing your journey with Lorraine.

  9. Judy Millard

    Holding Lorraine and her family in the light and sending
    loving prayers!

  10. Jeanne Szewczyk

    Oh, I am devastated to hear this news. I have been through cancer with a very close family member and I know first hand what cancer can do. I am sending up prayers and love for sweet Lorraine and her family. She has always been so supportive of others, even those of us she has never even met in person.

  11. Emily Mortimer

    Thank you so much for your post. Lorraine is one of my dearest friends, and my heart has been heavy for her and her beautiful family (that I equally adore). I pray, I fast, I hope. She is a feisty little thing with a lot of fight and faith in her. How awesome to know we are all fighting and showing faith along side her. Your words are sweet and comforting and a gift to all of us. Thanks again!

  12. judywise

    Sending love to you Jeanne, for your post here gathering in the tribe for Lorraine and sending love to Lorraine and her family. We all want Lorraine to be here with us; I will join the circle in surrounding her with prayer and love. A lot of love. And a lot of prayer.

  13. Rebecca Sower

    Jeanne, your post and thoughts have mirrored mine exactly! What a sweet inspiration Lorraine has been to so many (in so many ways!). Such a beautiful lady. Thank you for sharing this. I will continue to cover her in my prayers.

  14. Jody


    Your post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this so that we can all keep Lorraine and her family in our prayers.

  15. Bonnie


  16. Susan Sanchez

    Blanketing Lorraine in God’s most tender mercies, comfort, grace and healing love. These flow in and through her body on every level renewing her to the perfection in which she was created. And it is so!

  17. lissa

    praying for Lorraine right now. I had no idea. 🙁 God is able to do exceedingly more than we could ever ask or think!

  18. Peggy R

    Hi Jeanne; I pray for your friend Lorraine. I have a friend who has had stage 4 breast cancer and has not only survived but thrived. I also recently had a partial masectomy. My friend fought her battle with food and prayer. Their is an amazing website called They have recipes and talk about health and wellness. They claim that cancer can’t live in an alkaline body. My friend has uttered the same words. I don’t have an affiliation with the website, however it is worth taking a look. God Bless.

  19. beth

    my thoughts and prayers are going out to her and her family. i met lorraine a number of years ago, at an art retreat at valley ridge here in wisconsin and she is just an amazing person….so miracles come quickly….WE NEED MIRACLES!!!!

  20. Julia Perry-Sullivan

    Thoughts & prayers for Lorraine & her family. Deepest Love for you Lorraine. Thank you for allowing Jeanne to share with us. If there is anything else we can do, please ask-

  21. elma

    Praying for her!! Praying that the Lord will guide the doctors in her care and to give her a complete recovery.

  22. Diane Humphrys

    Sending prayers for healing, comfort, and strength for your dear friend!

  23. Pam Ballard

    Love and prayers to Lorraine! I will for sure keep her in my prayers. I found out last week my friend has cancer as well. She is young, bright full of life with a husband and beautiful son. Would you keep Anne in your prayers also. I want to be a blessing and help her out in anyway I can. I hope to start a fundraiser soon. What a beautiful post about Lorraine.


    Not to long ago my narrative was…God Uou are bigger than all things! And every single time I was fearful or filled with doubts..I would say this over and over…I say it now. It is truth. It is powerful. Sending love to Lorraine and her family and you…love you…xoxo praying!!

  25. kolleen

    oh my goodness … prayers lifting, ruckus making under way!
    i adore Lorraine and she has been such an inspiration to me … the love she has for her family and for the Lord is so obvious and you can’t help but be touched and inspired by it.

    sending her and hers love love love … and to you to beautiful Jeanne.

  26. Donna P

    Wow beautiful, I don’t even know her, but these words are tugging on me. My Grandma has been diagnosed with cancer and it’s hard to know what to say or do. Prayer is all we can do.
    Making a ruckus 😉

  27. Kimberly

    Reading this hurt my heart. Lorraine has been such an incredible supporter of my project with her generous heart filled with love. I will be praying for her every single day until I hear she is well. Thank you for sharing this Jeanne~ x

  28. Terrie Cammack

    Dear Jesus, we lift up Lorraine, her family and friends, her friend Jeanne and to all she has touched. You are the great healer. We stand in the gap for her as she battles. Praying for strength, wisdom, peace and comfort for all in this time.

  29. Suzen

    What a lovely friend you are, Jeanne. Clearly this woman, Lorraine, has inspired and developed the beauty in those around her. I pray for God’s will in this situation and for the wisdom and peace of those affected to carry them through.

  30. grannyjane2004

    Abba Father, we lift Lorraine up to you.. Jehovah Rapha.. The Lord our Healer. Touch her.. heal her.. and give her Your peace. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  31. mysonisanaddict

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Lorraine in person and I can tell you she is as beautiful on the outside as is her inner beauty. Thanks for this post Jeanne as I too will lift her in prayer. I know God will be with her on this difficult journey. Consider me one of her prayer warriors!

  32. marci

    Jeanne what a beautiful post. All of these prayers from beautiful, faithful women will have to raise a ruckus for sure. I love that lady and if anyone in this world deserves all of this love and support it is her. She truly is inspiring simply with the way she loves and the way she shines it on all of us. Love you both!!

  33. Bonnie Schulte

    I will keep Lorraine in my prayers. May she keep HOPE in her heart!

  34. lorraine lewis

    My heart is so touched by this beautiful post in my honor and by the sweet comments left my way. Truly friends and family are the biggest blessing in our lives. We cannot journey these trials we are given without the love, support, encouragement and prayers of others. How very blessed I am to have so much love shown to me. There is so much goodness in this world. I am finding so much strength and courage to fight this battle because of the pure love and goodness of others. Thank you so much Jeanne for this beautiful post and for all who have left such sweet words of encouragement. My heart is full of gratitude. xoxo Lorraine

  35. Cindy graves

    Prayer changes every little thing….I am living proof. In 2012 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. I am single,working 2 jobs and thought what will I do. I didn’t have to do anything but rest in him! I had moved to a new town a few years before without knowing why I chose here…now I know….this community came through for me…churches ..friends…..unbelievable. …after 6 months chemo,surgery,and 30 radiations I claim my healing…Lorraine…I am claiming yours right now in the mighty name of Jesus..God will send you strength to endure and what seems to be the worst thing you ever have to go through can also be a life changer. Rest in Him…there is power in all the prayers being sent up for you…I stumbled upon this post today and can’t get you off my mind and was no accident..I am praying also.

  36. Brookie

    Lorraine is my momma and as I read these sweet, heartfelt words, my own heart is full and the tears flow. Thank you Jeanne for this beautiful post, for your love for my mother. She has been an amazing pillar of light and strength and joy. As our family faces this trial, the hard days are there, but I have felt the strength of others prayers and we have already seen so many blessings. I thank you all and so many others who are praying for us and sending positive thoughts our way. I know you will be blessed in your lives for your charity. Love to all!

  37. Carlene Canterbury

    Jeanne. I don’t know your friend or you so much. I have recently started reading MMSMP blogs and found you thru her and signed up to your business course which me and my hubby are totally enjoying! The things you’ve said about your friend are lovely and truly inspiring but I must tell you that you also inspire others in that same way. So even tho I don’t know her I feel she must be very special to have you as a friend too. She will definitely be in my prayers. But thank you so much for sharing not just this post but all of them and for motivating and changing lives.

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