"Today I
begin a journey. I awake, put one foot in front of the other. Uncertain
what lies beyond
the doorway, I take a step of faith and I walk out my life… step by
step, day by day, until I build a collection of days that add up to a
life well lived.
Just like everybody else. But it's not that simple, is it
 Along the way we will have to make decisions; about our
our careers, our money. People will come and go. Things will happen to
you that you didn't see coming, a lot of wonderful things and some
unimaginable things…

This is all a part of living.

Here is a basic truth. We are
going to need
our health to
get through this journey we call life in order to really
live. Am I right?  Without health, life
is harder.  It affects every area of our life.  Our energy, our desire,
our relationships and our passion are all affected.  
My purpose is to relieve suffering;
in that, people can live their best life.
silent cry arose from within… 
What more
I do!!!!!!!!!!!!????????"

This is an excerpt from the new health blog of my friend and doctor that is helping me on my journey back to health.

If you do not know about my journey I encourage you to read HERE.

I experienced EIGHT years of stroke symptoms, MRI's, CAT scans ….and no answers until the advice and guidance of Shamanie.

I am excited to share Dr. Shamanie Haneca's new site with you because I know that so many of you are experiencing health issues and traditional medicine has not given you an answer.

The site will contain health information, recipes, book recommendations and will be a place where Dr. Haneca will answer questions.


I encourage you to check it out and say hello!