I hope you are all enjoying your day off!

I wanted to remind you that today is the LAST day to get the early registration price on the new Studying Under The Masters {portraits and self-portraits} beginning on September 30th!

Come and check out all of the details and see the INCREDIBLE teachers in this new online art course.

To read more about the new Studying Under The Masters {portraits and self-portraits} you can go to my blog or register directly on the jeanneoliver.ning.com site.

The master artists we will be studying under: Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Mary Blair, Frida Kahlo, Brett Whiteley, Max Beckmann

The early registration is $49 until September 1st and then the price goes to $62.

  You will have access to the videos for 2 years so you can watch the class again and again at your convenience.

I would love for you to hear what some of the students from the first course have said about the Masters course…

“In all my years as an artist, I have never had a course that stretched and grew me so much. Not only has my art taken off in so many exciting ways, but I was blessed with friendship and support I never expected. Thanks for all that you do. I am so looking forward to part two!”



“The Studying the Masters class inspired me to look deeper into my own art process. The format where I was able to find out more about the artist’s process and their techniques captured my attention. The presenting artists were quality women whose own art process gave me confidence to keep going. I look forward to the next class.”



“This course is one of the best I have taken in that it introduced me to several different modern day artists. In watching how they studied under some masters, I became a student of, not one, but TWO artists each week, some of whom I feel a real resonance with!! I feel as though I am finding more of my artistic voice as a result of this class, and that is pretty exciting!! Thanks so much Jeanne for helping me take another step closer to my dream! ”


“The best class ever no matter your talent level…seeing the instructors paint right along in  “their” style of painting trying to get close to what a Master created was so enlightening since each had awesome talent but different ways to get the final results that they wanted! We were in their studio with there favorite supplies, magic!”


You can also pay using the paypal button below.

See you in class!