I grew up with a mother that loved old movies.

Saturdays would always include my mom ironing and watching old movies.

She was also known to bribe us to go to the drug store to get her a hershey bar with almonds.

Did your mom iron all your clothes?


My mom did!

My dad had it made!

My husband…not so much.

I don't even iron my own clothes…. let alone his!

Back to Saturdays and old movies.

I was so enamored by old movies that I was constantly designing clothes in the style of the 20s, 30s and 40s.

I knew what was fashionable before Anthropologie.

Women always seemed more elegant and beautiful in those old black and whites!

I also love Breakfast at Tiffany's, Christmas In Connecticut, Casablanca, On The Waterfront, It's A Wonderful Life…I think you get the picture!

Remember Singin' In The Rain?


I LOVED Gene Kelly! 

I really had wished I could marry him.

My name is Jeanne…my husband is Kelly…see how THAT worked out???

Anyone else still wondering what all the hype was about Citizen Kane???


I have always loved history and that is probably why Gone With The Wind is one of my favorite movies.


I have seen Gone With The Wind more than any other movie.

I know so many of the scenes by heart.

My mom even had the record of the soundtrack.

I would use the record jacket as the walls of my Barbie house.

Nothing like the scene with thousands of confederate soldiers spread across the streets and railroad tracks as the backdrop for Barbie play.

My Barbies always had gowns on and I somehow rigged a hooped skirt for underneath.

I am looking around the house right now trying to see if any of my curtains would make a nice dress!!


What old movies do you love?