Top Ten List {Dream Girls 2}

{Top Ten List}

1. Beef Bourguignon tastes the best when you are sitting around a table with a dear friend

2. When I heard the theme was hillbilly…I didn’t really have any concept of hillbilly!

3. That being hit on at the Yella Beak by a woman is fine with me at this point in my life.

4. Brainstorming with creative women helps me to come home more inspired and focused than before.

5. 40 women should not solder without proper ventilation.  There may be permanent brain damage here…just saying.

6. Was I supposed to actually come home with a finished project????

7. Sometimes a bar can be so loud that you can misunderstand drink names and really make a fool out of yourself!

8. When you have to eat gluten free you lick the tops of lots of cupcakes….lots…..

9. We all need a little grace….and we all need to be willing to give it.

10.  Whenever I come home from the Pacific Northwest I snuggle up with Kelly begging to move there.  Beautiful land and the most amazing women!!!




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  1. Victoria Hayden

    Sounds like a wonderful time!! I am sure there was a lot of laughing, creating and inspiration! Glad you had a great time!!

    Love the picture of Dream!


  2. Kathy

    LOL! Sheesh I sure hope I got one of the unlicked cupcakes ; ) It was so nice to meet you.

  3. Jen Osborn

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time 🙂
    I am completely smitten with the PNW & cannot wait to go back again for the 7th time this April for Artfest!!! I keep telling Larry how much he would love it there, and we’re planning a trip driving up from San Francisco to BC staying in little log cabins & B&B’s the whole way up the coast. There is supposed to be a bakery on Salt Island that is incredible.

    So glad you had fun, and got all loved up by your girls 🙂

  4. Mikal

    Since you are an amazing woman, you’d fit right in! Love the little flower garlands in the photos…. I’d probably be licking lots of that frosting too…looks yummy!

  5. Lara

    please, please, please move here!!! What a dream that would be. I would bring over caramel corn every weekend…I swear.

    So sad to have missed you. As I was shooing my relatives out of my house (not really…maybe just in my head) I was wishing I was being silly with you all up north. Dadgumit!! I’m asking Tiff to revolve that Dream Girls schedule around my schedule next year–ha!!

    1. jeanne

      Find Kelly a good paying computer networking job. It is hard because he is a high level manager now. Hard to give up a great job. He also loves the area.

  6. Leah C

    Sounds like a lot of fun…and looks oh-so-lovely! Beautiful photos:) And I’ll have to watch out if ever I’m eating a cupcake around you 😉

    1. jeanne

      You need to start putting things together back home. There has to be other creative people like you there!!!

  7. paige

    sounds like an absolutely amazing weekend!!!
    makes me want to move there too
    glad you had a blast 🙂

  8. Lei

    I’m always so visually fed when I visit your blog. All those yummy pictures, and your greatt top 10 list. Sounds like you had fun!!!

  9. kristin

    there is not a day that goes by i don’t snuggle to my honey and ask to move to the pnw…sigh…the most amazing, creative souls there!
    gorgeous, gorgeous photos sweets!

    prairie xo

  10. Sandy B.

    Ooooooooh,wow Jeanne,
    Such beautiful photo’s. I just hung up a “mood-board” would love to have those photo’s on there!
    Looks just great! So inspiring!

  11. Lori

    I just read Kim’s post on your week-end and it looked wonderful ~ what a great way to spend time with some very special ladies.

  12. Lisa Hilderbrand

    Great photos…Great times…Great memories! Dream Girls is on my Top Ten all year long! Thank you for your inspiration, clarity and creativity. Once a year isn’t enough! xxoo,

  13. Tiffany

    Can I live in the commune too? Even though I already live here?? And can I come to my own party again with you??? 🙂
    I miss you soooo much already!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  14. amy

    so glad you got to go. that frosting looks pretty good!=) hope i can hear more about your list soon! love #9.

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