Totally Rad {dude}

(Kelly is all the way to the left)

I met Kelly a little over 13 years ago.

The first time I was at his house I asked him why he had a kids bike.

He didn’t appreciate that too much!

That was my introduction to BMX.

(Kel is second from the right)

Many bikes later, many hours spent watching Kelly and the kids at the skate park, countless photos taken…..I fully understand why my husband loves BMX.

Kelly builds bikes, sells them and he is becoming known in the old school BMX world.  It has been fun to see a hobby turn into such a passion for him.

I know that we are very respectful towards each others passions because we both have them!

I think it is crucial to the life we lead.

We each are constantly making time for each other because we both truly know how important it is.

This summer Kelly has been having a lot of fun racing old school BMX bikes locally.

This is the first summer he has raced since he was a teenager.

Last weekend we all went to cheer him on…..

(being mobbed by their fans)

(Not too shabby of a backdrop for a race)

I have no words…and obviously no pride!

Bottom line…if your husband has a hobby go find yourself one.

If you want your husband to understand your passions…encourage him to find his own.


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  1. Sandy

    So totally enjoying your play list by the way!! I’m listening to it now as I’m working. What peaceful music. And your blog rocks too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. deb hosaflook

    Love the pics and love the support you give Kelly for his hobby. When I met my husband, I soon found out he is a very avid hunter, eat, sleeps and breathes it. So, I gave it a try so we could spend some extra time together and it made him so happy that I was taking an interest in what he loved. Hunting wasn’t really for me, but I loved spending time with him outside. I don’t go very often with him anymore, my sons do. But my reward for showing interest in something he loved is that he is supportive of the things I love to do. He doesn’t always get my “art work” but he knows it makes me happy and that is good enough for him. I love the fact you thought Kelly’s bike was a kids bike when you first saw it. Sounds like something I would say.

    1. jeanne Author

      Even if we don’t do it with them but just give them the time to follow their own passions. Sounds like you both respect each other a lot!

  3. Leah C

    Hobbies are good…I think they keep us sane! My hubby loves, loves, loves golf; me not so much. But, every Sunday {weather permitting} he hits the course:) And I indulge in my hobbies: blogging & scrapbooking!

  4. Heather

    Haha! Love this! I’m in a house of boys.. wonder if this is in my future or not?? So far they lean towards the hunting and fishing thing.. thanks for the reminder to be more patient and loving 😉

  5. mgriffin

    I would have loved to have seen Kelly race. I know how much he enjoys riding! Really neat photos! It’s great to see you both so supportive of each other’s passions….and … you are a wise woman:)

  6. Maia

    so lovely. and so true. i cherish how we can learn about a whole different world when we fall in love – or when we simply meet another kindred spirit. my love is a rock-star drummer and i am so inspired by his commitment and dedication and passion. life without passion is like living life as a numb zombie. so happy to see you and kelly’s passion!

  7. amy

    sweet, jeanne. i didn’t realize this is the first time racing since being a teenager. sounds fun! it would be fun to head to the next race with you all if you think of sharing. your last lines are really great.=)

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