The alarm went off at 5 a.m..

I could hear the rain falling as soon as I opened my eyes.

All I wanted to do was stay warm in bed but I knew I not only had to pack the truck up…but I needed to set a booth up and try to sell in the rain.

I could have stayed in bed…I could have…but this was the first day of the new flea market and I truly want to see it succeed.

So with everything in me screaming to stay in bed I got up and got going.

Kelly helped me pack up the truck and cover the bed with blankets to try to keep the furniture dry.

I was fortunate enough to do the market with my friend Melanie.


I think we really made the best of it.

Even though it was pouring rain and the crowds were NOT there…we had a great time.


I loved my time with the other vendors, meeting new people and especially the girls who came from out of town to meet me and see my booth…you guys made my day!

I think this market has wonderful potential and I am excited to do the next one on July 10th.


I can pretty much promise that there will not be rain and there will be sun…promise!

I did this show on very short notice so next time I will have a ton more things.


Here is a peek into our very cold and wet day…..







One of the best parts of the day was when my sister, Amy, dragged her crew (in the rain) out to see me.

If you have done shows you know how nice it is to see the beautiful faces of those you love.


The vendors that showed up :-)  had so much talent.

You will NOT be disappointed if you come next month.


Side note….30 more days until I go to France!