Towne and Country Market


The alarm went off at 5 a.m..

I could hear the rain falling as soon as I opened my eyes.

All I wanted to do was stay warm in bed but I knew I not only had to pack the truck up…but I needed to set a booth up and try to sell in the rain.

I could have stayed in bed…I could have…but this was the first day of the new flea market and I truly want to see it succeed.

So with everything in me screaming to stay in bed I got up and got going.

Kelly helped me pack up the truck and cover the bed with blankets to try to keep the furniture dry.

I was fortunate enough to do the market with my friend Melanie.


I think we really made the best of it.

Even though it was pouring rain and the crowds were NOT there…we had a great time.


I loved my time with the other vendors, meeting new people and especially the girls who came from out of town to meet me and see my booth…you guys made my day!

I think this market has wonderful potential and I am excited to do the next one on July 10th.


I can pretty much promise that there will not be rain and there will be sun…promise!

I did this show on very short notice so next time I will have a ton more things.


Here is a peek into our very cold and wet day…..







One of the best parts of the day was when my sister, Amy, dragged her crew (in the rain) out to see me.

If you have done shows you know how nice it is to see the beautiful faces of those you love.


The vendors that showed up :-)  had so much talent.

You will NOT be disappointed if you come next month.


Side note….30 more days until I go to France!

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  1. Katie

    Did I miss something? France??? Do tell! Where and why and with whom? Very exciting!
    Congrats on the market – I’m sure the next one will be much less damp. πŸ™‚

  2. amy

    you are right. with the thoughtfulness and effort i saw IN THE RAIN, you all will be a joy and pleasure to shop throughout the rest of the season! LOVE that first shot of the white pitcher w/ blue detail! wish you all the best!!

  3. Michelle

    Looks so good! I wish I was close enough to come see your booth in July πŸ™
    And, so *jealous* of your upcoming trip

  4. Amy Muffoletto

    I want that metal crown for my embellishment bar…..Looks so very cute!!!!! Sorry about the rain.. it made for a good practice run though!!!! Big hugs,Amy

  5. Crystal

    Ditto on the crown, it is so cute. You have some great things. I wish I lived closer to catch the next one in July.
    Have fun in France, of course that is a given πŸ™‚ If you are anything like me, you will have mixed emotions about coming back home.

  6. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Oh you look cute…you little vendor you:) Good to know about France. We may be coming to Colorado in August now instead of Thanksgiving. It’s VITAL you are there when we are!!

  7. Rachel

    Wish I could have been there – rain or not. Looks like a great time and some awesome items!
    38 days until I go to France!
    Are you as excited as I am?????

  8. karryann pallitto

    Oh how i love your style, love it love it , i tell ya, i would by most of your pieces- Cutie Kiddos, and so excited for you to go to France-Hope you will post many pics, Just became a follower- cant wait to see much more-
    Love Your Blog.Truly..

  9. Lisa

    This blog world makes me want to rent a truck and travel the states and go to all of the flea markets. I found your blog via Maija and Tiffany…lovely blog. I am off to Paris in 9days….can’t wait.

  10. Sharon Gunn McMahon

    It was a cold and dreary day, best suited for staying in bed and snuggling! I knew you would be there even in the rain, so I drug the kids out kicking and screaming πŸ˜‰ and was SOoooOOO happy to meet you! The items you had not packed up made me only want to come back next time and I will be there, only hopefully with a friend or relative, not the kids!! It was wonderful to meet you and to get my Artful Blogging Magazine signed πŸ˜€ thank you so much!!

  11. Kim

    I can’t believe that I finally get to say this but I would love to check out your booth next month! So jealous about France though …

  12. So wish I could have come to see you Jeanne ~ even in the rain!! I hope the sun shines upon your next one ~ fingers crossed here.

  13. Tricia

    Everything in your booth looks so cute! France?! You lucky girl πŸ™‚

  14. Heather Jensen

    Looks like you have some amazing stuff to sell there. I hope you have a wonderful day next time. Sounds like a great market. Totally jealous you are going to France. πŸ™‚

  15. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    Looks like you had fun despite the inclement weather, dear Jeanne. You look so cute in your booth. Oh, and I do like what I see there – if I was any closer I would come on over!

  16. Suz Reaney

    Oh, Jeanne. Isn’t that how it goes? It poured all day the day of my fair, too, so I know what it is like. And with friends bringing smiles (and sometimes, warm drinks) you make it through and have a wonderful time.
    I do think it has potential as you have said there are not flea markets around there and I know there are people who would buy. Who could resist…your things look wonderful and I am already buying with my eyes!!!!

  17. Traci

    be still my heart. looks beautiful. love that crown. i want to sit on the couch with it perched atop my head and see if it gets me any special treatment. probably not, just many laughs. wish i lived closer – i would have been there with ya.

  18. terri hinojosa

    Everything in your booth looks so cute. I have my eye on that cute apron to match the purse I bought from you. We are in Rosemary Beach, Fl this week and I am carrying it. I have gotten many compliments on it and has passed on your site to them! Can’t wait to see the pics from your trip to France! Terri

  19. paige

    you are just too cute with your GLOVES ON…oh my word…no glove wearing going on down south….but you look so cute!
    i think its so much fun to watch your creativity & fun opportunities flourish.
    you’re awesome

  20. Leah C

    If I lived closer…I would’ve been there with my rainboots on:) Lots of lovely things to buy!

  21. Sue

    It looks like you had a great day in spite of the rain. And your cheery yellow sweater and gloves were the perfect touch!
    Have a wonderful time in France – I look forward to reading about your adventures. (I’m off to Germany and Austria next week for some adventures of my own!)

  22. Theresa

    You look like you had fun despite the rain! Your booth looks marvelous, I wish I lived closer, I would have braved the rain to attend. Theresa

  23. Nora

    I live in Colo Spgs and was out of town when you did this but I will for sure be at the next one!!! Can’t wait to meet you and buy some of your stuff….See You July 10th!!!

  24. Elaine Power

    So glad you still had fun in the rain Jeanne it all looked lovely,
    France!! you lucky girl enjoy & i am looking forward to hearing all about it πŸ™‚

  25. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    I now own the little wooden box in the first photo : ) Thanks for being such a trooper! I’m PRAYING for a better turn out next month! Your booth looked amazing – you and Mel really did a great job making it look fabulous! Hope to see you soon!!!

  26. tiffany ~ the fancy farmgirl

    how fun! I wish I could have been there!I am sorry I havent been by to visit in awhile, I have been working like crazy and had no time! I can’t believe its almost time for your trip! EEEKKK!
    xoxo, Tiffany

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