Training {in all kinds of areas}

I woke up last week seeing an image of a hamster running on a wheel.

I knew that was me.

I knew that the Lord was trying to tell me something…some obvious and a few other things took me an extra week to hear.

I am a doer.

Good and bad.

I don’t ask for help as much as I should.

Good and bad.

I forget that I have a creator that has given me every gift I have and never had the intention of opening doors for me and walking away…..I just forget to ask.

To lean into.

To be quiet.

To trust.

So my week went on and those thoughts were stirring in me but I had so much to do I didn’t really focus.


Anyone else have this problem?

There was so much going on that I told my husband that my chest felt tight like I just needed to move.

I needed to run.

I needed to do something to get out tons of energy and clear my head and release stress.

I don’t like the gym but I love to be outside hiking, running or walking.

I decided I wanted to run the local 5K on Thanksgiving Day.

Because I usually just walk when I get tired of running:-) I knew I would have to be more consistent with my running.

 I used to be able to run 3.1 miles easily and I am sure many of you already can…but I needed a little training this time around.

I started using the Couch to 5K app on my iphone.

Super easy and I do whatever the woman tells me to do.

Who knew I liked to be bossed around?

The first week I was running I didn’t even listen to music and just let my mind dump.

I really wanted to hear the Lord.

Funny thing…when you show up….so does HE!

As I was running this is how things went down…..

Me: I really don’t want to do this.

Me: Is it time to stop running yet?

Me: What?  I have only been running for 30 seconds?

Me: I feel like these pants are going to fall down!

Me: I hope my neighbors aren’t watching me!

Ok, I probably went on for awhile like this.  Maybe I was talking too much and not listening enough.

The more I ran this is how it went and let me paraphrase a bit too…..

Jeanne, do you know how much I love you?

I sure miss you when your days get so busy and we don’t spend time together.

Let me help. I am just waiting here for you to ask.

I delight in you.

ME: Oh my gosh, I am ready to die.  Thank goodness it is time to walk again. Water…where’s my water……

Jeanne, that is exactly what I want to be for you.

I want to be refreshing like water.

I want to renew you and fill you back up.

Only you think you have to do things by yourself.

Ask for help.

I love you.

Me: Thank goodness I ended my run today past all the neighbor’s homes or I would want to quit right now. That is the only motivation I’ve got left…trying to steer clear of public humiliation.

Jeanne, do you realize that your KIDS are watching you?

Do you realize that if you forget to rely on me..they won’t either?

It doesn’t matter what you tell them…it is what you do!

They are watching and learning.

Me: Thanks. I needed that. I hear you.  I am listening.

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  1. Sherry Hicks

    I was very touched by your post, I had a week or two like that recently where I just started to shut down between my etsy, blog and antique business and being secretary for husbands business, lightening struck our house and we had alot of electrical damage….insurance papers, business deals for hubby, being mom it all came to a head only I did not run……..I watched old movies and did absolutely nothing for a week not even house decor no nothing……..but I was completely refreshed and very inspired by the clothing and decor in some of the movies!! thanks for sharing this post!

  2. dana

    I used the C25K to “learn to run” a 5K. I did my first one in Oct. 2010. . .at the age of 63. I’m preparing to run that same event (the 5K portion of the Kansas City Marathon) next weekend. Since my first race, I was hooked! I love the excitement of the official runs (my son ran by my side on my first one. . . that was amazing as he’s a real runner. 🙂 and have participated in 13 . I’m now trying to slowly increase my distance so I can run my first 10K in November. I would have been ready by now, but I broke a bone in my left hand in May (falling on an uneven sidewalk in our neighborhood. . .stay off sidewalks!!!) and had to back off running. I’m back in full force again. . .and used a modified version of C25K to get here. Good luck on your training and your run!

  3. Michelle

    Thank you for the story and the reminder that we forget that He is with us where ever we go. Your story blessed me very much!

  4. Jen O'Brien

    What a beautiful post Jeanne. I can relate on so many levels! Esp right now. Running is the best & cheapest therapy, it is the only time lately that I can find quiet and actually HEAR:). Thanks for sharing.


    Hi Jeanne,
    Thanks for this post. It is a good reminder to not get so busy that you don’t take time for yourself and also to just listen. I used to love to run, it really clears your mind and helps you focus. I had never really thought of it before but maybe that is when God talks to you, Maybe that is why I seem to find answers to problems when I run. I need to get back running. Good luck n your 5K.

  6. Nicole Marie

    Your post was just what I needed today. It spoke straight to my heart, like it was meant for me. Thank you for being honest and sharing. God Bless

  7. Stuff and Nonsense

    why is it so hard
    to cut through all the clutter
    and just listen?

    something i struggle with too

    i started running
    a couple months ago
    for the first time in my life

    and have loved getting out
    by myself
    and enjoying the quiet
    (aside from substantial amounts of gasping noises)

    i ran over my foot yesterday
    so much to my chagrin
    i’ll be sidelined for a bit

    enjoy the training
    and time with the Lord!


  8. Lee Ann Garrett

    Oh my goodness, that post hit my heart in a big way! I needed to hear those words and thoughts from the Lord myself…regarding some stressful things I’m dealing with at work. Why is it that we get so busy doing it all ourselves, or fixing it all ourselves, instead of stopping to ask God in that moment to lead us and help us? Seriously Jeanne, this post blessed me tonight and gave me some renewed guidance!

    Thank you!
    Lee Ann

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