Everyone usually has someone that inspires them creatively…whether it is decorating, cooking, crafting….creating in general. 

 Maybe you have someone that you look up to for their wisdom or advice. 

 Many women love Oprah.  I mean LOVE Oprah. 

I am not one of those girls.  No thanks.  I don't watch her show and if she has a book recommendation I run the other way. 

Many women love Martha.  Too perfect for me….at least on the surface.  I don't change my curtains with the seasons or change my slip covers very often either. 

When I make a butternut squash soup I buy my squash already pureed….gasp….from William Sonoma.  I have made it completely from scratch and it tastes the same.  I like many of her ideas, but I am not drawn to her. 

There are few people that really embody the look and feeling that I admire so much. 

That leads to me sharing who I admire creatively. 

I am a huge fan of Kaari Meng of French General.   

I love that she collects (and sells) vintage beads and French fabrics. 


Her books are good for my soul! 

Beautiful ideas that truly reflect a specific vintage style that I adore. 



Whenever I receive an order from her shop I feel like it is Christmas…because she cares that it is wrapped as a gift when you receive it. 

I just got these items in the mail and I have been oohing and ahhhing over them.  Treasures to me.  I can't wait to use them and make something special.  Her things inspire my creativity and everything is pure eye candy.




About two weeks ago I was on Kaari's website and I saw that she was hosting a trip to the South of France…..yes, girls….heaven!!!! 



I immediately covered the screen (to hide the cost) and asked my husband to come to the computer.  Before revealing the price I told him I would do ANYTHING to go.  Then I realized that she had no more vacancies left.  I cried.  Yes, I did.  I was hoping at that moment that my period was right around the corner….but  no it wasn't and I am just crazy.  I would like to point out that I was not bawling or anything.  Just wanted to clarify.  My husband did look at me a little strange. 

I then started reading to him the itinerary.  He stopped me and said, "Jeanne, this trip is perfect for you.  You have to email Kaari and and ask if there is a waiting list.  We will figure everything out so you can go." 

I couldn't believe it!  I emailed Kaari right away and she let me know that she might be doing a trip again in the fall. 

Girls…I am talking French chateau, flea markets and crafting with vintage treasures.  It would be a miracle if I am able to go in the summer because it is completely booked but I am saving already for the fall trip. 

I don't even care that I won't know anyone else on the trip.  It is so me!  I know I will make fabulous friends once I get there.  Think of the things I would miss out on if I always had to wait for someone to do it with me.  If you don't know Kaari, her site or her shop I know you will have the best time perusing through her shop.  This is a girl that loves vintage finds like no one else I know.