Good Morning and happy Labor Day!

I hope you have a fun day relaxing or catch up on fun projects around the home (that is usually what these days mean for us).

The crispness in the air this morning was a sweet reminder that fall is coming and we wanted to offer you a fun sale for TODAY ONLY.

We are offering a Labor Day sale on our most perfect fall courses…

Woodland Girls {and other natural curiousities} for $23 with lifetime* access and

Fall is my favorite time of the year because of the crispness in the air, the crunch of the leaves under foot, the bending of the golden grasses and the colors that are changing all around me.  Each fall I find a heightened sense of creativity and a pull into my studio unlike any other time of the year. I think it is the gathering that fall brings.  Fall brings people around your table, leaves collected on walks, feathers pinned down in your journal, pine cones piled in a bowl on your table and long walks where your thoughts are more likely to wander.  Fall also brings me outside more to create and encourages my love of art with my love of nature.

Just imagine walks in the woods, gathering, creating inside AND outside of your studio, sculpting with paperclay, painting our own Woodland Girls on wood slices, wood burning, stamp carving, creating your own nature study journal and incorporating words from some of my favorite poets.

Nature’s Canvas {painting faces on sticks, branches and driftwood} for $18 (originally $28.99) with lifetime* access.

This is a one week course on exploring nature’s canvas and your imagination. We will be using fallen branches, twigs, pieces of dried wood and maybe even a leaf or two found in the forest or your garden and paint faces on them.

I will share with you my process of how I create my forest art pieces. I will show you how I draw and paint a very basic primitive face, a whimsical face and then a more realistic face … using color, shadow and highlights to give shape, depth, character and charm to a face.

You will learn how to prepare your nature’s canvas ready for painting on and how to preserve and protect your art once finished. I usually place my painted pieces back in the forest or in my garden, so making them resistant to the elements is a very important final step.

You will be using a variety of mediums to create your masterpieces, including acrylic paint, watercolor crayons, charcoal pencil, colored pencils and pens.

“Open up your creative mind to mother nature’s canvas and find there are no limits to your imagination.”




Each course is about collecting, creating and being present in the season!

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