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It is hard to believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve.

The season goes so quickly except if you are a little child….then it drags on and on and Christmas morning seems like an eternity away.

I wrote earlier that we were really trying to take this season to think of others more than ourselves.

We were trying to think of ways to bless others daily.

We have had a very mellow December.

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I closed the shop early, we have baked cookies, painted, made gifts, wrapped, listened to hours of Christmas music, sang together by the piano whenever the children felt like playing, read beautiful books and I believe….made the best new Christmas tradition EVER!

A few years ago I remember being so touched when Stephanie Nielson took her children around town leaving sweet notes of kindness and encouragement.

I told myself I was going to do that with my children and never did.

A few months ago I saw another blog that has tons of sweet words that you can pass on to others available for free to print out.

I told myself I was going to do that with my children and never did.

A few weeks ago Melody Ross and her sister Kathy did a post about handing out words of kindness and encouragement.  They even gave a link where you can print off all the words you need to bless the socks off someone…and we did.


This past Tuesday I met my sister at the mall with our children.  We were all really excited to do this.


I had my camera ready but decided not to use it so I didn't make people uncomfortable.

I wish you could have seen the HUGE smiles on my children's faces. I mean full of joy and just beaming.

They all took turns walking up to strangers, saying "Merry Christmas" and then giving them words that we hoped were meant just for them.

We didn't purposely stay around to see people's reactions but so many times we heard there sweet reaction as we were walking away and we knew they had read their words.

My sister handed a woman her words and the woman reluctantly accepted it.  My sister saw her turn around looking for her.  They made eye contact.  The woman placed her hand over her heart and with sincerity mouthed the words "thank you".

My daughter walked over to a woman sitting on a bench.  The woman read her words, looked up at me and mouthed "thank you" and blew a kiss to my daughter.

Jack told me that he had never felt that happy in all his life.  He told me that he felt like it made  Christmas really about Jesus and that he wants to do it every year.

I could have cried twenty times that night watching my children and then watching the ones that received their words.

I don't know who was blessed more.

Your words matter.  How you treat others matters.  Unexpected acts of kindness blesses both the giver and receiver.

So many are hurting and it is so powerful and easy to spread kindness.

If you are going out to the mall tomorrow I encourage you to print out your own words of kindness from here or here (or make your own) and pass them out!

We might even be at the mall tomorrow because I want my mom to experience it too! 

It will be the most unexpected gift you give to others…and yourself.

Merry Christmas!