Up With The Sun


I put my head on my pillow at 12:30 am and fell asleep instantly. 

To my surprise I was WIDE awake at 3:15 am.

I tried and tried to get back to sleep but truth be told I was too excited.

I was anxious for the sun to rise so I could step outside and begin photographing the chateau.

As soon as the morning light was touching the trees… I was out the door.


Everyone else was asleep and it was so beautiful in the morning light.


There is something so powerful about mornings and the quietness they bring.


Enjoy the first glimpses of the chateau in the south of France…..not a bad way to start a day.











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  1. DreamGirlLisa

    Ohhh Jeanne!! These picture and that place, are unflippin-believable!!!!
    You have got to tell us how you saved for this trip and how the rest of us can make it happen…

  2. Mary

    Ok, love every single one…but the little details are always what draw me in.
    Love the one with your feet…the pool with the morning mist in the background…but my absolute fav is the one of the sheets hanging on the line with the bright colored clothes pins!
    Thanks for giving me a little piece of France this morning in Illinois…

  3. Stacey

    I am so glad you were able to enjoy such a wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing these little glimpses!!

  4. Privet and Holly

    I could absolutely
    FEEL the morning
    quiet, the calm
    and the coolness
    in these lovely
    images. You must
    be making such
    wonderful memories!
    xx Suzanne

  5. amy

    what a special way to take in the start of your trip! why is it so thrilling to enjoy different worlds and cultures…even through the camera and words of another? it truly is, though! keep’em coming, girl!=) loved seeing you and the kids today.=)

  6. Megan

    Beautiful pictures…you captured that first light perfectly! We just got back from Hawaii where I woke every day at 4 am. Have a great time and report back with all the magic!

  7. lissa

    Wow! I knew you would have some breathtaking photos but WOW! Seriously amazing! What an incredible place! I don’t know if I would’ve been able to sleep either.

  8. Lisa

    You make simple ordinary things so beautiful. Thanx for sharing. Cant wait to see France through your eyes.
    Lisa loraine

  9. Wirda

    THANK GOD, i found this blog… your photographs are inspirational… I really enjoy reading your entries…

  10. Traci

    the photos are stunning jeanne. i can feel the morning calmness. morning is my favorite time. the peace. ahhhh. i bet it was hard to leave there.

  11. Taryn Duncan

    Beautiful photos! I want to be there right now! I love your aesthetics and how you capture what is around you. Thank you for allowing us to be on the journey with you!

  12. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Those are just how I envision France. Exactly!!! I loved the one of your feet on the steps. Just magical Jeanne. Can’t wait to see each and every one. Keep ’em coming:)

  13. Allison

    Aaaah, my heart positively sings with these photos! I adore France and it looks like you had a lovely first morning there!

  14. pamelajane

    So much fun to revisit the Chateau through your eyes (you can see some of my photos from last year on my blog July 09). I know you had a marvelous time. Which room was yours? Mine was on the top floor just to the right of the staircase. 🙂 I’m now heading out to watch the fireworks at Versailles this evening.

  15. Suz Reaney

    So glad you are back! This is so lovely, looking at the pictures and listening to the song about my old man snoring!
    I missed you, your lovely pictures and your words of humor and wisdom!

  16. Lizzie

    Thanks for coming to Chateau Dumas and great to see the wonderful photos you took. Lizzie at Chateau Dumas

  17. Lee Ann

    Oh Jeanne, your photos of France are enchanting! I am loving the stories of your visit there. Glad you are back though!

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