How Each Of Us Can Make A Difference {a circle of women helping women}

How often do we see things around us and they seem too big to change?

How often have you wanted to do something and you just don’t know where to start?

We can sometimes forget that change begins with ONE.

We can sometimes forget that our daily choices can make a huge impact in the lives of others.

I am so excited to tell you about a beautiful new collaboration project with my dear friend Melody Ross and  Full Circle Exchange.

The best part is that you can be a part of it too.

This project is all about empowering women locally and globally to rise above poverty through sustainable economic opportunities.

This is about giving women a real job that can make them a real living and can get them back on their feet to fly!

Beginning TODAY at Walmart you will find a full line of beautiful product made by and for women.

{Gift package giveaway #1}

The women that have made this line of products have already been paid to create them and do not have to wait for the product to sell to be paid.

What we want is to sell out of these products so quickly that we can do this again and again for these women!

{Gift package giveaway #2}

I want you to watch these videos and if this project connects with you to go to Walmart and purchase the cards, scarves, mugs and give them to the beautiful women in your life.

This are not just gifts.

These are stories.

These are stories of women and the freedom they are creating!

{Gift package giveaway #3}

{Gift package giveaway #4}

To read more about Denise in the above video click HERE.
To learn more about the heart and creativity behind this project click HERE.
{Gift package giveaway #5}
We want to spread this project all over social media and we would love your help!
We are giving away FIVE gift packages to thank you for sharing.
To enter:
1) Leave a comment on this page telling us about a woman that made an impact in your life.
2) Share this post on Facebook
3) Share this post on Twitter
4) Share the product on Instagram
5) Pin the product on  Pinterest
6) Blog about the project
Each time you do one of the above you have an extra chance at winning a gift package.  Please come back each time and let us know!
Thank you for sharing and I am excited to go make some purchases myself!
Here’s how you can get involved:

1. 10155031_10151936138621809_1841997805_n-400SHOP

  • Between April 22, 2014 and May 11, 2014, visit Walmart to shop for your Mother’s Day gifts at the special ‘island’ display of beautiful gifts designed by Melody Ross and partially assembled by in-transition women.
  • You’ll find beautiful, meaningful, affordable, high-quality gifts that you will be proud to give.
  • Purchasing these products opens the door for future contracts with major retailers to carry similar lines, ensuring that job creation continues and flourishes.
  • Other retailers are watching this campaign to see if supporting future campaigns makes economic sense for them. In a nutshell, if we can quickly sell out of these products, we will get their attention. YOU CAN HELP MAKE THAT HAPPEN by shopping and spreading the word!




Make Brave Girl Truth Cards
Truth Cards are little playing-card-sized works of art that we invite you to make. Send them to Brave Girls Club and we will get them into the hands of at-risk and in-transition women…building the circle of sisterhood around the world!

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  1. Paula F

    OK … I will actually GO to a Walmart (somewhere I never go) to purchase some of these products. This is remarkable.
    My own Mamma is the remarkable woman that shaped my life … in so many ways … but most of all her open-hearted
    creative spirit.

  2. Renee Ortiz

    What an amazing concept. We always want to help, but are sometimes so disconnected we don’t know how. Thanks for sharing. As for a woman who inspired me? Put yourself on that list!

  3. Susan Sanchez

    My mother and both grandmothers were inspirations to me, as well as my sister Lori, who continues to make the lives of people living with Cystic Fibrosis easier through her families foundation. After both her children were diagnosed with CF she started The Living Breath Foundation because there was a need in the CF community for financial and emotional assistance that was not available. So very proud of her!

  4. chasity

    My sister, Shauna, is the woman who has had the biggest impact on my life.
    She was the epitome of Christian womanhood…. loving, kind, generous, and patient.
    She left this earthly world 3 years ago~ at the too-young age of 28~~
    but she still continues to impact my life every single day because of
    our unbreakable bond and because her presence in Heaven wills me
    to live my life right so that I can join her some sweet day.

    May God’s blessings be on projects that reach out to help others in love.

  5. denise

    Since I live in Ireland, I went to walmart online to purchase items, but did not see any of them. Do you know if they will be available online? If not, I am going to ask a friend to make a trip to Walmart and be my personal shopper.

  6. magpiestop

    My son’s girlfriend has 2 later in life adopted brothers 3 and 5. The 5 y old was left in a field at 6 months of age with malaria…sheesh. SO these parents now raise a 21 , 16, 10 , 5 and 3 yr old, with much love and grace!

  7. Andrea Aeschliman

    I have had many wonderful teachers that were women. I am now a teacher myself inspired by those who taught me.

  8. Diana

    My mom inspires me – she adopted me when I was a baby and has taught me unconditional love!

  9. Anita Haines

    My mom had the most impact on my life and inspired me to soar. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of her or miss her dearly. I felt blessed to purchase gifts today in her honor.

  10. mysoulfulhome

    This is fantastic Jeanne. Thank you for opening up this chance to help other women & girls to us. Going to get my GS troop making those cards.

  11. Brenda Hartman

    The Full Circle Exchange and Melody Ross’ collaboration is another beautiful way for many to support the transition that women want to make in their lives. Another example is the Women’s Bean Project in Denver where women make dry bean soup packets, spices, jewelry that are sold in stores. I love to add WBP soup mixes to Christmas gifts for friends. What a blessing for all of us to think about how and who we support in our daily lives.

  12. Christine Lakin

    This is wonderful and would love to support it. I liked and pinned and may go shopping.

  13. Toni

    Love your Heart…I have learned very much in all your classes. I have share on FB and Pinned on pinterest….Blessing my friend.

  14. Terri

    Just ordered two scarves from WalMart online…….. This is an amazing story!!! Our closest Walmart did not have the scarves…. but the gift bags are beautiful!!! Pinning now…. Thank you so much for the “awareness” !!

  15. Susan Sanchez

    My Mom was one of my biggest inspirations. She loved life, was compassionate Nd always finding a way to help others. We had a saying “there’s always room at the dinner table for one or two more” because she was always inviting someone to join us that might not another place to go or was alone.

  16. Donna P

    I love this, I think it’s great what they are doing!
    I shared on FB 😀

  17. Donna P

    My Mom has made a HUGE impact on me. She couldn’t gone down a rough road in life, but she chose the good path, a secure path, a nurturing path. She is very strong, and I am so thankful for her.

  18. Tamara Mulkey

    A woman that has impacted my life is my psychologist Debra Christensen. She has seen me at my worst and is helping me to rediscover the person I used to be and am now becoming. I consider her a best friend and am thankful fate and my illnesses sent me to her.

  19. Suz Gray

    I’ve bought some scarves and straw cups at my local WM

    My best friend Lori and I are both brave girls and taking the walk. As friends for over 40 years she’s made the biggest impact on my life. She’s a strong Christian lady with the sweetest soul

  20. Dawn Blackstead

    I have a lot of wonderful women in my life that have been positive influences but my top one would be Beje, the lady I was a nanny for. She was absolutely amazing, together, always calm, an amazing mom and such an inspiration to so many others. I was blessed to be a part of their family and after 24 years I am still apart of their family

  21. Dawn Blackstead

    I’ve been pinning.
    I purchased some of the products not only for myself but for other wonderful women in my life. Mom’s day and birthdays are taken care of:)

  22. Cat

    I work in a 4th grade class as a para educator. There is this new girl this year who has issues with confidence and lots of anxiety – yes so young- not sure of all details on that but she sees the counselor whenever she is upset. I told her about Brave Girls club early in he school year and even made her a truth card! She would be the recipient of the CHOOSE HAPPY mug if I won. She needs this gentle reminder . She is sure to find fault even when I tell her to find joy…the happiness! She is an amazing kid!

  23. Pam Hunter Aulds

    My Mom made a Huge impact on my life.June 4th will be 2 years since she gained her wings & flew to her Heavenly home,But I still see her reflection in everything…I pinned this & am sharing on facebook….I am so empowered by all these Brave Women…Thank You !!!

  24. arlsmom

    My Grandmother made an impact in my life. She truly was the only example of unconditional love that I had in my life until I became a mother myself. Thank you for the chance to win!

  25. Pam foy

    What a wonderful way for women to express themselves than through art. The products are amazing and help women in need. I am blessed to have a mother who has always given to others.

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