Awhile back I purchased a vintage, French grain sack.

I have tons of pillows and in all honesty…I didn't want to cut it up.

I decided that framing it would be the perfect solution and I could show it off and look at it all the time.

That was months ago.

I finally got around to framing it last week.


I think it turned out great and it looks perfect in my dining room.

Just think of all the beautiful, vintage, fabric items that we all have stored away in a drawer!!

A gorgeous, embroidered tablecloth or quilt would look incredible framed.

I am going to be looking through some of my vintage linens to see what else I could pull out and enjoy.

As I was doing this post I came across this…….


It just made me smile and I HAD to share it with you.

It was never meant to be shown to all of you…I just snapped it real quick a few weeks ago.

Kelly was on his way home with pizza.

The kids and I looked at the kitchen table and it was COVERED with all my vintage beads and jewelry.

I had been making things for Silver Bella all day. 

I decided it would be easier to eat on the floor and call it a picnic than to clean up my mess.

The kids were thrilled and my husband…..well, he is a pretty good sport!