Vintage Inspired Eye Candy {and a nod to the King}

When I was growing up I thought Elvis Presley was the coolest.

Keep in mind he died when I was 5.

In junior high I read every book I could find on him and watched way too many Elvis movies.

We even recorded the movie “Elvis and Me” and watched it over and over and over!

Seriously, what child is THAT into Elvis?

Moving on to present day….I gasped out loud when I saw these new photos of Elvis’ granddaughter, Riley Keough.

Talk about good family genes!

I can’t help falling in love …hee hee…with these photos.


All images were found at THIS blog.

Check out the blog above for more gorgeous photos of Riley.

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  1. Destiny

    I had posted something on my FB wall about her the other day! She is SO beautiful (good genes) and has his eyes! Growing up in Memphis, how could I not adore Elvis. I did my high school term paper on his death and went to Graceland SO many times! I can’t wait to take Bailey some day. The neighborhood around Graceland is what we Southerners like to call THE GHETTO, but the home and all that goes with it is amazing to tour! Have you ever been?

    1. jeanne Author

      I saw this first on you FB wall and then went to the blog and saw all the photos. Thanks so much for sharing. No, I have never been to Graceland.

  2. Leah C

    My mother loved Elvis…I grew up listening to him…and “falling in love”, too:) I remember the day he died {just before I turned 11}, my mom & her sister Donna cried together over the phone. Sadly, my daughters don’t share my passion for “the King” 😉 His granddaughter is a beauty; EP would be proud!

  3. Heidi

    I love the pictures-she is beautiful. My daughter Grace is 10 and loves Elvis. Last Christmas she asked for an Elvis CD. I think it came from watching Full House DVD’s and Uncle Jessie. We call her our old soul because she loves vintage. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Alice

    My sister is (still) over the moon for Elvis, and anything with his photo on it. But really, you can’t help but enjoy at least some of his songs.

    His granddaughter is just gorgeous!

  5. Lisa Johnson

    Good morning! Riley is beautiful. She looks a lot like her mom, Lisa Marie. Did I ever tell you that my maiden name is Lisa Mari Pressley? I’m older than the other one so I had the name first. Actually, my grandma Pressley told me years ago that we are related to Elvis. She said that Elvis’ grandfather had 10 brothers and one of those brothers is my great grandfather. Never had that story verified, but it sure sounds good. I guess I should look into it a bit more so I’m not telling lies. ha ha Hope you have a great day lovie!

    1. Deborah

      She is absolutely beautiful!!
      It is amazing how much she resembles Elvis..the eyes, her mouth,
      and just her expression! So pretty!

      Deborah xo

  6. Lara

    You know how we feel about Elvis in our family. The Elvis room is finally done! Vintage movie pics and all. Her eyes are so amazing, amazing….what good DNA they’ve got going on. Great post! 😉 oxoxox

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