Vintage Paper Wreath


I am so thrilled that so many of you loved the paper wreath!

I got so many emails about how I made it that I am glad that I took some photos during the process.

This idea is not mine.

My friend Lissa had seen it somewhere and sent a picture of it to me because she thought it looked exactly like me!

Thanks Lissa!!!

I went to work right away trying to create one for myself.

I took four different vintage books.

I rolled up the pages in groups of threes and then tied them with twine.

I had quite a pile going and then did more….and more…and then some more.


Once I had rolled and tied all the pages I began hot gluing them to a grapevine wreath.


My son thought I should be tying them to the wreath but that sounded like a little too much work:-)


I am loving how it turned out and it compliments our Christmas decorations perfectly.

I will continue to use it long after the garland and tree have been put away.

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  1. Kristina

    Thank you so much for the instructions for your wreath. I love it – and think I might even make one tomorrow!
    I am enjoying your blog – I met you, sort of, at Silver Bella. We shared a table in Kaari’s charm bracelet class.

  2. Leslie

    I love the wreath! I am always picking up old books, not sure what to do with them, this is a great idea! I ordered from you the other day and can’t wait to have one of your creations in my home! Love it! PS: If you want to peak into my home to see how I decorated, stop by for a visit!

  3. lissa

    and it turned out just perfect for you! I love how you added the bird! birds will always remind me of our special time at brave girl camp! Love you!

  4. Suz Reaney

    I love that wreath. It was the first thing I saw when I looked and your beautiful and serene Christmas decorations…so lovely. I really love “your look.” It is a true reflection of you.

  5. Tricia

    I think I need to be makin’ myself one of those!
    I had to go back and look at all your decor and when I did, I noticed we have the exact same stockings as you guys. Did you get them at Garnet Hill? I love them!
    Have a good day Jeanne.
    By the way, I am having a giveaway at the backyard blog if your interested.:)

  6. Leah C

    I love that wreath so much I think I’ll have to make one myself! It could even stay up all year round:) Thanks for the inspiration…

  7. sheila payne

    Just lovely…. I saw one just about like this one from Donna over at Dreynes I believe that is her blog name. Anyhoot I love it and thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  8. paige

    your wreath is one of my most favorite things i’ve seen this year…without a doubt.
    hanging it in front of the mirror only enhances its cool look!
    thanks for the little tutorial—& yes, keep that puppy up all year!
    merry christmas jeanne

  9. LuLu

    I was admiring it too! It turned out sooooo cute! What I also love about it is that you can keep it up for awhile!!!

  10. Federica

    I just found your beautiful blog and I’m glad I did! It’s awesome!
    Love your creations!
    Greetings from Italy,

  11. tracey

    It is sooooooooo fabulous Jeanne!!! And I love how you could easily leave it up for so many months of the year!!
    πŸ™‚ T

  12. anne marie

    Hey Jeanne………no…..not intimidated at all! like you really want to come over? and see my humble little farmhouse? well, I better get to work and make it all nice for you this spring…….
    and btw, told hubby about that farm….and his eyes widened where I told him where it was (and not in such a good way if you kwim)
    love all your decorating ideas: and please tell me, those curtains that are in the next room through the french doors? are those burlap or linen……very nice……

  13. koralee

    Wow…this is so so lovely. I have never seen one like this. I just need to find the paper. You so inpsire me everytime I visit. xoxoxo

  14. Martha

    Oh I love that wreath!!!…and the fact that it can be left out all year long. you did a great job…but I shouldn’t be quite surprised by that either…and the bird ~ looks so great too!

  15. OOH, this is great. i just received the new venice line from 7gypsies – a great way to use my papers – thanks for the inspiration. happy holidays!

  16. merryheart2

    so beautiful. i LOvE it!
    i too would leave it up long after the tree and decorations came down.
    Merry Christmsas to you and your family.

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