I am so thrilled that so many of you loved the paper wreath!

I got so many emails about how I made it that I am glad that I took some photos during the process.

This idea is not mine.

My friend Lissa had seen it somewhere and sent a picture of it to me because she thought it looked exactly like me!

Thanks Lissa!!!

I went to work right away trying to create one for myself.

I took four different vintage books.

I rolled up the pages in groups of threes and then tied them with twine.

I had quite a pile going and then did more….and more…and then some more.


Once I had rolled and tied all the pages I began hot gluing them to a grapevine wreath.


My son thought I should be tying them to the wreath but that sounded like a little too much work:-)


I am loving how it turned out and it compliments our Christmas decorations perfectly.

I will continue to use it long after the garland and tree have been put away.