Do you get it?

Do you travel to different towns, states or countries and then come home and dream about living there?

I know in my soul I am a gypsy.

I could move every few years and love it.

I would miss my friends but I also love meeting new people.

I have lived in Illinois, Alabama, Washington DC, Virginia and Colorado.

I have not traveled out of the country too often but I have been blessed to go to England, Austria and Germany.  I am thrilled to add France to that short list this summer!

I have loved traveling so much this year, seeing new places and meeting so many amazing people

I was able to go to Seattle twice within a month and let me tell you….I seriously believe I could live there.

I loved the city and the smaller surrounding towns…it also doesn't hurt that I ADORE many of the women in that area.

So I wanted to give you a little tour of some of the places I have visited this past year.

I thought you would like to see how my crazy mind works and how when I come home from someplace I love nothing more than going on Realtor.com and searching for homes…I can't help it…my father is a realtor.

I have home obsession.

I love seeing other people's homes and different architecture.

Are you ready for the tour?

And just to clarify..I do not want to live in all these places…I am just sharing where I have traveled this year and just sharing properties because I love looking no matter where I go:-)

Seattle, WA $616,660


Edmonds, WA $699,900


Enumclaw, WA $479,000


Spokane, WA $450,000


Lafayette, LA $552,000


Boise, Idaho $699,000

(be still my heart)



Dixon, Illinois $286,000


St. Charles, Illinois $410,000


Chicago, Illinois $998,000


Omaha, Nebraska $90,000


Riverside, California $725,000

(Isn't it crazy the huge price range differences??)

The best part is that once I am home I am so glad to be back in Colorado.

Home with my husband and children.


(photo by the incredible Cathy Walters)

There are few things more lovely than the mountains…especially as the sun is setting and they become a gorgeous blue.

So…here is to adventure…and also being content where you are!

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  1. Jan

    I’m visiting Colorado right now and so agree with you. The mountains are gorgeous!

  2. paige

    i have never been to colorado, but i’ve heard its gorgeous
    fun post my friend & such pretty homes. we have similar tastes!
    i don’t think i could move every few years as the packing & unpacking might just do me in πŸ™‚
    & amen to your final words

  3. Melissa Gruber

    i think i would LOVE moving to CO…I love the mountains and your weather. but, i know MN is where our home is…I do love it…the winters could be shorter…much shorter and I would be happy.
    and I LOVE that family photo…great one!

  4. Shawn Seay

    OH MY Goodness!!!! I recieved my apron today!! I am so thrilled!! I felt like I had recieved a gift. Thank you so much for making your items so fun to recieve…..O and I like to move around too! Although, Arkansas (where we are now) is my favorite so far of the many places I have lived. I love the landscape and the many, many outdoor activities available. Have a blessed day!!!

  5. Stacey

    That’s a great word – I visit other places (not all places – just certain places) and come home and dream for months about living there. Like coming home form Maui – and I feel the need to think about retiring their. And Bainbridge Island – never been there but read a magazine article about it and something about it moved me…..and Montana – well I just want to go back. But back to it – yes I totally get it. Now to just remember to be content with where I am at – even if I don’t really want to be here – the people I most want to be with are here.

  6. Amy Muffoletto

    Love that picture of your family… I want to scrap it!!!!!
    I am entering a phase in life that I have this aching desire to travel anywhere and everywhere and God willing I will. Hugs,Amy

  7. Courtney Walsh

    It’s so funny because I LOVE Illinois but one of the only other places I would want to live is Colorado! I am amazed at the difference in price range for all these places! So crazy!!
    Maybe one day we’ll be neighbors (again) πŸ™‚

  8. Tracy

    i just moved from new york to maryland and I know what you mean about wonderlust! btw the house in Spokane is my favorite!

  9. Elaine/TinkerVerve

    that Spokane house looks pretty nice…if you lived there you could come out my way for a cup of tea and homemade sugar cookies with lavender frosting… πŸ˜‰

  10. Elaine/TinkerVerve

    p.s. I can’t identify with wanderlust AT ALL – i think i could stay home for the rest of my life and go NO WHERE and be happy and content {this phase just began about 2 yrs ago, btw}! …i will admit {however} that i am VERY excited to go to The Creative Connection in Sept. i’m hoping and expecting for it to be a real treat!

  11. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    I get it too…wanderlust that is. I love Realtor.com. We are friends. I spend hours roaming it’s many pages during the long winter months. That’s when I have to dig deep and try and find contentment here. Love that pic of you and your gorgeous family:)

  12. beth

    thanks Jeanne for reminding me today that it is definitely content to be where you are at …dreaming is fun … but right now i am happy where i am right where i should be … love you !

  13. Shelley Overholt

    There is no where in the world as beautiful as CO in my opinion! However, I do agree there is no place like home and I call home OKLAHOMA:)

  14. Beth Perry

    daaaaaaaaaaaaaang, that is one good looking family!!! you guys are HAWT! πŸ˜›
    love all the homes! and yes, I get “antsy” after 3 or 4 years of being in the same spot. lol
    hope you are having a great week! can’t wait for the weekend!

  15. Rosie

    Oh, it is so much fun to look at these charming, sophisticated old homes. Every time I receive my copy of Country Living, I savor the real estate portion. We already live in a little, old 1902 house that we have poured our heart and soul {and too much cash} into,but…I still look and dream. Wondering what I could do to enhance the beauty of each and every one…
    so very much fun…smile on Rosie

  16. Martha

    wonderful homes!!! one of my fav things as a kid was looking at homes with my parents and taking tours of them…it is always fun to dream, look, and get ideas…
    wonderful areas you have been and lovely homes you found online:)

  17. valerie

    love your photos…did you take the photos? And yes the houses can range a lot….I agree with you in wanting to live in different places…like an adventure….but it is always good to be home! wherever that may be….

  18. Heather

    I was having this same conversation with friends of ours the other night…I uttered the very same words… “I am a gypsy at heart”…and a romantic of course. Old house with flair and architectural distinction!! Ahhh, the dreams!!! I grew up in a 200 hundred year old house and they always make my heart flutter…so I loved most all of your selections.

  19. Jeni Carlson

    I love all those homes too. So pretty. Thanks for sharing. That was fun.

  20. Rachel

    Oh I totally get it – wanderlust, I mean. My husband does not understand my itchy feet and my need to see everything, everywhere. I have a “places to visit” list a mile and a half long!
    Love all those houses. We have very similar taste, as these are exactly the types of houses I would choose. But when all is said and done, there’s no place like your own home, is there?

  21. Destiny (The Ruffled Nest)

    The last line got to me…being content where you are. Jeff is STILL waiting to hear about the job and if and where we’d be going if he gets it. I had a conversation with Beth about being happy with where we’re at if nothing changes. I have accepted that now (I think), but don’t think I won’t be doing cartwheels in the Barn if he gets the job and we get to move to Florida!!!! (Afterall, you are the QUEEN of telling people to follow their dreams LOL!) Thanks for sharing the photos!!!

  22. kimberly

    you had me at Boise – but then Riverside appeared… I could do the south of france in. a. heartbeat. And then there is northern cali…
    I do love seattle but some days, the grey puts me in a dreadful state. however, when it is gorgeous, it is stunningly so~

  23. the domestic fringe

    Those price ranges are crazy, but you’ve chosen some beautiful homes. I’d love to do some more traveling. Sadly, I’ve never been out of the country.

  24. Leah C

    I love, love looking at houses…I could read houseplans magazines for hours:) And I like traveling, too, but the best part is coming back home. There’s no place like home, right?!

  25. amy

    great last line.=) la is looking quite nice there…other than the price.=) it would have been interesting to see acreage with each and square footage and # of out-buildings and…jk. it is fun looking and dreaming. love you.

  26. Charlene

    Oh DARN you sold all of your bags. I looked at them the other day & BAM GONE! Good for you… bad for me. πŸ™
    I too have a gypsy soul. I love to travel & meet people. I met Tiffany from Shabby Scraps & Amada at Petticoats & Parrasol a few weeks back. They are from Seattle & I would love to visit up there. So glad I came to visit you. Love your blog. Charlene

  27. I think one of the best things about going away is coming home… not that I do not fully enjoy my time while I am wherever I happen to be at that time ~ but knowing that home is there and curling up in your own bed ~ that is just comforting. The prices range a lot here in Canada too depending on where you are looking.

  28. Suzen

    No, seriously, you need to visit Burlington, Vermont…sitting on the shores of Lake Champlain with mountains in the background. Doesn’t get much better (‘cept maybe in the winter when it’s coooooooold there. But you have a husband so that shouldn’t be a problem!)

  29. Heidi Stebbins ~ Illinois

    Amen to all that you said. Lovely homes, but filled with stuff mean nothing. Filled with love, they become walls near bursting and uncontainable.

  30. Kristin

    Such gorgeous houses! Crazy what the price range is dependent on where you are! You’ve had some wonderful travels:)
    Take care

  31. Sandi

    Wow. I live in Lafayette, LA. I don’t know this house. I will have to drive around a little to find it.
    You are always welcomed in South Louisiana. We are a bunch of crazy, fun loving folks that love to make everyone part of the family.

  32. Melissa

    Love the diff. homes and price comparisons. I work in Omaha, NE and live in Council Bluffs, IA and I LOVE our cheap home prices! But I too get Wunderlust.

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