Do you get it?

Do you travel to different towns, states or countries and then come home and dream about living there?

I know in my soul I am a gypsy.

I could move every few years and love it.

I would miss my friends but I also love meeting new people.

I have lived in Illinois, Alabama, Washington DC, Virginia and Colorado.

I have not traveled out of the country too often but I have been blessed to go to England, Austria and Germany.  I am thrilled to add France to that short list this summer!

I have loved traveling so much this year, seeing new places and meeting so many amazing people

I was able to go to Seattle twice within a month and let me tell you….I seriously believe I could live there.

I loved the city and the smaller surrounding towns…it also doesn't hurt that I ADORE many of the women in that area.

So I wanted to give you a little tour of some of the places I have visited this past year.

I thought you would like to see how my crazy mind works and how when I come home from someplace I love nothing more than going on Realtor.com and searching for homes…I can't help it…my father is a realtor.

I have home obsession.

I love seeing other people's homes and different architecture.

Are you ready for the tour?

And just to clarify..I do not want to live in all these places…I am just sharing where I have traveled this year and just sharing properties because I love looking no matter where I go:-)

Seattle, WA $616,660


Edmonds, WA $699,900


Enumclaw, WA $479,000


Spokane, WA $450,000


Lafayette, LA $552,000


Boise, Idaho $699,000

(be still my heart)



Dixon, Illinois $286,000


St. Charles, Illinois $410,000


Chicago, Illinois $998,000


Omaha, Nebraska $90,000


Riverside, California $725,000

(Isn't it crazy the huge price range differences??)

The best part is that once I am home I am so glad to be back in Colorado.

Home with my husband and children.


(photo by the incredible Cathy Walters)

There are few things more lovely than the mountains…especially as the sun is setting and they become a gorgeous blue.

So…here is to adventure…and also being content where you are!