Well, after LOTS of talking, thinking, talking and thinking I had to let Serena and Teri know that I will not be able to sell at their show this year. 

I was disappointed, but knew it was the right decision for THIS year. 

My business has grown so much over this past year that I didn't know how to prepare for the show and continue to supply my line of items to customers and retailers.  I am planning on going next year though and figuring how to make that a reality. 


The good news is that I am still going to the show to SHOP

A girl just can't turn down Heather Bullard, Beth Quinn and the too sweet Farm Chicks.  I am really looking forward to seeing my friends and peers. 

It is June 6 & 7….who wants to join me?  I already know a few girls that want to get together and we would love to have you too!