I Want To Try Something a Little Different {and I need your help}


I wanted to do something a little different and I will need your help.

Jennifer Rizzo and I want to do a recorded interview style video where we take turns answering your questions about business and following your passions.

I am heading out of town today to teach at an art retreat on Bainbridge Island but I will be back later this week and hope to get this interview up next week!

What I need from you…

*Please leave questions on THIS blog post about business, creating, reproducing your work etc. and following your creative gifts

If you have a question about running a business…we want to hear it!

We will go through all of your questions and answer as many as we can in the video.

Please share this post with friends that might have questions too because we want a wide range of questions.

Thank you so much!

I am excited to do this video with Jen and we both look forward to hearing your questions.


I also want to remind you that there are only two more days to get the early registration price for Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0 {you never know what is possible until you begin}!

If you are on the fence about the course or just want to understand more about what will be covered I encourage you to watch the trailer below.

Here is a list of some of the things that will be covered in this class.

Setting up your business


Social networking

Promoting your business

Pricing and staying competitive

Photographing your product

Setting yourself apart

Growing your brand

Markets and shows




Reproducing your work

Keeping the books.

We will talk honestly about what worked and what didn’t.

We will talk about growing pains and when you will know it is time to expand.

We will talk about all the things we wish someone had told us before we started our businesses.

Each week you will hear from other guest business owners and they will share what they wish they would have known and give you their best piece of advice.

You will have access to the jeanneoliver.ning.com community and Facebook group so you can connect with other business owners (or dreamers) in the class.

Each of the three weeks we will have a live chat where you can ask questions.

You will have printable PDFs each week that will help you brainstorm, take notes and see your business with clarity.

All sessions are pre-recorded and available as videos for you to watch at your convenience. You will learn at your own pace and around your own schedule.

Over 75 videos about how to grow your business and/or how to begin.

Growth, dreams and possibilities are right around the corner.

Registration is now open!

The course will begin May 20th and will be available for one year.

Early registration price is $49. The price will go to $59 on May 1st.


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  1. Karli

    How do you handle requests from friends for your creative help? Meaning how do you set a fair price, while letting them know you won’t just do it for free?

  2. Lee Ann

    What tips and encouragement would you give women who have to work outside of the home but also have dream to one day make creating from their home their fheir full time job?

  3. Holly

    I’m with Lee Ann! I would also be curious how you have your prints made from your original work. And how do you grow your creative business?

  4. Gina Sismilich

    My questions are all about – how do you go about creating art prints – reproducing art on things like tote bags. I know there are some sites for the latter (bags, etc) but my brain shuts down when they start talking about layers in Photoshop. I really need some simple solutions for these questions – even if it involves using things like Photoshop. Thanks so much

  5. Jeanette @ Creating a Life

    I am a single mom of 3 kids still at home. We are a home educating, very home-centered, family. I find it very challenging to arrange our days in a way that allows productive time for me to complete creative projects (which I sell). Many weeks I feel like I’m just “spinning my wheels”.
    I would love to hear your thoughts about creating more structured, focused time for projects. I struggle most with creating a realistic work/create schedule in the midst of family life. Thanks!


  6. jen

    I have been in Stay-at-Home-Mom, domestic queen mode for almost 15 years. I’ve also been a maker/dabbler for most of my life but creativity took a back seat to running the household and raising my kids. My questions revolve around this dilemma. As the kids get older I have slowly been creating things again but I can’t seem to organize my time to make room in the day for crafting/making art. How do you do it? Literally….how do you do it?!

  7. Laura Snow

    A friend of mine and I are in the process of starting an online business and we are very out of our depth. Our biggest questions involve figuring out what web sight/design will work best for what we are trying to accomplish and video questions. How to set up a camera, rigging etc. What kind of camera would work best…..lighting and editing issues, etc. Basically the whole videography process has us very intimidated. I know that web sights is one of the subjects that will be covered in this workshop, but we really need help with the videoing process as well, so any suggestions/advice would be awesome 🙂

  8. Marn Neises

    How do I dream big yet focus on the small details that are essential for a successful journey as a business owner?

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