I know that so many of you have waited all summer for this summer course!

I can understand your excitement because I can’t wait to learn from Courtney myself.

Starting THIS Monday is Watercolors and Flowers {and introduction to watercolor painting}.

I met Courtney a few years ago while attending ALT and connected with her immediately.

She is so funny and her talent runs deep.

She has been featured in some of the best magazines and she was even one of the finalist in Martha Stewart American Made.

Here is a description of the watercolors course…

Whether youve tried watercolor before or are a complete novice, this course will give you confidence to tackle one of the trickiest painting media out there.

Well begin with basic color theory lessons to get you comfortable with your paints and supplies and then move on to mastering specific techniques and tips youll be able to use in all of your future paintings.

Lastly, well combine all of the lessons learned to create three paintings from start to finish.


Brushes: I prefer Royal Soft Grip Golden Taklon Brushes, but feel free to get whichever feels best for you.

Brushes make the difference though, so dont skimp too much! (No one likes a brush where the bristles fall out.)

Feel free to get more, but the two I listed below should get you through the basics.

A small round brush for details is nice to have on hand too though.

  • –  1flat watercolor brush
  • –  Medium round watercolor brush
  • Paints: You only really need the three primary colors, but I added three extra that can be difficult to mix.
  • –  Ultramarine Blue
  • –  Cadmium Red
  • –  Cadmium Yellow
  • –  Burnt Sienna
  • –  Sap Green
  • –  A “pinky purple” (think fuchsia)
  • Paper: Arches 140lb cold pressed block Extras:
  • –  Plastic paint palette
  • –  Masking tape
  • –  Paper towels
  • –  Cup, jar, or glass for water
  • –  Salt
  • –  A bouquet of colorful flowers (not white) or photos of various (close up) flowers
  • –  Pencil, eraser, sketchbook or paper


I can’t wait to get my supplies today and to get started along with all of you on Monday.

This is an amazing gift to be able to take an online class from Courtney {and for only $10}.

The best part about this course (or any of the courses on my site) is that you have 6 full months to watch the videos (or watch them over and over again).

To register click HERE.

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