We Are Family…..

I got all my sisters with me

We are family

Get up everybody and sing

I hope this song now is stuck in your head for the rest of the day!

Every year Maddy and I have a back to school shopping trip/sleep over to celebrate the start of school.

Our big shopping trip with friends is coming up in a few weeks but my sister and I couldn't resist getting our girls together to mark the beginning of school.


Madolyn is going into third grade and Hanna is just starting Kindergarten.

Hanna is more shy and Maddy is …well…not!

 We first started with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants (White Chocolate Grill).

We then headed next door to the American Girl store.

(our faces expresing the amount of money that will be spent at American Girl over the years)

This was Hanna's first time in and Maddy made sure to take her around to every doll and tell a little bit about each one:-)





We then went to Claire's because according to Maddy, "It isn't a girl's day out without Claire's". 

I really don't know where she gets it.


I don't!

While the girls were checking out EVERY. LITTLE. THING. in Claire's…my sister and I were being obnoxious and pretty much laughing so hard and making fools of ourselves….just the way we like it!!

What you are about to see is not pretty!

You might want to get small children out of the room.

Some of the photos were so bad that they could not be shown….I looked obese and my sister looked like she had a plastic nose.

You have been warned!

Picnik collage1 

Please tell me that you have no pride either…..please!


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  1. Courtney Walsh

    1. I tried to make one of those photo collage thingies today and I failed. Lesson please?
    2. You guys are hysterical! I love that shirt on maddy! Super duper cute!
    3. did you have the artichokes?
    4. Amy is adorable and so are you! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love these fun pictures!
    5. Those black glasses are HOT.

  2. Katsui Jewelry

    You guys are so funny. I have always thought that the reason I like you so much is because you are a goofball! Me, I am one, too, but I have raised an even bigger goofball. Your daughter has natural tendencies. You will do well to cultivate them! Years of laughter will follow!

  3. Nathalie

    That is too funny.. I so like how you put it all out there.. me I am one that looks at every picture of myself and go yuk.. wish I could just love myself no matter how I look… And the We are Family song reminds me of when our extended family gets together for weddings and that song is a must.. it is almost a joke now. Thanks for sharing.
    Oh and I too want to know how you did the collage.. please share

  4. Lara

    I vote for the Run DMC glasses and hat—very becoming! You crack me up—your face is made of rubber!!

  5. Lisa

    Looks like such a fun day Jeanne! I love me sis too, and adore my nieces, wish we lived a little closer. Going to see them next week and can’t wait to squeeze those two little munchkins!

  6. Jen@thecottagenest

    Jeanne- don’t you know that there is just almost nothing you could do to look bad? You are just too adorable! I have to say I LOVE The American Girl store almost as much Emma does!

  7. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    I miss funny Jeanne. You are such a Kook!!! Love ’em all. I think your overnight thing is the greatest tradition ever. Your sweet Maddie will always cherish that one on one time. Oh and I wanna go to the White Chocolate Grill next time!!!!

  8. Anne Marie

    hilarious…and no, I’m not really like that unless someone is with me who is like that…like you ๐Ÿ˜‰
    what a great tradition – and I’m totally doing that with the girls

  9. molly

    best thing in the world: a day at american girl, which can just crack you up! and then clairs, i can never get enough of it!

  10. Leah C

    Silly girls…looks like you had so much fun:) And wow, AG sure knows how to put a dent in one’s bank account; but isn’t it the coolest?!!

  11. Alison

    Yup…it’s gonna be in my head the rest of the day. Love the photos (esp. the leopard glasses…tres chic) Looks like a fun, fun day.

  12. Brandie

    Sounds like my sister and me:) I can’t wait until she has kids to add to the bunch! How fun for the girls that you guys get to do that:)

  13. Shanon Gallegos

    Don’t you just love to dress up our girls and go shopping?? They are our real life American Girls I think. I love to get together with my sisters and neice and just have great fun at the mall. Thanks for sharing the pics. On a side note, if I had had a boy he would have the “faux hawk” your son is sporting! Beautiful children you have!

  14. jackie

    Looks like so much fun! You better do those kind of things when they are small because they will definitely won’t be seen with you acting that way when they get older…………….
    This week was my first time to ever go into American Girl store. It’s a good thing I don’t have girls. I would be in serious trouble. Those little girls are lucky to have a store like that!

  15. Sherry Hicks

    Loved this post!! Looks like you were having so much fun. My daughter and I love the AG doll store in Dallas and have went to the Boston store too! We are collecting t-shirts for her doll………love the sunglass pics!!

  16. scrappy jessi

    hey cute girl
    aaawww these are awesome.
    i love american girl doll,
    My daughter had 3 and all there s&*t that went with them.
    tee hee.
    adorable pictures.

  17. LuLu

    So much fun!!!! Oh i need a girls night out just like this one!!! Gorgeous Gorgeous family!!!!!
    have a wonderful weekend,

  18. Stacey

    Sounds like a very fun time! Reminds me of what it’s like when I’m with my sisters. Not one person gets our crazy like our sisters!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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