Sometimes you need to grab an amazing friend, make plane reservations, fly across the country and surprise a friend that is having a launch party for her new business.

You may also need to get ready for said party in about 10 minutes because you were in California traffic for hours.

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You may also not mind a bit because you are laughing so hard and having such a great time.

This is the story of many friends coming together to support one amazing woman and to celebrate the power of friendship.

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(the surprise)

My friend Shamanie and I headed to California to meet up with a group of friends and celebrate the official launch of Crescendoh.

Crescendoh is the heart of Jenny Doh.

It is an on line magazine that supports artists and shares their stories.

It is a place of encouragement and resources.

The message that Jenny shares and believes so deeply is that ART SAVES.

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We have all been given gifts by the ultimate Creator.

There are times you can do nothing else…but use those gifts and heal.

Be still.

Be quiet and create.

Producing beauty truly heals the soul.

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Coming together with other artists and celebrating a woman that has spent years lifting artists up and encouraging them to spread their wings …..was an honor.

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As driven and as focused as Jenny is…she can also laugh as easily and quickly as anyone I have ever met.

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Please go and check out Crescendoh.

If you have an incredible story about how ART SAVES…I know Jenny would love to hear it.

This was only the beginning of our weekend.

I am looking forward to sharing all the fun with you.