I have a little confession.

I am loyal..I really am…but sometimes your eyes may wander.

This has nothing to do with my husband (he is dreamy and my heart couldn't sway if I tried)…oh no…this has to do with Anthropologie.

I have to admit that I have been a bit disappointed lately with their catalogs and the store.

Just not my thing.

Huge botanical prints…too jungle….not the look I love.

I am sure many other people have loved it..it has just not been for me.

I am the kind of girl that as soon as a new catalog arrives I dash off into private to drool over EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE.

I usually close the catalog wondering how to instantly raise $5,000 to order the whole catalog.

I would like to personally thank Anthro for not wooing me lately…..

Until yesterday…yes…my heart may be faithful again.

I closed the catalog with so many pages marked with all the beautiful clothes, furniture and shoes I would buy if I had unlimited money…which unfortunately….I do not.

But if I did….here are some of the beauties that have my heart a flutter…..






On a side note I would like you all to know that I LOVE, ADORE, CHERISH…..shoes.


I may just have to save my pennies for these because I think they are absolutely fabulous.

Good thing that we are having a garage sale next Friday.

Maybe I will make enough to buy these shoes:-)