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We started creating online courses back when it was not the norm. We hosted our first online course, Creatively Made: Rediscovering The Beauty of Your Gifts, on Kajabi (if anyone was with us way back then).  After a few years on that site, we branched out and created jeanneoliver.ning.com.  We had no idea we would grow, gather and collaborate over the years as we have.  The site we have been on for the past years allowed us to figure ourselves out but we dreamed of so much more for the creatives that trusted us with their time and resources. It was time for a huge change and a change that would allow us to grow, pursue new dreams and to lavish our members like never before.

A little more than a year ago we began work on our own website that would host a new creative network, shop, and blog. We had some huge bumps in the road. We also had some of the biggest setbacks of time and resources of our business. In the midst of these challenges, we found our footing, dusted ourselves off and started over. We have never worked so hard or made so many sacrifices to create what we believed was supposed to be next.  We also had NO idea how big this project was and all that would be required to move over 35,000 members and all of their courses. This required an amazing team of people way more experienced than we were.

This site is the biggest THANK YOU we could dream up to let all of our members of our creative network know how much we love and appreciate them. THIS site is for you! Our hope is that this site will not only be beautiful but easy. Easy to track your courses, your progress, share with others and find new ways to learn and grow.

So, how about I get on with the big announcement and celebrating! So, without further ado, I would love to introduce you to our brand new home!  Welcome to jeanneoliver.com!  This is our new home for our creative network, shop, and blog! We are so proud of it and hope you love it too.

If you are a member of our jeanneoliver.ning.com site you have been migrated and all of your courses are waiting for you!  You have been sent an email with your username and password. If you have not received that email please click here https://jeanneoliver.com/contact/  (select Tech Support, Ning Migration). Before contacting us please check your spam folder.

You know you are doing what you were made to do when the sacrifices and hard work are worth it. I truly believe that knowing WHY we are doing what we are doing has made all of the difference. I love that Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. This is our why…


We would love to celebrate with you!  I am raising a glass to each of you creatives finding your own creative voice and making life more beautiful for yourself and those around you! We are celebrating for the rest of the week but we are starting with giving away 10 complete online course packages on our new creative network. Each package is worth over $3,000!


***We have announced winners so far on Instagram and Facebook and now the final three winners here on the blog! Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful feedback about the new site, sharing with your friends and just celebrating with us! This is a huge moment in our business and we are so excited for what is next.  So, the final three winners to be announced here are:

Jeanne, I started following you way back when, while you were on Kajabi. I’d never done anything creative, but your beautiful gifts introduced me to mine. Through your courses and blog, I’ve discovered parts of myself and passions I never knew existed. I’ve loved exploring art, design, and mixed media. I’d love to be able to turn in into a business one day, but for now it brings beauty to my life that wasn’t there before. Thank you!!


What a beautiful and inspiring video! I haven’t yet taken a class, but have registered and plan to do so soon. Remembering my creative roots is something that has been on my mind lately. Growing up, the women in my life (mother, grandmother, aunts) were truely creative — although I’m not sure they realized it. They would have called it “making do.” They created beautiful living spaces for their families, often with often with hand-made, found, or repurposed items. Most people who entered their spaces would have never realized that they were practicing what today might be called creative upcycling. But, the spaces were always admired and praised. I grew up a full participant in their creativity, but have lately moved too far away from those roots. I hope to reconnect and refind my creative side in the coming weeks, months, and years. Your site has been an excellent inspiration!


Creativity has given me new opportunities and kept me motivated while being out of work due to injury and illness,. My spirits are lifted when I create, as well as when learning and seeing what others create! Being a nature-lover, I have really enjoyed the classes I’ve taken on this site, and have learned many techniques of how to incorporate elements of nature into my art.
And just in the past few months my creativity with mixed media has led me to being accepted in an art exhibition next year!
The new site looks lovely, congratulations and thank you for creating a wonderful place for learning and inspiration.

If you are one of the winners please email us at support@jeanneoliver.com and we will help you get into your classes! Congratulations!


To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on THIS POST telling us how your creativity (or someone else’s) has made your life more beautiful.

For additional chances to win:

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This giveaway will close on December 1, 2017 at 8 am MST.

The winner will be announced on December 1, 2017 at 9am MST.

Thank you so much for sharing, taking courses, sharing your creative lives and allowing us to do what we love!

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  1. Carrie Olsen

    My mother’s creativity has been a part of my life always. I lost her when I was 6, but she is with me every day. Her art is hanging all over my house.

    1. Wendy L Jantz

      I am so Great full for the God who created me, and saved me and has given me such a Beautiful life to live. He has been my biggest Inspiration, when He created the world He filled it with Beauty, Love, Color, Magnificence and most of all His Presence. He has given all of us this Lovely gift of being creative.

  2. Meghan Thimjon

    Art has such healing properties and it has helped me keep my mind off my chronic pain. One of the things I have learned from one of my favorite artists is that you just need a little bit of time to be creative. Luckily for me I can leave my mess and work when I am able and my body allows me! Congrats on the new site!

  3. Michele Ray-Brethower

    It has given me the freedom to play in ways I just didn’t know were possible—and what beautiful artists’ friends I have met along the way. Truly grateful to be able to create!

  4. Heather Thompson

    My mom and grandmother (Honey) gave me the gift of creativity. There was always something being made a project to be done and laughter to be shared. I learned so much from both of them and have expanded it to find my own creative voice. I couldn’t imagine a life not creating.

  5. Hannah McConnell

    This is so exciting! I’ve been anxiously awaiting this new site for you ever since my first class purchased on your .ning site!
    I live, breath and eat creativity. It is a a passionate center of who I am and how I find joy in the every day places.
    I didn’t realize the impact this could have on others however, until my mother Sheila Atchley with Sheila Atchley Designs began to dig in and create during one of the hardest seasons of her life.
    I watched as she blossomed, grew in strength and joy with each level of determination in creativity that she entered.
    Then I watched as this not only became breakthrough for her, but for SO MANY women around her. Her impact and influence multiplied as she put her hand to her gifting.
    This was liberating for me to see how God uses the seemingly quiet gifts that He’s given us, to make tidal waves of influence and grace to those around us.

  6. Amy Colombo

    I’m going to say the one who most inspired my creativity is my grandmother and I have created an environment in my own studio that has her imprint on it for sure. There is healing in creativity.

    Jeanne… I am so blessed to have been touched and inspired by your creativity. Following your journey the past several years has been amazing. I’m in awe of everything you’ve created here… thank you for sharing your life and creativity. I am so thankful to know you!

  7. Jodene Shaw

    wow…that video says it all, jeanne…i am so excited for you and for all of us who have been blessed and encouraged by your network these last few years…. you continue to inspire me….congratulations.

  8. Ursula Wollenberg

    I cannot imagine life without creativity. I began this journey, along with you, after a long hiatus. Through you and your first on line class, I have met so many wonderful and gifted artists along this creative journey. I am inspired by so many, Jeanne Oliver, Ivy Newport, Kate Thompson, Kelly Berkey, and many more. The masters classes, rediscovering the genius behind their art and exploring new artists that I was not aware of. I now teach locally, on line, and have been published in Somerset Studio. I now spend most of my days creating in my own studio and find nothing that gives me so much peace and joy.

  9. Emily

    Jeanne, I started following you way back when, while you were on Kajabi. I’d never done anything creative, but your beautiful gifts introduced me to mine. Through your courses and blog, I’ve discovered parts of myself and passions I never knew existed. I’ve loved exploring art, design, and mixed media. I’d love to be able to turn in into a business one day, but for now it brings beauty to my life that wasn’t there before. Thank you!!

  10. Paula Fava

    Creativity sustains and supports my life. Painting, collaring, photography, cooking, gardening … are all aspects of my personal expression that keep me whole. When I create … I am at my best.

    Thank YOU Jeanne and Crew for keeping me accountable with all you ‘do’ along with the opportunities you continue to provide!

  11. Marilyn McGinley

    Jeanne…I have been taking your courses for a while now and I cannot tell you how each one has inspired me to continue to grow and to learn and understand that my own creativity makes a difference in the world. I now teach that to my grandchildren. Any little scribble or stitch is sent out into a world that needs love. I now feel that I am good enough and I have learned that I have my own style which is not too bad when I take a look inside my art journal or canvas. 🙂 But the most recent course that I have done over and over is Reflections Paint Your Story (the first one for 2016) which proved to be so healing for a deep personal wound in my heart and I had a miracle happen while creating and following your techniques. – prayer and this workshop has been life changing for me. I love all your teachers and I am grateful you have these classes as lifetime access cause being a Nana and watching the little ones takes up lots of my time – in a good way. I thank God for you and your beautiful heart.

  12. Sherri Sinclair

    I found my creativity as an adult and it ignited in me a true passion. I see colors as never before and view the world as inspiration for all kinds of art.

  13. Jennifer Perry

    Jeanne, congratulations! Watching you live your dreams and do it in such a beautiful and authentic way truly lights me up and makes me believe in the impossible. You were one of the first networks I joined when I decided to pursue art at the ‘young’ age of 34. 😉 Because of your network and your teachings, I have found that my own voice and my own story is unique and worth sharing. Thank you for everything! Looking forward to learning more and more from you and your creative studio.

  14. Teresa Cash

    Your words of wisdom are always inspiring . Thanks for being YOU. Thanks for sharing YOURSELF with us. I believe I have become a better artist from being involved in your offerings. Keep up the good work.

  15. Danielle

    Like many others here, my mom created things with me and my childhood was filled with countless happy memories of us creating together.

    I always say she has the patience of a saint. She can draw, paint, knit, crochet, sew, design and create beautiful costumes for dancers, and use every medium imaginable. She spends countless hours making things and if it isn’t to her liking she starts over from scratch, using no shortcuts, without complaint!

    I did not inherit her patience (unfortunately) but she passed along her love for all things creative. She is the reason I love art and music and the reason I have so many happy cherished memories. I am grateful she took the time to share her gifts with me.

  16. linda

    Congrats to the new site!!! My creativity keeps me sane! I seriously don’t know what I would do without my creative outlet.
    Following on IG and Sharing!!

  17. Ginger Jenkinson

    My heart is always touched listening to you and thank you for your heart felt inspiration. My freedom to explore in the art world is growing due to your classes.

  18. Mary

    My beautiful mama, my inspiration for all the art. She’s created her whole life, as one of 7 from the hills of Kentucky until now with hands that shake from Parkinson’s. I love you, mama!!!

  19. Kathy

    Your site is beautiful Jeanne! Thank you so much for being such a true inspiration in this world. Your courses truly inspired me to become the artist I’ve always knew I needed to be in order to truly live an authentic and happy life. Feeling blessed with my first book being published and available in February 2018! xo

  20. Pamela Owens

    How impossible would it be to live in this world without creativity?! I’ve always been creative, but Jeanne and her courses have turned me into a (semi) confident artist. (I’ll always be a work in progress in the confidence department.) This network is a beautiful refuge filled with lovely, like-minded individuals who are always willing to share and to contribute by making this world more beautiful, not only through their art, but through the way they live their lives. I aspire to do the same. Thank you, Jeanne, and family. ❤️

  21. stevenspat

    Creativity has been an oasis in this often hectic life. Drawing, painting and other creative endeavors are a meditation that helps quiet things down.

  22. Amy

    My grandmother inspired me with her creativity in sewing and quilting. God’s creativity in nature and all His creation inspires me every day that I stop to take time to enjoy.

  23. dieschulls@hotmail.com

    After a breakdown because of exhaustion….a wise doctor told me to skip my Japanese language class, reduce my hours of teaching and start painting/drawing again. Best medicine ever….and I didn‘t need a prescription!!!!
    Kind and good wishes for you and your prospering business, Jeanne. Thanks for all the inspirations.

  24. Kimberly Renee

    Life without creativity would be so dull and so that is why I adore finding ways to be creative. I am so thankful that our God is creative and reminds me that creating beautiful things is a part of our being created in His image! It’s a little tricky these days to find time to be creative with a 1 and 3 year old!! But when I do it’s worth it.

  25. tdauvergne@gmail.com

    Creativity connects me to my family past and present and adds so much as I pass on crafty skills taught to me by my mother who was also an accomplished artist. Now that I am a grandmother I can pass on the love of making and creating that I was raised with to another generation ^^

  26. Marlene

    This site is a gem. It has introduced me to a world full of wonderful artists. It has inspired me and improved my craft 110%. I always loved watercolor but never knew how to use it where I was enjoying it. After purchasing and taking Danielle Donaldson’s classes, I was able to use medium in a way it spoke for me. The outcome of peace and fulfillment from art is inspiring me.

  27. Nancy Sexton

    A good friend told me about this woderful group some time ago. I was in a “stuck ” place so it took me some time to respond. I am so glad I did – the clases are helping me so much to get back to the art I love !!!

  28. Melanie Langworthy

    Your classes have made me branch out and explore my creativity. You have taken me places that I would never have imagined, even though sometimes it felt like I couldn’t even pick up a brush and begin. Your encouragement to just start made all the difference… it still does! It has changed my life, and therefore my family.

  29. Gail

    So excited for this new site! Just moved over/logged on so haven’t had a chance to peruse it all yet bit it looks wonderful! My mother actually began my creative journey by teaching me to sew when I was very young. In my 30’s when I finally had time to pursue more creativity, I took up sewing again, which led to serious quilting, then making my own fabrics by painting and stamping, beading on fabric and then making wearable art in jewelry form -beadweaving that then led to metal jewelry making, Whew! Then I decided to art journal, learn to draw, and paint. And that is where I am now. The more I learned, the more confident I became. And the more mellow. That transition into the “flow” period of creativity led me to a calm inside myself that was so amazing! I now also seek out that calm every morning in meditation. To make a long story short: creativity has made my life blossom with possibilities and make living worthwhile. Without it (when I’m away too long), I get grumpy and selfish!

  30. Phyllis Peterson

    I love this video!!! Your words cementing what I’ve been thinking and I think you have just helped me go in the right direction! Thank you so much. I’ve shared on my facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. I’ve been a member for years and years and this give away is the most amazing I have seen anyone offer. <3

  31. Cheryl L Fowler

    I always knew that I needed to feed my creativity but as a young mother while raising three children I put myself on the back burner. It would still try to shine through me with making my children”s halloween costumes, helping them with school projects and finally creating a beautiful creative love filled home. My children have all grown up and now it is my time to shine again and to let my creativity flow through me and to provide that much needed space for my grandchildren to use their gifts. I can feel it deep within me and within my bones as the urge is so strong! I thank you Jeanne and others like you who provide the much needed sources for us to fill ourselves up with our gifts.

  32. Lisa Norvell

    My creativity has removed the veil in front of my eyes, helping me to see things more beautifully- to really look and to feel. Art heals.

  33. Rebecca Ruff

    My creativity has brightened my living space with paintings, hand made items and décor 🙂

  34. Susan

    Painting and art journaling have become life lines for me. They’ve enriched my life and given me hope for a brighter future full of possibilities I didn’t even know existed and I’m forever grateful.

  35. Martha Wirth

    I have loved the creative process for a long time. I live with depression and there have been times when creating art helped me express myself. There is still so much I have and want to learn. When I see your process and creative lifestyle, I feel a yearning in my soul, a need to come back to that place of living creatively. Thank you for what you offer.

  36. donna joy

    My mom instilled a love of creating in me at a young age. I can’t imagine a life of not being creative. In being able to give something i’ve made to friends and family.

  37. Mary

    Art/creativity has helped me become a more true version of Me! Art helps me express who I am as well as helping me express deeper aspects of my faith and life.

  38. S

    My crayon drawing of a flower done at age 2 began my creative life and it hasn’t stopped! Still astonished that art has become my profession and most joyful daily habit. Isn’t it wonderful that what begins in earliest childhood can continue a lifetime?

    Loved my time at your studio for a workshop and the online courses as well. Would love to win this package so I could share it with a woman at the clean & sober house where I volunteer.

    Blessings! And congrats on the new site and the upcoming launch of your book.

  39. Amy Jenkins

    Creativity- the biggest beauty it adds to my life is the feeling that God is guiding me through the creative process- I’m just his vehicle. . . I am always working to recognize that in the rest of my life as clearly as I do in my creative process.

  40. Julia

    Jeanne, you changed my life when you did Creatively Made. I’ve always known I was a very creative person, but I was extremely afraid of sharing. It was just easier to create and stay quiet, far away from criticism. Decades of creative living in my tiny world. But that’s life in a snow globe, where the glitter only stays in your own space. Creatively Made made me think bigger, wanting to reach further, unafraid. I still have days when I fear criticism, but now I don’t let it stop me. You have my eternal thanks. I pray for you, that your voice will continue to bring truth to people like me, afraid of shining. Thank you so very much.

  41. Rebecca Howdeshell

    Congratulations on the lovely new site! Using my creativity is a huge and important part of my life every day. I couldn’t survive without it, without having that outlet.

  42. thecottagenest@gmail.com

    I’m so excited about this and happy for you!

    My creativity has permeated every corner of my life…from a meal served to people I love, the way my garden is designed, the way I decorate our home and build a haven for my family and the handmade gifts I give but the most important way it has made my life beautiful is that in times of chaos, health issues and uncertainty, I am able to turn to inward, and use these gifts to focus my energy on the beautiful things rather than the hard things I am going through.

  43. Julia Rueger

    HOW WONDERFUL that your dreams are coming true! No one will ever understand how hard you worked to get to this point… other than your family. Congratulations on a job well done! I will share this on my facebook page… because you are a geniunely kind and giving artist. I loved taking a class from you! I learned so much~~ and I would love to take more classes… sincerely and warmly, Julia :0)

  44. Brenna Kohlhase

    Without creativity, I would pretty much be a vegetable-that’s all I’m good for!

  45. Serena

    holy wow, that video is so inspiring!! I know you had to conquer many mountains to get this baby out in the world and all your determination and hard work has most definitely paid off. IT”S GORGEOUS!! What an amazing team you have.

    You were one of the very first people to believe that I had creative gifts to share with myself and the world and for that, I am eternally grateful.


  46. cldiack@gmail.com

    Creativity is my lifeline. I love how it makes me happy and content but I also love that I can share it, teach it and give it away!

  47. Diane Humphrys

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your talents and creativity with all of us! Creativity is the integral part in my life and business that lets me experiment, grow and spread my wings!

  48. Barbara Buckles

    Jeanne, your workshops have changed so many lives (including mine) for the better…not just because they’re great workshops but because your own sweet Heart is so deeply integrated within them. I’m thrilled to be a part of this growth as you take us to new heights and am sharing on FB and Instagram and any other way I can!

  49. Hannah McConnell

    I’ve shared both the link to your lovely website and the link to your video on Facebook as well 🙂

  50. Rachel Bell

    Your site is gorgeous! I’m still learning and expanding my heart journey in art. My interest is curiosity and revelation. What am I capable of and I need to keep finding new outlets, new versions, new teachers to explore all the new techniques and visions I can to nourish my soul. Nature is my biggest inspiration. ~Rachel Bell

  51. Angelika Westermann

    Here in Germany and in the little village I live mixed media is generally not known. This site has offered me so many classes during the last years that I hardly know where to start! The community these classes offer has helped me to not feel alone in my creative work anymore. I love being able to create paintings or books that I can gift to those who appreciate the work gone into them.
    Congrats to this new site – I can hardly image the efforts that must have been gone into it, but I sure appreciate the outcome.
    Following you on Instagram as well ?

  52. Marianne

    Congrats on the new site! Your site has been such a wonderful resource and place of learning for me! It has truly changed my life! Thank you!!!

  53. stephanierehkopf@sympatico.ca

    Like everyone’s comments so far, congratulations on your beautiful, new site! I could truly get lost here. Thank you for providing a space for me to find inspiration and of course learn something new. It took a big change in my life but I have just recently given myself permission to take care of myself – express myself fully through art-making. Thank you 🙂

  54. Luisa

    Congratulations, as someone who worked on the web for many years, I can imagine the pains to move such a huge network with thousands of users and so much content into a new platform. Hurray for you! It looks beautiful. I followed you on Instagram (@_flowarte) and I pinned your video to my board of Things I’d like to learn (user Flowarte)
    I’ve taken several courses with you and not only are the courses wonderful but you have truly talented teachers. About how creativity has made my life more beautiful, well… this year I stopped working on the web and now I have my small business selling products with my own art.

    Looking forward to more classes!

  55. Danielle Myers

    I took Jen Wagner’s hand lettering course and that opened a door of creativity in me that is blessing those in both my work and church community. It’s been a gift!

  56. Cherise Sweet

    Congratulations! You my DEAR friend are one of my greatest inspirations for my creativity…in ways you probably have no idea. I’ve kept it quiet for far to long. I’m getting over fears to be able to grow and change and branch out. Thank you for who you are…An amazing inspiration. Love you so much! Super excited for you and happy to share!

  57. Beth H.

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your new and beautiful site!! Four years ago I lost my dad to colon cancer. On my path to healing I was invited to a paint class that included meditation and incorporating essential oils. Having never painted before, I became hooked!! It was shortly after taking that class that my art teacher mentioned your work, so of course I had to check you out. I was instantly smitten!! The most beautiful part of embarking on this art filled journey has been the amazing women that have shown up along the way. These women are such a magnificent gift, and I am thankful everyday for their grace, love, and fierce support. ❤️ I am so happy for you, and I want to thank you for sharing your heart, talent, and beautiful soul with all of us!! ❤️

  58. Silvia

    Thanks you – the new site looks great! I’d say my dad inspires me. He painted a little bit when he was younger and although I’ve only ever seen one of his paintings, he’s pretty good. Somehow knowing he could paint, always made me feel that I must be able paint too. He encouraged me as a kid when I drew, and he continues to encourages me today, raving about my art and making suggestions about different ways I could sell it.

  59. Beth Perry

    What an inspiring video and beautiful new website! YAY and congrats on this huge achievement! Creativity, for me, has been my therapy. Since I started letting my inner voice speak through paint strokes and color, I’ve let go so much anger and hurt from my past. Through God and art, I have healed in more ways than I thought was possible. I now find inspiration everywhere, every day and I create with abandon. And because of the confidence I have found, I like helping others find their inner artist, too.

    Your classes were a vital part of this ‘wild awakening’. I am blessed and so happy to share this celebratory moment with you! Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance at gaining more lessons and pushing myself to explore even more!

  60. Lindy Teresi

    Congrats on your new site!
    Learning to express and free up my creativity has given me back myself, revealed hidden information, given me so much joy!
    I also love introducing others to art so they can play and experience themselves as well.
    I have taken a few courses on your site w/Dina Wakely and Tracy Verdugo and would love to win some more!
    Thank you!

  61. Olivia Hall

    Who inspires me to create art … that can be a big question with a very long answer. So many people have inspired me in many different times of my relatively short time here (only 30 years so far !). My most obvious answer would be my mother, for she always let my creativity bloom. In kindergarten I came home with my assignment to draw a picture of what I wanted to grow up to be , my answer was of course …. an artist ! I’m still trying to be that artist today, but thank you to all those who have nurtured that knowing, and told me that it was GOOD I wanted to be an artist , that it’s not something I can do as a hobby, it’s clearly a calling. And thank you to each person who has inspired me to create without knowing they did, for me it could just be someone walking on the street , or laughing in a cafe , or selling flowers at the local market. These people seem to inspire me the most, in their simple tasks , taking life in with joy. They are just living their daily lives, but to me that is the most beautiful inspiration there is…

  62. Shirley Gordon

    My mother had the heart and hands of an artist. She nurtured my own fledgling imagination to dream and create as a child. I lost her much too soon and threw myself into the task of caring for others, as a wife, mother, career nurse and grandmother to soothe the pain and fill the empty hole she left behind. Several years ago, I discovered the magical world of online art classes and something broke free inside me. Today, my happy space is my studio nestled in the woods, filled to overflowing with all things creative. It is where I go to find myself and the little girl I knew six decades ago!

  63. moi.je@me.com

    Well, I’ve always liked art, and almost majored in it, but got practical (I needed a job) and chose French Literature. (lol) Studying French meant I ended up studying art more, living in Paris on scholarship (where I got into photography), and in Toulouse for 5 years (visual paradise of museums, architecture, food). More recently, I got my artistic batteries charged about 4 years ago by doing a Brené Brown course with a journaling component. Now I have a regular practice of art journaling, collage, and photography that I enjoy greatly. I’m not concerned about selling things–I still have lots to learn, and it’s for me. This site offers a gazillion opportunities to take online courses and learn more.

  64. ronjcon@outlook.com

    Congratulations on the new website it’s beautiful! Creativity has given me confidence in myself, the ability to create something from nothing has been very fulfilling. Thanks for the opportunity to win such an amazing gift. Peace, Ronda

  65. Peggy

    It was through the discovery of your classes and your encouraging words that caused me to step back and look deep inside myself… to embrace the gifts and desires God had given me, to start breaking down the walls, to open myself to others.

  66. jkhopo60@gmail.com

    First learned of your website from the article that was about you in Where Women Create. I had long loved that magazine, desiring to be like the women in the articles. To have a space, the time, the skill to really create.
    When I finally went to your site, started taking courses, my creative soul was set free! I have been stretched, challenged, frustrated and overjoyed as I have been learning.
    Beauty, and creating it has always been part of my life. It has been such an amazing feeling seeing how what I am learning and putting to paper has blessed and brought joy to others. I’ve actually had people buy pieces of my work. Who knew!?
    Thank you Jeanne for creating this place of beauty, joy and learning!

  67. Debbie Janelle

    My parents always encouraged me to do creative things, for as long as I can remember. I’ve always done something creative, every day. It’s so much a part of who I am, I can’t imagine not being able to use my hands to make pretty things. Most of what I make, I give as gifts. Throughout the years, starting around age 3, I’ve made hundreds, if not thousands of greeting cards. There probably isn’t a hobby or art, that I haven’t at least tried.

  68. Cynthia Powell

    I have been eagerly waiting for life to slow down, so I could jump into one of your online courses. To win one of your give away packages would be a dream come true.

  69. Bonnie Smith

    Congratulations! Beautiful Site!! Creativity for me is big part of discovering and sharing my deepest self with life! It inspires me to see things more fully in order to create and often initiates a discovery within myself too! It speaks a language that goes to the heart and lets barriers fall away! It makes me feel alive and motivated by Life itself! I feel most alive when I am creating!!! Thank You for being part in my Creative Journey!!

  70. Samantha

    My own creativity helped me keep my sanity while leaving a very bad relationship, got me through the transition period, helped me process everything, and now, quite a few of those pieces decorate my living space.

  71. Its me Faith

    Love, Love, Love the Video!!! Set my Heart Free!! My Creativity is my Heart and Soul… I didn’t realize until I started following your classes many years ago, that Yes, I could close my ears to the people that told me or made me feel, that I was not good enough, not only in my Creativity, but as a person. My Creativity is my Heart and Soul. God doesn’t care whether I am like or creating like anyone else… only in what I am creating and what I am doing with that Creativity. I can just be me….

  72. Wendy Wood

    Congratulations! I love your courses — it helps me stretch my creativity in unexpected and beautiful ways. It allows me to share my creativity and explorations with my two young children. Thanks for everything you do!

  73. Tami Howse

    My art has allowed me to appreciate who i am and what i have to offer myself and others! I’ve been making journals for my friends who have recently heard bad news or have been diagnosed with the “c” word. It’s just a little thing I can do for them. Congrats on your newness!

  74. Becca

    I never feel as alive as I do when I’ve engaged that right side of my brain! I’m happy to Have found you and your courses and posts – I’ve started a new process for myself and it fits right in. Looking forward to growing with you!

  75. Carol Wiebe

    My mom was one of the most creative persons I have ever met. She is not able to do much now, but the memory of all she made with her hands continues through my hands.

  76. Gwen

    art and creativity has been so essential to my health and sanity! When my kids were barely walking and needing me all the time I would block the kitchen with a gate and make art! whatever I could do for twenty minutes here and there and it got me through those years of parenting when I felt like I lost myself. And now I see it still as vital to my whole person. Grateful for this website and beautiful people here who I have enjoyed learning from. Thanks Jeanne!!

  77. Camille

    Taking time to be creative gives my life balance, and that balance feels so important at this time when the world seems so fast moving and slightly off-kilter.

  78. Joy Lamberti

    My dad began his artistic journey when ‘paint by numbers’ was all the craze.
    Through the years he transitioned into painting freehand in acrylics, beautifully creating his love for fishing boats in quaint little towns, and faraway places where lighthouses cast their beacons of light.
    It is in my adult years that I’ve entered a creative journey taking me to the pleasures of painting whimsical portraits, clay sculpture and the enjoyment of mixed media.
    Though my dad passed on years ago, we are forever spiritually connected everyday through creating art … I am truly blessed because of it. ❤️

  79. Elaine Mundt

    I’m so happy to have reconnected with you on Facebook, and been drawn into your beautiful world! You have been an inspiration to me to spread my wings and open my bakery, allowing me to create with food (my favorite thing!)! Additionally, through exploring some of your classes, I’ve made time to create and connect with my daughter by sharing art with her. I love seeing your posts. The beauty you create warms my soul and makes me smile every single time!

  80. Victoria Ireland

    Since my first course on your network, Scribble Art, I have not stopped creating. It brings me such joy, allows me to enter deeper into God’s creation, and enables me to share art with friends and on our walls at home. I love the new site, many congratulations!

  81. itinerantbizarrium@gmail.com

    The new site is so pretty, and lovely to navigate! Congratulations on an excellent job.

    I am so pleased to be one in a line of craftspeople in my family: my grandmother was a milliner who taught me how to hand-sew leather gloves when I was about 8, my father paints a mean watercolour landscape (and came to my rescue on a set design just last week), my own day job is in theatre design whilst I paint & make dolls on the side, and my youngest son has just announced his intention to study artist blacksmithing. Many different skills, but we all live to create and are thankful for the freedom to do so.

  82. Jane Martin

    Artistic expression brings joy in times of difficulty. It doesn’t have to be a hugely complicated work of art…but just a simple splash of color can make the heart sing.

  83. jkhopo60@gmail.com

    Facebook, check. IG, check. Shared video, check. Working on Pinterest, which is giving me fits. If I had a blog, I would. ?

  84. Emily

    Creativity has reconnected me to my soul and has helped me to keep my heart stitched together through life’s painful disappointments. Being around and learning from other creatives is helping me to believe that I too can be a ‘real’artist someday! Thank you.
    Shared on Facebook

  85. Linn

    Everyone is creative, of course in different ways. My mother started me down the long road I have since traveled. She was a Cub Scout den mother and we often created projects for the boys to do. I was at least 3 years younger than they, and was so happy and proud I could produce as good a painted plaster puppy as any of them. Today I teach some and the process from creating my first prototype, through development and finally taking pictures of my students pieces fulfills so many kinds of creativity for me.

  86. Jeanne Schaap

    Art is my passion! What a wonderful time to be alive–so many creative outlets for me (probably too many–can’t do them all–but still I try!

  87. Susan Hahaj

    Creativity fulfills something inside me that just feels so essential, you know?! I love starting from a blank slate and seeing my vision occur in stages! Thank you for a wonderful site and giveaway

  88. Catherine

    What a beautiful and inspiring video! I haven’t yet taken a class, but have registered and plan to do so soon. Remembering my creative roots is something that has been on my mind lately. Growing up, the women in my life (mother, grandmother, aunts) were truely creative — although I’m not sure they realized it. They would have called it “making do.” They created beautiful living spaces for their families, often with often with hand-made, found, or repurposed items. Most people who entered their spaces would have never realized that they were practicing what today might be called creative upcycling. But, the spaces were always admired and praised. I grew up a full participant in their creativity, but have lately moved too far away from those roots. I hope to reconnect and refind my creative side in the coming weeks, months, and years. Your site has been an excellent inspiration!

  89. blachter@gmail.com

    Inspiration comes from every shared art piece in a museum, art fairs, greeting card, etc, wherever art is shared by someone there is inspiration.

  90. Tammy Murdock

    Beauty and colour help me through every aspect of my life. They both bring me joy, which is especially helpful when living with chronic illnesses! And I love the distraction of creating art and browsing other people’s art and taking part in online classes!

  91. Cinnibonbon

    Thank you Jeanne!
    You have always been so generous with your time, resources and your gifts. The impact of your gifts has allowed me to gather my inner thoughts and embrace my solitude. I spend so much time alone, (as my husband works in other countries for most of the year and my daughter moved away to start her own family) and at first I found it daunting to have to face how I would spend my days. Then I found your NING site and your courses filled my days with excitement and wonder, instead of emptiness. Better still, to my surprise, I was able to take your lessons and create beautiful images that I never knew were possible. You added so much beauty and magic to my days, I couldn’t ever thank you enough for that; and the friendships I have made through sharing my creations on Instagram are forever cherished. Many, many blessing to you and your team on your new endeavors!

  92. Gay Bumgardner

    Thank you for all of your efforts in creating this beautiful new website. I do love that when we purchase a class that we have lifetime access. I love the artists that are on your site!! Thanks for sharing YOUR LOVE for art with your members!!

  93. Anna Maria

    My own creativity has added a dimension of wonder and delight to my life, and the creativity of my family and teachers has inspired and fed my own.

  94. Heidi Hines

    This is just amazing HOW far you have come I’m SO grateful I found u online 10 years ago through Christy T. You guys Desereved to celebrate in style what a HUGE celebration!!!! Beautiful site and can’t wait for your book to come out!!!! Congrats you make the world a better place…

  95. Megan

    I LOVE the new site! Have shared on FB, and am inviting my friends to join a workshop or two. I have learned so much by participating in your workshops over the last several years. This is where I started sculpting, and am now starting watercolour painting. Thank you for always presenting the best quality workshops one could wish for!

  96. Jeni

    Creativity has given me peace and a sense of purpose (in a sense!). I love the feeling of giving away something that I created. Congrats!

  97. Terri McRae

    Jeanne Oliver’s website has been a part of my life for several years now. I truly immerse myself in the classes that are presented here; the many beautiful artists who teach us, share with us, nourish and nudge us forward. Fortunately for me, just pulling up the blog brings out my creativity, the whole entirety of this site is inspiring. your packaging, classes, blog, et. al. are a positive force in my life. Thank you for continuing to provide content that is always contagious.

  98. Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

    These kinds of questions always ‘stump’ me….at least for a moment. I took a pause and looked around our home and I’m seeing so much of me. Everywhere. Art on the walls, tabletops, furniture, fabrics.

    Your website always feeds my creative fire. Thank you so much for sharing all your amazing courses!

    Congrats on the the new site!

  99. Gloria E Stafford

    So many beautiful, creative spirits have conspired over the years to bring me opportunities & provide safe places to discover & express my truest creative Self starting with a great grandmother who tatted & quilted & held me in her lap so I could sew a simple doll’s dress before my legs were long enough to reach the treadle of her sewing machine, to a grandmother who shared her love of painting in oils & pastels & whose work still graces my walls, and the many teachers, yourself included, who have encouraged, prodded, and challenged me to keep exploring, to keep pushing through what I would otherwise have considered impenetrable barriers. To one and all I am so very grateful!

  100. cmrobinh@gmail.com

    My precious grandmother was an artist and taught art for 30 years in her little home. She was truly an inspiration as she worked all her life on a farm or in town as a sales lady! But her dream was to paint and to share that love of painting with others and she accomplished that goal by hard work and persistence. So once she retired from her other jobs she began teaching and she taught until she was in her 80’s. Our styles of art may differ but I learned that art is 90% showing up and doing the work…the inspiration will always come with just playing and practice. I’m so thrilled to be apart of your creative network and learn from just talented artists. Art is truly a blessing and gift I give to myself!

  101. Karina America Robbins

    Creativity has made my life beautiful by providing a healing process for me as I have struggled with anxiety and depression since I was a teenager. It allows me to express myself and let go of negative thoughts and behaviors. It is a beautiful beacon of Light leading me out a darkness each day. I don’t know what I would do without it.

  102. ghoagland@msn.com

    My art has many unexpected effects that make my life more beautiful. I started in 1984 as a card maker, growing from very rudimentary cards to tracing copyright free images. I wanted more, especially how to paint papers and backgrounds on my cards. At the age of 60 in 2010 I attended my first art retreat, ArtFest, hosted by Tracy and Teesha Moore. Little did I know that from that one event I would meet artists that have become dear, dear friends; learn techniques that bring me great joy; travel to Europe to take classes and find you Jeanne Oliver. You see your studying with the Masters lessons included some of the friends and teachers I met along the way and wanting to support their efforts I signed up for the classes. I was inspired beyond words; and a wonderful by product was to hear your story; learn from you and become involved in the spiritual lessons presented in classes such as Becoming…. Oh, I could go on about what inspires me; but, what I have found is that when I look at my walls and the art I have created and realize that I have come a long way from card making, I know that creativity lived inside me all along. I just needed the love and support of friends to see it.

  103. Kim

    WOW! Such a delightful, eye pleasing new site. On point!
    Taking classes thru your sight opened up a whole new outlook for me, I took your Creatively Made course back in 2014, making art, and my creativity is such a healthy way for all of us to live. I have learned from many artist thru your site, and this has brought so much beauty to my life. Especially, in telling my own story.
    I shared /reposted to FB and on IG.

  104. Sandy Combs-Martin

    Creativity and creating beauty saved my life. My mother had severe mental illness and not only loathed herself but loathed my very existence as well. Art making, dance, music and writing enabled me to build a bridge from the dismal abyss I found myself in to the life I dreamed could be mine. Thank you for all that you and your family share to make this world be a living heaven on earth.

  105. Layla Payton

    Creativity has shown me more of the Father’s heart towards His children. It’s also helped me cope with chronic illness and given me a creative way to work through tough times.

    I have done the following:

    * Share the new site and giveaway on Facebook by sharing this post

    * Share the new site on IG and tag @jeanneoliver #jeanneolivercreativenetwork

    * Follow us on Instagram

    * Pin images from this post to Pinterest

  106. Katie

    My creativity has allowed me to enhance my empathy towards others and their individual stories.

  107. Penny Brown

    Living from that inner calling is my artistic practice. Deep gratitude for all that you do as an artist and as a facilitator to bring creatives together and encourage them to share their gifts. I continue to enjoy the content from the various videos as I deepen my own voice.

  108. Donna Martin

    So many people that I’m grateful for that have inspired my creative journey! You are definitely one of them. The new site is stunning!!

  109. tree merryweather

    When i was young, art gave me a voice. I was able to very eloquently describe my feelings for people, the light and darkness inside myself and what i perceived in those people around me. The process was passionate and turbulent as i opened to it in my adolescence. Five decades later i am in calmer oceans now and i desire to return to my studio. Perhaps i will pick up the threads that i walked away from so very long ago and continue that weaving, perhaps i will begin anew in this moment. We shall see what comes of this endeavor, this opening.

  110. Gina Bottom

    I have joined several of the classes on this site along with other online classes in the past three years. I used to be creative and then I got lost in being a wife, mother, and so on. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and was sure I would die and it would never be my turn to get back in touch with me. I was wrong. Since joining online classes, I have found my voice again and I am so thankful that I survived cancer. Each day is a bit of a struggle but I am so glad to be here still and to have the wonderful opportunity to discover myself and my gifts and my voice through creativity. My life is so blessed because of this opportunity! Thank you for your courses and the opportunity to win courses. Congrats on your new site and I look forward to more classes!

  111. bjs0317@charter.net

    After many, many years away from being creative, I felt a yearning to “do something”. About five years ago I bought a notebook, an inexpensive set of acrylic paints, and a couple of brushes, then as the saying goes, the rest is history. I don’t share a lot, but when I lost a very dear friend in 2015, creating in mixed media was my escape, my prayer, my way to cope. Thank you.

  112. Beth

    Each of us is on a creative journey, with some sharing the same path and others on the road less travelled. Many thanks Jeanne for providing the encouragement to all to find the way and your dedication to providing the tools and resources.

  113. Angie Quinn

    My nest is almost empty…just one little baby perched to leave and then this mama bird is ready to fly.

    I am on a quest to rediscover me. Is that little girl still in there? The one who loved to dream big. The one who would spend most Saturday afternoons rummaging through her grandmother’s closets and designing ensembles from several decades of fashion trends. The one that rearranged her bedroom when it felt boring and spent hours in that fresh and cozy space drawing, writing and singing off key to her mom’s old 45s. Is it possible to tap into the past, into the bliss I created for myself without even realizing that’s what I was doing?

    Hashtag goals.

  114. cHaRiTy

    I am inspired by seeing art in the everyday beauty of this world. It is amazing to feel so deeply connected to nature & people and the creativity that is unearthed and shared by both.

  115. Leslie

    Jeanne, Your video is beautiful and your website is incredible. Thank you for opening the door for so many of us to recognize and celebrate our unique skills. George Eliot is credited with the familiar quote: “It’s never too late to be who you might have been” and that is true for me. After a life of raising boys, teaching school and attending to all the wonderful parts of being a wife, a mother and keeping “home,” I am 70 now — a widow — teaching sewing and storytelling to neighborhood children. Your vision has inspired me to not think about my age (I’m actually still very young), but to explore and celebrate my gifts. I look forward to the adventures ahead . . . and I’m very excited about all the new classes and opportunities your vision offers. Maybe I’ll be a watercolorist . . . maybe a sculptor. I’m ready to dive in, get my hands dirty and see what’s next. Thank you, dear sweet Jeanne . . . and thanks for all your Crew.

  116. carlanda

    probably my grandmother, grandfather and my mother. my grandmother embroidered and created magnificent desserts! my grandfather created magical gardens and raised bees (like me)! and my mother grew beautiful flower gardens and sewed. I’m blessed. I will share on fb for extra chance. thank you for this amazing giveaway and congratulations on your accomplishments!

  117. Joanne

    Congratulations on the launch. How beautiful! Tapping into more creativity over the last few years (since the kids have all gotten out on their own) has begun to let a little bit of light shine on a part of me I thought had shriveled up forever. It is awakening, and it is allowing me to grow in ways I didn’t know I could. And I have a feeling if I allow it, it has a lot more to teach me going forward. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  118. Birgit

    The women in my family all are doing and did needelcraft or knitting etc. , but we never looked at it as art. Although the laces knitted by my great grandmother truly are pieces of art. After my divorce after 30 years of marriage I started art journaling and it really saved me. I am doing this the first time only for myself. A real breakthrough was Jeans class „Remember“, I feel very connected through my art with all the creative women in my family.

  119. Linda

    My creativity has started to make my life more meaningful by me creating pieces of art that I love to give to friends & family members to let them know how I see the world we live in & I enjoy sharing that with them. It makes me happy when they are proud to hang my canvas on their walls & to see the smiles on their faces when they receive a piece of art from my heart.

  120. Sue Vrska

    My mother has always been my kindred soul…..she could make anything out of anything.
    I use paper and soooo enjoy it! Thanks for the encouragement on so many different levels.

  121. Gloreia

    Making art in my home studio not only makes my heart happy but has changed how I view the rest of the world…whether that be on some kind of travel adventure or just taking a walk around the neighborhood.

    Will post your video to my newly opened Pinterest account.

  122. tree

    and allow me to congratulate you and celebrate your joy in this new art space that you have created for us all. I look forward to following you on Instagram.

  123. Paula MacGregor

    A comment from an elderly lady having introduced her to ‘Junk Journals’ which was a free community workshop I facilitated:
    “This project has changed my life Paula. It took me weeks to get started as it was way out of my comfort zone of patchwork and textiles, but with encouragement, inspiration and support from you, sprinkled with a lot of fun during our sessions, I finally managed to produce a few pages. Now I cannot wait to finish my book and already have so many other page ideas to continue my theme, I will be making a few more!
    Paula, you have helped me to discover another creative side to enrich my life. Thank you xx

  124. Tanna Stanley

    Your video brought sobs from deep in my soul… you speak truth. Blessings ~ tanna

  125. Debra

    With a recent medical diagnosis that knocked me flat, my creative pursuits have given me a reason to get out of bed and keep going. They allow me look at the world and it’s many gifts with fresh eyes. I am so grateful to still be here and share my small creative gifts with friends and family.

  126. Mika Power

    Creativity is a beautiful thing! My art helps me manage my chronic pain. Card making helps my mom w/ her severe chronic pain. I know many folks who say the same. Yes, creativity is such a beautiful thing to witness. Thank you Jeanne Oliver!

  127. Lynda

    Your regular posts are giving me hope that I can just possibly create beauty and develop talent I haven’t yet explored. Thank you for the inspiration!

  128. Julia Molewyk

    I follow you ono Instagram, and I shared your Instagram image about the new site.
    Love the new site! And I am excited to take some more classes in the new year.

  129. Vicki

    Being creative is like breathing,I could not go on without it!
    Congrats on your new grow!
    Looking forward to joining the party

  130. Julia Molewyk

    One of my friends is creative in her writing, and I have a piece of her work, written specially for me, framed and displayed in my creative space.
    Another friend is a fellow artist and creative. I wear the jewelry she has made for me, and we get together once a month to share our art and encourage one another.
    I am so thankful for both of these special, creative ladies who are in my life. They make my life more beautiful by being who God created them to be and by pointing me to Him, The Creator of all.

  131. Cindy

    I can’t remember a time that being creative hasn’t been important in my life. While not always seen as important by everyone else in my life, for me, it was like breathing. A life without creating, seeing things differently, without asking “why,” and “why not,” is so very foreign to me that I cannot even imagine it. Creativity = breathing.

  132. Lynette Wakerley

    Congratulations from New Zealand Jeanne!! Your new site is fantastic. I am blessed to have a Mum who is creative and that has rubbed off on me. There is something amazing that happens to me when I make time to create. I’m actually a nicer person to be around. I smile, I relax – and I know that makes my family happy.

  133. Kathryn Gordon

    My art life began whilst visiting my great-great aunt Lillian one summer. she was a california lsndscape painter. she gave my sister and me each a paper and pencil and told us to go draw the tree in her backyard. while my sister’s looked to me like a lovely tree, mine was full of branches and individual leaves. she oohed over both but said mine was lovely because i really looked and saw the tree. i was seven. when she passed away she bequeathed me her oils, books and brushes. i never looked back. to this day i keep her first oil painting (still life, onion and beer) in my kitchen. her paintings of the Eel River and california redwoods hang in museums and many homes. she started her career at age 65! she took a beginning painting course from a well known redwoods painter who saw her talent and drive and asked my aunt to study under her. I have always felt empowered knowing her story – and knowing she saw in me what i could be. She paid it forward with love. i only hope i can do the same for someone else.

  134. Kathy reed

    I believe that art has played a significant part in saviing my life. I am well along in the process of surviving cancer for the second time and my artwork has given my soul the reprieve it needs so badly from the stress of treatment etc. Working on a piece is an oasis of time…..hours pass with all my senses concentrated on the materials, the work with the realities of the present just fading into the background. I am, and will always be, grateful.

  135. Joanne

    A quick look at the new site looks great. I look forward to joining more classes. I find pursuing creative activities healing and joyful, especially those shared with my local art group. We frequently work on collaborative projects and those are the best.

  136. Kahra Gilley

    Having my granddaughter in my life has brought back many creative outlets in my life that I haven’t used since my kids were little! Loving every minute of it too!

  137. Tina Schiefer

    As an avid daydreamer, if I have to be perfectly honest, my art is 100% inspired by my hard-working, goal-oriented, and ever-creative husband. You see, we were married very young and he had a dream… to work in the motion picture industry. It’s a very wonderful story of drive, sacrifice, and forward-thinking, but he began as an apprentice propmaker…and I became a propmakers wife and business partner. Ultimately, years of making, translated very well to an unknown art for me, known as mixed-media. Who knew?!!! I love being inspired by others and love to share even more!!! 🙂 A wondeful life is the one you create with family and friends around you.

    Congratulations on your dream!

  138. Vanessa Histon

    My mum was such a creative lady and made beautiful things. From the time I was a little girl until a few years ago she taught me everything. Now she has Alzheimers, which is a tragedy, but she has left me the most amazing legacy of creativity, which means I am never bored and can see the beauty in all sorts of things. And every time I make something I remember my wonderful mum as she was and the good times we had together. She has truly enriched my life,

  139. Mary W

    My Mother could draw anything and from a little girl, I loved to watch her. She taught me how to draw figures and encouraged me in every way. My Father always said I could do anything if I wanted to enough. They made my life more beautiful by allowing my creativity to have no boundaries.

  140. Terri Envey

    Congratulations on your new site! My mother was my very first creative influence. My latest inspiration has come from Roxanne Evans Stout and her class “Book of Trees.”

  141. Courtney

    The site looks great! Can’t wait to join more courses there to learn, grow and create! My grandmother, Eunice, was a creative influence for me, she stepped in to foster parent my sister and I, and she taught me so much; from how to have a creatively beautiful home, to being a wonderful hostess on a dime, to being an antiques dealer and small business owner in her eighties. I owe much of where I am today to her influence, thanks for allowing me to share!

  142. Annette

    Creativity has always been important to me , especially in recent years . I suffer from severe anxiety and taking part in your online classes has made such a difference to me. Such wonderful therapy! Thank you.

  143. Jacque Chinnery

    Creativity is like a golden thread weaving through my life story, from the time I first made marks in one of my mother’s books, to new, when I am 74. It has given meaning to my life, but it has also been the way I create meaning, explore beauty and share my gifts with others. It keeps me in the state of Beginner’s Mind, always learning something new. Seeing the world through the lens of an artist, even a the scene of a muddy field in winter, after a dusting of snow, inspires me. Actually, sometimes it can overwhelm me, all of the colors, shapes, textures, possibilities. I have been known to take on too many projects and learning experiences at once, which is something many creatives can relate to!
    I have enjoyed classes I have taken from your site, and look forward to finding more on your beautiful new website and shop. ? Thank you for all of the work you do to provide so much inspiration for so many of us.

  144. Patti Klein

    I shared on Facebook, but don’t know what you mean by noting at the bottom. Love the new site. It takes exactly how your work makes me feel and puts it into a great place.

  145. Malinda Banuelos

    So excited for this new adventure for you! Echoing so many other comments, it would be my mother who influenced my life with beauty. She has, from the very beginning, been very resourceful in creating a beautiful home. Taking common bed sheets and creating curtains and sofa covers, using the ordinary and turning them into extraordinary. She also sewed lovely little dresses for my sister and I, for Easter. She also introduced me to the author Alexandra Stoddard, who also has influenced my life.

  146. Amy Ivey

    Creativity has been both an emotional outlet for me to process pain & loss, while also celebrating the blessings & gifts life brings. I greatly appreciate the creativity others share as it not only inspires me in my own creativity, but also adds beauty to the world. // Congrats on your new site!!!

  147. Patti

    Creativity as a gift was given me by my mother (a dancer) and my grandmother (an inspired oil painter) but it took retirement for it to flourish. I now take online classes from you and others and can’t thank all for the richness it has added to my days. Your essence shines brightly… ^^I^^’s!

  148. Peggy McDevitt

    Congratulations on this beautiful site. My creativity started to flourish after I retired. Your online courses have influenced and guided my journey. Since I can’t afford to travel to learn it’s comforting to know that your reasonable prices allow me to learn and grow in my own home. Thank you for that

  149. CD Muckosky

    Through Art I have had the honor of seeing people set free, of making quiet with the Lord myself to see the gifts He’s given me through the eyes of an artist and then teaching others to make that time to be in his image; creative and true, still before him and wonderfully fabulously free. It’s more joy than I could ever put into words

  150. Debbie

    Congratulations to you all ……its all looking so so lovely i can’t wait to begin and it starts today yeaaahhh,thank you
    I would like to say that you are my inspiration my “why”…………….why not try ,why not have a go , why not just begin.
    So i joined in with the fun,let go and began
    Thank you x

  151. Lori Follis

    I am more than grateful to have found Jeanne Oliver years ago through Christy Tomlinson. Creating is in the blood for sure. Everyone’s blood. Once you start you feel connected to your true self. Art teaches, frustrates, pushes, expands, grows, reveals, brings joy, keeps me present, is life giving. I’m so grateful to have a community to share with. CONGRATULATIONs on your new site. Your persistence,belief and faith are a gift to all of us. Thanks?

  152. Barb Haberkorn

    Congratulations Jeanne and your amazing team on putting together a wonderful new site for creative networking! I look forward to seeing what is in store for 2018! Creativity has been a huge part of the past year as I have retired and am exploring ways to expand my artistic skills. Drawing inspiration and receiving support and guidance from fellow artists beings brings me great joy. Best wishes for a bright and successful future!

  153. Kristin Collier

    Creativity is a gateway to my soul! It has always been an outlet of expression for me, because words escape me!

    Can’t wait to get to know more about you and this network!

  154. Gail

    Happy to share your beautiful network!

    I always say if EVERYONE could get lost in that creative abyss we all know and love, there would be world peace!!

  155. Chris Cavenagh

    Congratulations on this new and exciting adventure! I’ve loved every workshop that I’ve done with you over the past few years and am looking forward to sharing many more exciting and creative times with all of you. “What is done with love is done well” (Vincent van Gogh). Much love. C xxx

  156. Tanya

    For a lot of years I believed that creativity was something that other people had, not me. I finally kicked that lie to the curb and began to accept that I AM a creative being and I am so much more content even on days (weeks) that I don’t get very much time to create. Creativity helps me process, gives me joy, helps me to see the world in a different way and, I hope, brings joy and beauty to those who receive the items I make.

    Love your new site! Congratulations on a job well done!

  157. Karin Vernis

    For me.. it’s my Daughter Olivia H. Who is an amazing artist and has always wanted to be “an artist” since she was in kindergarten. She’s the palette of my life and gives me inspiration to create. Thank you for sharing with us your passion and showing that it’s clearly what we should be doing .. not just something we might “want to do”. .. Inspiration it’s all around us.

  158. Tamar

    I love nature and find my creativity influence by it. Also, my friend Susan inspires me I love all she creates, everything she makes is beautiful.

  159. Corie Gochicoa

    Creativity is as important as breathing!!!

    I shared the video on FB, followed on instagram, and pinned to pinterest.

    Congrats on getting the site up and running!

  160. Debby

    Creativity has given me new opportunities and kept me motivated while being out of work due to injury and illness,. My spirits are lifted when I create, as well as when learning and seeing what others create! Being a nature-lover, I have really enjoyed the classes I’ve taken on this site, and have learned many techniques of how to incorporate elements of nature into my art.
    And just in the past few months my creativity with mixed media has led me to being accepted in an art exhibition next year!
    The new site looks lovely, congratulations and thank you for creating a wonderful place for learning and inspiration.

  161. Laurel Watkins

    Creativity has connected me to so many people that have become dear friends!. I love to learn different ways to create through those friendships. Congratulations on your beautiful new site!

  162. Catharine Lamb

    Allowing and expressing my creativity makes me feel so alive, empowered and connected to the Source of all creativity. Thank you!

  163. B'liss

    My Mother always said “if you can see it in your head, then it will come out of the brush on to the canvas.” I just lost her last month and have brought a lot of her art paraphernalia to my home hoping to find her magic.

  164. Shaye Sedberry

    I believe creativity is a gift from God!
    I believe He delights in our joy as we explore that beautiful crazy side of ourselves ! And it is joy and sadness and secrets and wonder that fills us as we put ourselves out there to just “create” and be inspired ! I loved what you said about “giving ourselves permission to be amateurs and the gift of practice”. To just be able to just sit and soak in that beautiful feeling when you allow yourself freedom to simple create because it fills your soul .

  165. Vickie

    I love your site, I love checking out new courses. Have shared on Pinterest, Facebook and followed you on Instagram. Congratulations on the new site, I’m off to have a cruise now.

  166. Michelle Liptak

    It’s honestly made my life more beautiful in so many ways. It’s become my therapy and helped in areas of my life that I never thought possible. I feel like I’ve finally found an outlet and a forever passion. Thank you so much for your part in my learning process through classes like this and thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing prize.

  167. Michelle Mullavey

    Creativity has saved my sanity over the last ten years. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and while going through my treatment and all of the following trials and tribulations it was creating art and both the beauty and sometimes the ugliness of this creative process that kept me sane. I don’t know how I would be without it. The colour and the textures and the process itself make my life more beautiful every day, along with taking in the beauty of the work of others.

  168. Carol Tamasiunas

    Exploring my creativity has brought me new friends, new places, new ideas and much color to my life.

  169. Nikki Dyer

    I have passed my creativity on to my children and as a result, we create art together. Some of my favorite moments with them! Congrats on your new site.

  170. Abby Coffell

    Ever since I gave myself time to create and learn from creating, it has made me see the world in a more beautiful and compassionate way. Thank you for being one of my inspirations to not just start me on a direction, but also to help me keep moving on with what I know was gifted to me. Thank you for holding a space where other creatives also feel welcomed and inspire us. This is a beautiful site and excited for you and your family! <3 Thank you for the opportunity for such a great giveaway.

  171. Lynda

    Living on Prince Edward Island, I am surrounded by creative people who inspire me every day.

    Your new site is fabulous! Congratulations!

  172. Loren

    I like being creative because it’s a great outlet! Sometimes I find myself stuck in a rut when it comes to creating but when I sit down to paint or just decorate my planner I feel a thousand times better!

  173. Christina Aiton

    While I was caring for my husband in his last months, my only real escape was your website – I could pop in and out of my classes and feel renewed and refreshed, and creative. Thank you Jeanne for helping me get through that time – and now, I am enjoying the Sheila Atchley class – so perfect for this time of year.

  174. Alissa

    I absolutely love your new site Jeanne! Congratulations!!
    I started down this art path after taking almost ten years off…which I started up again because of your first course. You will also hold a special place in my heart because of that. Living this creativity life, I can see and appreciate who God made me to be. To be more generous. To be more transparent. More authentic. Through my art, I experience God in a totally different way then ever before. Art is my worship.

  175. Susan Norwood

    My creativity grows more and more every year and at this point I don’t know what to do with all my ideas since I don’t have time to put them all into my life. But I am so thankful for the tools I have to create with whether it is my sewing machine, or art journals and paints or my new camera lens. I think life is all about creating. When I hear people say they aren’t creative it makes me want to scream and I wish I could give them even a little bit of my spark and watch them take off. I guess I will try to do that more! Congrats on the new site and thank you for all the beautiful courses here that have inspired me!

  176. Suzi Brown

    Your site is beautiful and so are you. I am so inspired all the time by what you present to other artist’s.
    Even the simplest art reaches hearts in ways that are unexplainable. It nurtures, relaxes, heals, inspires, challenges, and energizes us. Art and creativity is one of the most powerful forces on earth. God created us and this universe and note the word “created” is used in the Bible. We are all wired by Him to be creative. With our various gifts, we can touch so many other’s and bless those that might not otherwise be shown any attention or love.

  177. Ange

    Jeanne this is fabulous to see you expanding and bringing the joy of creativity into the lives of others. I too use my creativity in my workshops and coaching to help women in particular deepen their connection to themselves and allow themselves to let go of those left brain ‘pirate’ shoulds and obligations that hold them back from living their full potential. It is in creating, expressing our creativity that we get a sense of what it is fully like to be human.

  178. Susan Smith

    I love creating anything knitted, or yarn-y. I very much enjoyed your daughters little videos on crocheted garlands, years ago. Beautiful new site!

  179. Rita Carbuhn

    Jeanne has been a significant person in my art journey as she was the impetus for me to return to sketching and painting after a long hiatus. Now these activities are a part of my daily life. It brings me such joy to create!

  180. Cherise Sweet

    Tagged you and many others in each of the above… yayyy! This is amazing! What a buzz! So exciting Jeanne!

  181. Kimberly S. J.

    My grandmother’s creativity was an inspiration for me. She’d love to see my creativity now…

  182. donnahpeter@hotmail.com

    Oh wow, this is so exciting ? Creativity has always brought me joy. I love creating unique pieces. It has helped me grow spiritually as well.
    It’s been amazing watching your biz and creativity grow, you’ve been an inspiration.
    Thank you ?

  183. Shyra Schuyler

    Being creative is a part of who I am. Learning new skills from other Creatives has helped build my confidence in so many ways. In high school I shyed away from art classes because I was afraid I wouldn’t be good enough. How wonderful to have this amazing resource!


    My parents were both creative in different ways. They passed it on to me, and my granddaughter who is 11, loves to create. The time the two of us spend putting ideas together is wonderful!

  185. Eleanor

    Jeanne, you are the true inspiration. Congratulations and a sincere thank you for the beautiful opportunities you provide.

  186. Erin Ware

    Creativity and artistry are my tools for finding hope in the darkest times. Making art is like shining a flashlight right into the scary places!

    Excited about this new site! Congrats!

  187. Patti Calande

    I’ve always been a maker. But one of my favorite things, something that enhances my life, is to gather together with others and teach or learn or just enjoy the artistic atmosphere, creative vibe that’s tangible when we’re together.

  188. Diane Lanford

    I am so excited for all of us but especially for you and family. My creativity has made me a happier person. My family and friends love the projects I create. I feel this creativity is owed to you Jeanne, I found you thru blogging and took my first course when I moved to Asheville. It filled me with such joy to fulfill one of my dreams. Bless you and I can tell everyone, meeting you in person was wonderful. Love, Diane

  189. Joyce

    I have 5 art friends who inspire me every day. We meet once a month at my house to exchange art work and someone always has something to teach. Some of us meet periodically throughout the month and it is so much fun to bounce ideas off of each other. We are all ages from 40 to 78 and still creating art. We love it!! You never know who is going to be the one to motivate you or to inspire you to go in a different direction with our art. We are so blessed to be together, going on 20 years. Thank you for the opportunity win. This would just be amazing.

  190. SARA

    If I were to reflect on how creativity has made my life more beautiful it would be that it has made me feel more present. More present to nature, to colour and shape and the actual process of painting. I feel more grounded and more of myself. To explore our creativity is a gift we should all be able to receive.

  191. Kellie Lund

    Creativity has literally saved my life. I’m bi-polar and during the down dark days doing something creative keeps me going.

  192. Barbara A Young

    Greetings Jeanne & Family, About 2 months ago I visited Jeanne’s studio for a 2 day workshop. I had never in my life done anything like this. I left a new woman. Empowered by Jeanne and the new friends I made, I’ve continued on my journey. I now have a “studio” to practice what I learned. It was MAGICAL! I will never forget those 2 days! Congratulations on your lovely website! xxx

  193. Renae Froese

    i believe that art is feelings in action.
    i believe that being creative is an expression of whats deep inside, and
    i believe that a creative life is beautiful because we were created by the Creator to be creative..

  194. Kristi

    I adore the classes I’ve taken on Jeanne’s website. I’m currently making eclectic crocheted bead necklaces as Christmas presents for friends and family. The pieces reflect my own eclectic tastes and I feel like I’m able to give a little of myself to my loved ones. So very special–thank you! Can’t wait to explore the new website for inspiration!

  195. Renae Froese

    i believe that in creating art we express what the Creator has created in us, His work of art…

  196. Sherri Carneal

    My father opened up creativity to me when we drew, cut out and put glitter on homemade valentines for my first grade class. He lived each day with a creative spirit. He could do anything and was so fearless in what he created. What I learned to make a perfect heart you draw a question mark and meet it on the other side. I miss you Daddy and I am grateful for all the creativity you shared with me. Thank you for letting me share this memory today.

  197. Debra Dane

    Congratulations on the new site. Cannot wait for some time to explore.

    My creativity has made my life more beautiful because when I returned to it after 20 years it was part of making me whole again. It also keeps me in a colourful place even when i feel grey

  198. Missy

    The journey we have been on with your brand has been an exciting and inspiring one!
    Course variety and content offered here is some of the best offered anywhere and is so invaluable to me! I revisit classes often, taking away something new each time.
    What a treasure for someone to receive!!

  199. Ruth Tacoma

    Creativity has given me a way to express myself that has been better than any therapy ever! And it just plain makes my heart happy.

  200. Suzen King

    Creativity gave me a place to connect with my Granddaughter and allow us to grow together. It’s our bond!

  201. cherisse911@hotmail.com

    When I realized that it was creativity that actually fuels me, and gives me the energy and passion to live, I started to embrace it! What this looks like for me is carving out time every week to just play with my supplies. It also means sharing that passion with others by providing a safe place (and supplies) for them to explore what it is that fuels them ❤️ For me, the two go hand in hand!!

  202. el

    so excited about your new site… I pinned your course home page to pinterest !! love el

  203. Trisca

    Congrats!! ? Honestly, being creative reminds me of who I really am. It allows me to step out of who I need to be for everyone else – mom, daughter, friend, boss, employee, lover – and be me. Just me.

  204. Chrystal

    I have been creative since I was a little girl. I colored when I was happy and it was my escape when I was afraid. Being creative was something that couldn’t be taken away from me. It was mine. Through my life my creativity with art helped me escape my fears, encourage others, and sometimes it helped me pay bills. My creativity has always been a part of me and I thank the Lord for allowing me to have it. Congratulations on your new site Jeanne, it’s beautiful. I am looking forward to new classes and creating new friendships along the way! Here’s to creativity!!!

  205. timtam457@yahoo.com

    Creativity is why I get up every day. Even if I don’t get to create that day, the inspiration and desire is there with me through everything. My mother taught me to embroider when I was 5 years old and that sparked the fire. Since then I have found many women who have encouraged and taught me but two stand out. Anne Myhre who is a craft-woman extraordinaire, as well as a beautifully authentic woman and Leslie Molen who never ceases to amaze me with her talent, skill, willingness to teach, and her beautifully warm personality. I love creating and love the women in my life who have sparked that fire in me.

  206. el

    creativity makes my life more beautiful .. for one it is my escape from the stress of life and renews me.. also i get to encourage and bless others with what we create… I make note cards from my art and share the notecards as gifts or just to send a note via post mail to someone.. also I knit and crochet and I am always gifting those items.. I am blessed by a friend who makes life beautiful by everything she does whether it is her gardens , her decorating of her home or her sweet artwork or sewing creations… she is very creative with her life and pays special attention to detail.

  207. Robyn

    Wow – the new site is AWESOME! SO beautiful! My creativity has made my life more beautiful by allowing me to channel my emotions into paint, collage, and just about anything else I can get my hands on. I look around my home and studio and can relive the thoughts and feelings of each piece I see. It has also introduced me to a wide range of beautiful souls who have shared their creative journeys and creative gifts with me – making my life more beautiful in the process. Congratulations on your new site! I look forward to more exploring!

  208. Tonya Williams

    Creativity has been something I’ve loved my whole life. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve developed an increasing anxiety issue. But using art has been so therapeutic in helping to manage it and to help work through my thoughts. It’s brought me close to nature and people and helped me to feel whole again.

  209. debi@lifeinmystudio.com

    My art helps me live with chronic pain and depression. It is displayed all around our home in the form of paintings, scrapbooks, and other handcrafted items. Now I am sharing and teaching what I know and love with my daughter in law, and my 3 year old granddaughter.

  210. 2acorns@gmail.com

    Congrats on this momentous occasion! Hard work and vision all come together. I love breathing life into new art that never existed before. It’s an honor to join with Creator God in the magic of creation.

  211. Marsha

    Any form of creativity brings me peace, especially during difficult emotional times. I may not feel like creating but any form helps me work through whatever is going on, be it a photo, a quick note in my journal, a doodle, or doing an art project

  212. Jennifer Holden

    I am so extremely excited about your new site! It is beautiful. I am so thankful for you and your teams persistence to make this happen. The ability to grow as an artist is so exciting. I also love the idea of community with like minded people.

  213. Sheila Rumney

    Creativity has made my life so more enjoyable, from the wonderful people met, to the relaxation and happiness it brings. Thanks Jeanne for sharing your passion with all of us!

  214. Emma Wall

    Hi Jeanne, I’m so excited for you. Way to go girl. Why do I craft, paint, sew, quilt, etc. Because without that creative outlet I’d just wither away. Nothing feels quite as good as finishing a project, taking a step back to look at it and think, “Yeah, I love it.” A friend once told me that I have too much “stuff” and needed to clear some of it out. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I need all of it, almost every day. I always tell people that I come with a lot of baggage. Lo.

  215. Maxine Schutter

    It means everything to me to be able to express myself. I am grateful for being a part of yourcircle, your network! I am truly grateful! ♡

  216. Emma Wall

    Nothing feels quite as good as finishing a project, taking a step back to look at it and think, “Yeah, I love it.” A friend once told me that I have too much “stuff” and needed to clear some of it out. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. I need all of it, almost every day. I always tell people that I come with a lot of baggage. Lo.

  217. Terri Bailey

    Congratulations! Amazingly beautiful, wow! I’ve followed on FB, IG.
    I’ve been taking classes from the old site, the inspiration I received was so spiritually charged it was an aha moment for me, I was at a stand still frozen no creative flow, life had delivered a blow so big, I couldn’t get motivated or start. Then I accidentally found your network of women, traveling a spiritual art path. I listened to so many stories,music,art. I began making cards for a woman’s group, woman that are starting a fresh, the ground up.
    My little cards are so welcome. Your network helped me center myself, through giving to others, Thank You

  218. Mary Campbell

    Through the classes on this website, I have gained confidence to share my art with others.

  219. Kathy

    Congratulations on the new site. I’ve taken many of the courses you offer. Love them! They have sparked my creativity for years.

  220. Lisa

    So happy for you Jeanne. I stumbled on your blog a few years back. I think it was a decorating link or something. I saw the first Studying Under the Masters course and my love for art returned or should I say resurfaced. It came in a time of my life that I was suffering lots of pain. I was able to feel and feel better creating. I am not good with words and not sure how to explain it but creating has freed me from myself. Given me the sense of freedom I need.
    I am sharing on FB.

  221. Terri Bailey

    Congratulations! Amazingly beautiful, wow! I’ve followed on FB, IG
    I call it divine intervention, The Jeanne Oliver site was that for me, I was so stuck. Life had run over me.
    Then, pow! My Eskimo in a snow storm,ask, and it came. Women helping women through art, song, journaling, painting, so many beautiful people. I started small, little cards for shelter, they were welcomed and lifted them up. I have been with your network ever since, broadening my skill level and letting my spirit guide me. So grateful to all of you.
    Thank you! ❤️??‍???‍?

  222. Esther Orloff

    What a beautiful new site and wow… amazing giveaway!! EEkk!!! Art is so necessary for me, If I don’t create for a while then finally get back to it… it’s like I can finally breathe again. It helps me express joy and work through problems, and often I feel closer to God when I’m creating. It’s a beautiful, beautiful thing to be a vessel. A blessing that I’m deeply grateful for. Thank you for your wonderful site and classes which help so many find their way to creativity and ultimately find their way back to themselves.

  223. Di

    Creativity has always been a big part of my life but is only recently that I started linking it with my faith and it’s so exciting. I am loving using creativity as part of my worship and I’m so grateful to belong to a church that celebrates all kind of art. It’s also nice to sometimes just ‘play’ with no agenda and this has been really helpful when life gets too stressful. It’s what we were created to do and I can’t imagine life without it. I love your vision and I’ve shared it on facebook.

  224. Jen

    Creativity has given me a look inside myself. It has given me a beautiful place to call my own. It brings beauty, clarity, and peace to my soul in ways nothing else does. It helps me connect to the real me.

  225. Ann-Marie McIntire

    I love how the creativity of my online art friends and art hero’s spur me on to grow and challenge myself.

  226. Maria Soto

    I can’t remember a time that I didn’t think about creating art. It makes me feel whole. Whenever I go through a time period without making art I feel like a part of me is missing. So when I create art I am complete again. I look for creativity in my daily life and catch myself daydreaming about ideas of making art. My mind and would yearns for creativity in making art.

  227. Carol Ponsford

    Congratulations on you new website…it looks fantastic. The person who inspires my creativity is my artistic husband. He taught 3-D art for 39 1/2 years and through his creativity has inspired hundreds if not thousands of young artist. He is truly creative in every way and encourages me on my journey. We met in an art class. Looking forward to exploring your new site! Thanks for the opportunity to win what sounds like an awesome giveaway.

  228. Maria Soto

    Oops! My 1st comment has an error. Last sentence should read.
    My mind and soul yearns for creativity in making art.

  229. Julie Hughes

    Your creativity inspires me to paint and create for me and not worry so much about “impact”. I hope my art inspires others to get in touch with their own creativity.

  230. Joan

    I guess is in my genes, I have always had the need to create. I didn’t always realize it, I just did it in one way or another. It has gotten me through some very troubling times. If creativity was taken away from me I think I would die, I cannot live without it.

  231. tracy

    Creativity has brought SO much joy to my life! First, I’ve met beautiful people at workshops and classes ;o) Also, seeing the faces of people who have been touched by my creations is such a treasure!!

  232. Syeda

    My Mom was the first one that introduce me to creativity and has always been my source of inspiration.Now I strive to instill that creativity in all my kids and I enjoy every bit of it. To be honest I have very big shoes to fill.

  233. Jaci Musec

    I can never thank you enough for your Becoming: the unfolding of you
    Series. I was so inspired to rethink the way I viewed my own creativity and have since gone on to claim my identity as an artist. Creating pulled me out of depression and anxiety in a way that I cannot fully describe. We are on a long tough road through infertility and my art has been healing, compelling, hopeful and transformative.

  234. Jaci R Musec

    I can never thank you enough for your Becoming: the unfolding of you
    Series. I was so inspired to rethink the way I viewed my own creativity and have since gone on to claim my identity as an artist. Creating pulled me out of depression and anxiety in a way that I cannot fully describe. We are on a long tough road through infertility and my art has been healing, compelling, hopeful and transformative.

  235. Maeve

    I think I was born with the need to just do art – all kinds of art! My parents were creative/artistic. I drew, painted (oils at a younger age), sewed, quilted (still do this), then learned all about watercolors and studied with various artists, along with taking classes. “Doing art” has always been my escape, my own space and a time of peacefulness and “flow”. (I shared my love of creating with my 3 daughters too. We did a lot of happy creating together. I followed up by creating with my granddaughters.) 11 years ago my husband died. It has been a faith journey ever since then, a time of deep spirituality. I find God in creating. And when I found your site, Jeanne Oliver, I found it to be a very special place of excitement AND peacefulness, and a feeling of being home again whenever I am working on a class. I am 74 and still learning something new daily. I love what you do and all you share with us. Thank you so much! I will be sharing your site on FB.

  236. Cynthia Fawcett

    Lately, I’ve been using art to calm myself after stressful days at work. Even 5 or 19 minutes can be so soothing! Many thanks for providing this network and the classes that give so much inspiration!

  237. Suzanne Schroder

    I am always inspired by the unmatched creativity of our Creator. Then I have you Jeanne along with Sheila Atchley to thank for sharing how you combine faith and creativity. Still learning…………

  238. Laura McDaniel

    Like some children, my creativity of writing and journaling was frowned upon. But when I did create something that my grandmother would compliment on, I instantly wanted to share of give it to her. When I see how you’ve shared with us, it gives me the same heartfelt smiles. Happy to see the changes and growth & to be a part of it. Thank you Jeanne.

  239. Ginger

    Creativity is my solace. I instinctively knew this from a very young age but it took 30 years for me to consciously become aware that art-making is the place I go for healing, being present and finding peace in solitude. Experiencing postpartum depression after the birth of my son led me to create art that was personal, emotional and intuitive, not about technique or the finished product. This started me on a healing journey.

    Thank you for making this community, it’s beautiful.

  240. Lesley St Clair

    My life has become more beautiful due to online classes – learning, sharing and being introduced to like minded people from all over the world and in some cases actually meeting up in person on my or their travels – just wonderful ❤️

  241. Renee Fleming

    I am an almost-starving artist- so winning the course giveaway would be a very very positive windfall! Already you have encouraged me to create – I hunt and gather for my marking projects, I make beautiful frames from scrap wood, I journal like a pro, I collage junk mail and paint chip cards into unique art – you have made me mindful of all those things around me and have introduced me to kindred spirits. I foresee that the new website will energize and inspire a growing audience everywhere – congratulations and thank-you!

  242. Yvonne Bashor

    I was born into a very creative family. Both my parents were very creative and we did a lot of different types of creative projects individually and as a family. 🙂 It is just naturally to create for me–I just enjoy the process of making, particularly mixed media.

    Followed on Instagram.

  243. Alma Margason

    Congratulations on a job well done! You have inspired me to discover my inner artist! I come from a long line of “Creatives” but never embraced that part of me until I stumbled upon your website and found your free bible study, from that little click I found myself in Bellagio, Italy on the first Art & Faith Creative Retreat (akissonthechic.com) discovering art, beauty, food and friends beyond my wildest dreams! Thankyou! You are precious! I love you and your beautiful family! You live your life to inspire the world and you model what it means to live creatively! Thank you for helping me embrace my creative self! Cheers as we celebrate with you!!!

  244. mhebert56@telus.net

    I was inspired from a women I met back in 2004. We became friends, and I took private lessons with her for a year.
    I will share on my Facebook page. Congratulations on the new look, and thanks for the opportunity.

  245. Kate butler

    Found my creativity after many years of being told I couldn’t do this and now I can’t imagine my life without it. Have done several of your courses and it’s just helped me go from strength to strength and live my light. Thank you so much. Love the new site. Kate butler , Wellington, new zealand

  246. nini

    Being creative connects me to my true self and this is something we all should be able to experience. Thank you for all of your inspiration and hard work and here’s a big cheers to many many more creative hours we are going to have together ?

  247. Allyson Kettler

    My creativity has blossomed because through your courses I have gained a firmer grasp of the foundations of art which have bolstered my confidence to try new things outside of just what I have learned in class.

  248. Allyson Kettler

    I have shared your contest with family and friends and given them your NEW website so that they can enroll in class and participate in the drawing.

  249. Jennifer Holden

    I shared your video on my Facebook page..curious to see which of my contacts will respond. Looking for creatives!

  250. Becky Smith

    I’m looking forward to exploring your new site. I have been doing crafty/creative things since childhood. My mother introduced me to embroidery and sewing; over the years that beginning has led to a lot of trial and experimentation. I know I am happiest when I am creating!

  251. Melanie

    The new sight is fabulous. Gillian Cox & Kate Thompson are two of my favorite artist and by learning from them, they’ve given me the tools I needed (that I didn’t know I had) to learn to sketch portraits. Those portraits bring me such joy and that’s because of them.

  252. Teressa Sliger

    I found my creativity for art late in life at at 46 years old when my mother (an artist by hobby) saw me looking at one of her drawing books that I was fascinated by one drawing in particular – a craggy old man. She said, “you can do that” and I said, “ no, I can’t!” I remember that every time anyone says they can’t create art. My mother’s spirit is with my every time I create something or teach someone else how they can create. Today, I own an art gallery with classroom and artist’s studios where creatives come to be inspired. Thank you, Mom!

  253. kathy

    My creativity has always bubbled near the surface, but now having been retired for a year I am working to give it permission to take its place as a main focus in my life. This site will help

  254. Lynn Noone

    I come from a long line of creative women, and men, too! They all deny that they were artists, but my memories are overflowing with someone in my family teaching me how to sew, or crochet, or embroider, or draw, or a million other forms of creativity. I didn’t realize what a God-given gift I was given until I retired and was able to allow my creativity to become part of every breath I take. The day I saw some of your art work was the event my heart was waiting for. I felt like someone finally understood that art can be so important to others as well. Thank you more than I can express.

  255. Debra Lee

    Nothing brightens someone’s day up like a handmade gift from the heart. Best given for no reason at all.

  256. Lynn Noone

    I have pinned your video on every one of my art related boards on Pinterest. I lost count, maybe a dozen or so boards.

  257. Karen Roberts

    Creativity has always been a friend when I am lonely, and a companion when I am inspired. It is a space in which time and cares disappear, and my mind expands into the fullness of my being. It is simply a part of who I am.

  258. Christina G

    I love art, but other than taking art class in high school, I have never been trained. Being able to take art classes/workshops online through your network as well as others has been an amazing opportunity for me!

  259. Melissa Burford

    Creativity (mine and others) has made my life more beautiful simply by making me happier. Creating is an expression of that happiness and that is beauty (even when what I’m doing may be just a big ol’ mess).

  260. Cathe Ekas

    Jeanne, Thank you so much for your your incredible site. I have learned so much. Photography. watercolor, abstract painting, the masters, and much more. I started learning 60 years ago from my Mother and continued to learn from a vast amount of exceptional women. Everything I wanted to learn, there was always a women standing at the ready to teach me. I have followed that tradition by teaching others over the years. I have used my creativity to heal myself myself both physically and mentally. I don’t know what I would have done without it. Congratulations on your new site.

  261. Sandy Alsfasser

    I love the enormous amount of content in each of your classes! So many tips and creative ideas, color palettes, etc., etc. Participating in your classes has expanded my technical abilities as well as my imagination. Never thought I could paint the way I can now!

    Thank you, Jeanne and friends.

  262. Barbara Buckles

    Okay…Facebook (personal page and business page), Instagram, Pinterest (Inspiration folder!), blog, and personal emails. I think twitter is all that’s left but I don’t tweet. So impressed by each and every page…the more I look, the more I see just how huge the job was. Congratulations, again!

  263. Carol Weiler

    Jeanne, I think you know how life changing your workshops have been for me. My mother was so creative but was told all she could be in this world was a nurse, teacher, or mother. She always encouraged me to use my creative gifts. During my husbands long illness making art and art journaling were my salvation. He was my best fan and encouraged me to make something every day even when I didn’t want to or felt it was self indulgent. I hope it made his days beautiful even while suffering. I love your new website and will continue to take both online and live workshops with you. I’ve shared on FB, followed on IG, and posted on Pinterest. I wish you continued success !

  264. Leslie

    My mom is an inspiration for my creativity because of the way she not only put our home together but the way she always encouraged my own creativity. Whether it was decorating my room, cross stitching, ballet dancing or painting, she always cheered me on!

  265. Leslie Flynn

    Flexing my creative muscles as recreation has allowed me to infuse creativity into just about every aspect of my life, even turning around my career! Thinking artistically can reframe every action, no matter how mundane or straightforward. It has made my life more beautiful in appearance, but also in that I’m a more complete individual for having those skills and an outlet for that creativity!

  266. Mary Zan Warren

    My creativity started at a very early age. We were so poor because of medical issues with both parents. My dad worked at the post office and brought home old junk mail for me to make paper dolls, etc out of. This taught me you can use what you have and make whatever you want out of throw away things. For years i created a lot of my own toys from paper cast offs such as a catalogue, magazine, newspaper. Paper has always been my favorite thing to play with. Creativity and co,ors and nature inspired me to add paints, watercolors, and so i can say creativity has saved my little life and made my world much bigger and more beautiful.

  267. Gayle Gartin

    My Mom so inspired me to be creative. All my life I lived where we used our hands. Learning to cook, from making butter to home made cinnamon rolls. Living in the country we learned many ways. At 60 she decided to paint. My mom has so many beautiful works she created. I have those to inspire me to paint each day and so thankful for the hours I have painted with my son. It brings me peace and a completeness sharing with them.

  268. Sandi Woods

    “Creativity Takes Courage” – Henri Matisse
    While there are many times that putting myself out there has been difficult or intimidating, without art, I don’t know who I would be or how I would exist. When I look at the world, I see art. I see art in nature, architecture, people, places, things and it inspires me and keeps me going. Life is beautiful and art is one of the biggest contributors to that beauty I see everyday! I spent 6 years studying art and I still feel like a beginner sometimes, I love learning, I love the motivation and inspiration that learning brings and I love the way technology has been able to bring the gift of learning to the comfort of our own homes/studios!! I do love a live class too!!! But the online learning has brought so much to people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn….so grateful you have started this network and brought so many people together and inspired them. Thanks for all you do Jeanne!! **sorry I rammed my forehead into your garage door during the last retreat I attended!! ahahaha I made great friends that day though, and have traveled to Thailand with one of them just last month!!! So your doing more than teaching, your bringing people together and inspiring them to do so much more!!

  269. Theresa Merkling

    Congratulations on the new site. Love the classes I’ve taken with you on the ning and would love to win the bundle.

    Learning new art processes and putting them into practice has made my life richer and more beautiful. It has helped me grow into a more well rounded person with the ability to see and make new expressions. Being a daily creative has helped me become the person I wanted to be.

    Thank you.

  270. Deborah Todd

    I live a pretty isolated life in the country. The classes have provided me with new friends, new techniques, and a way to see every day things differently. Thank you!

  271. christine lakin

    I use to teach and tried to incorporate art when I could -I worked in special ed’ . I became disabled and slowly art opened up to me in different ways it has helped me in so many ways.
    I have taking some of your soul searching classes -always learning!

  272. Karen Disljenkovic

    Creativity is a part of who I am and how I share and connect with the world.
    (Sharing in FB)

  273. Kelly Aubert

    Being creative has helped me thru many difficult times in my life including learning to deal with chronic health issues. It has saved me!



  275. Roben-Marie

    Your new site is AMAZING!!! Your personality and lovely spirit shine through!! Congratulations!!!❤️

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