I knew last year that 2024 would be our final year of live workshops. I knew it more than almost anything else and that was way before we had any inclination of moving. When we started offering live workshops here at our home and studio over eight years ago, we were a family of five all under one roof. Over these past eight years our babies grew up, moved out to go to school, graduated college and started dreams of their own. What I loved doing with our family became harder and harder without them. The ease and joy of preparing and loving on all of the women that gathered felt different in my heart and proved harder on me than Kelly.  Madolyn helped create class kits since she was around six and the absence of her attention to detail and the joy of working side by side with all three of our children was missed greatly. One of the most powerful things our guests saw was how our family worked together. It made sense. To them and to me. With all of that changing, I knew that gathering live would change too.

So, as I started to say out loud what my heart had know for awhile and I also started looking at our space in new ways. I mentioned to Kelly that I could convert our garage to my studio, connect the house and studio and he then could convert use the current studio space as a four car garage and workshop.  Instantly my heart was impacting my eyes and how I was seeing many things. I was also letting beautiful things go long before I truly would need to.

This is when the story gets good. I was sitting at dinner after the first day of Art as Worship last fall with a table of women. One of the women was an artist and architect and we were talking about these two parts of who she was and how she creates. I asked her if she had ever considered creating a work of art for each home she designs. I mentioned that eight years ago we had put an offer on a award winning 1964 mid-century home designed by James Ream and there was a painting that had come with the home for the past two owners. She loved the idea and asked me to send her the old listing if I could find it so she could see it. She emailed me a few times and I forgot to send it. She emailed again very nicely asking me to please send her the link. Out of embarrassment at my delay I stopped what I was doing to find the old listing.

Once I found the old listing I sat for a few moments looking through all of the images and reminiscing about this home that completely stole my heart eight years ago. You can read about it HERE. For a few years after we moved into our current home we had stayed in touch with the couple that got the home and we had even talked to them about buying it for an extension of our workshops if they ever wanted to sell (and at one point they were considering it).  I reached out to them every 6 months for about three years and then life went on, we loved our home, land and studio and until that dinner conversation regarding architecture and art…we hadn’t thought about the home for over 5 years.

As I sat there getting the link for the woman and looking through the images I called Kelly over. I mentioned how amazing it was how the Lord had gotten my attention with this home, downloaded clear vision for where we were to take our business, called out ideas in me that I had not even been thinking and then landed us on a home and property that could handle the responsibility. That mid-century was not the home for us eight years ago to handle what was created in our life and business on this current property, but as I looked at Kelly I said, “But wouldn’t it be the most amazing home for us now?” He sat down and looked through the images for the first time in many years and agreed. As we went about our day I said to Kelly that I was going to reach out to the owners and just remind them that if they were to ever sell to keep us in mind. I then let Kelly know that probably means it will be for sale and laughed.

I sent a quick text to the owners and could tell they read it right away but they didn’t say anything back. The next day we received a call from their realtor. I let her know that we were not THAT serious to get a realtor involved and she let us know that when the owners had received our message they had assumed we had already been contacted. They had asked her three days before my text to reach out to us because they had always promised us they would let us know first if they were going to sell. She had just gotten busy and hadn’t reached out yet.

At this point Kelly and I had the hairs on our arms standing on end. I let the agent know that we hadn’t seen the house in over 5 years and we didn’t even know if everything we had loved about this 1964 home was still there. She let us know that almost nothing had been touched, the house was currently empty because they had already moved to Nevada for work and that she could meet us there in 20 minutes. Within 20 minutes we were at the house and looking at it once again but this time as two people on the verge of being empty nesters. Over the next month we looked at it again, we also brought Ben to see the house and then we waited to hear what their asking price would be.  As we waited Kelly and I would walk each morning and go back and forth over moving or not. One day I would say yes and the next day I would say no. I also want you to know there were a lot of tears in this process. When we first put an offer on our current home I thought God had ripped me off. I thought he got my attention with the mid-century and then he gave me a house that was going to take so much work and vision. Here we were all these years later and I told Kelly with tears streaming down my face that I had been such a fool to think I was being ripped off. Our current home gave us everything we wanted and needed and now, if we sold it, the truth is I would be getting ripped off a bit to go to the other house.

There will be many that do not understand leaving our current home and all we created. We are not done creating though. I believe everything that was built these past eight years was to prepare us for what is next. I believe there is an additional site coming. new courses and curriculums, Kelly teaching with me to couples regarding business and working as a family, more painting than ever and very intentional international travel. I know this house was a gift to Kelly and me because it is time to not gather at our home with workshops but to now GO OUT. This house will become a place to refuel in between our next adventures.

After our own back and forth over the house we agreed to their price, signed a letter of intent and we then left to teach in Italy for a month.

Once we got back from Italy we assumed that the owners would be anxious to get moving ahead and we would be getting an official contract but instead there was silence. We reached out multiple times to the realtor to let her know we were ready to move forward and there was still more silence than we expected. After two weeks we found out that the owners were having second thoughts (this was the husband’s dream home) and we were in waiting mode. We then got the call that the sale was back on and from the date of getting a contract we closed within three weeks.

| A short video walking from the garage to the house on closing day in December 2023 |

The day we signed papers, our loan couldn’t fund because the bank had been hacked and we were told it may take a few extra days. They gave us the keys early and Kelly and I went to the house, opened our lawn chairs and sat on our upper deck off our new bedroom and had coffee. It was surreal but we were also very aware that the sale had still not gone through and, until it was official, it was hard to truly celebrate. We got the call only minutes before 5pm that another company had funded the loan and the house was ours. It was only days before Christmas so all of the kids were home and we went to the house for a huge fire in my beautiful mid-century fireplace, pizza and Italian wine (of course).

Before I close I wanted to remind you that eight years ago I saw a house that got my attention like nothing had before. As I looked around that property for the first time I had clear vision for gathering and growing our business in a new way. Even though the mid-century got my attention, it was our current home where everything was truly born. The mid-century was my home…just not yet. Just not yet. We have lots of those moments in life don’t we? We are so in love with our beautiful little James Ream mid-century home! We can not wait to move and make it ours!

I have SO MUCH to share with you! I can’t wait to give you a house tour and to also share the whole renovation. I will soon be sharing more on my YouTube Channel so I can document this new journey. I would love if you would subscribe. Welcome to our treehouse!