What Classes and Teachers Do YOU Want To See On The Jeanne Oliver Creative Network?



We are busy getting our beautiful new creative network ready to launch in January 2017!

This has truly been a labor of love and we know you are going to LOVE it!

We have the MOST incredible line up of teachers and classes coming to you in the New Year and as we are working on the site we want to hear from you and hear what and who you would love to see on our new creative network.

It would mean so much to us if you would take a few moments to tell us what classes you want to see more of, what teachers you wish we would host and even if you have a testimonial you would like to share.

This is YOUR site! We want to make it even more beautiful for YOU and we want to hear what would make it the most enriching, inspiring, educational and beautiful online art school that you take classes from.

Thank you!
Jeanne Oliver


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  1. Elizabeth Dvorak

    Your network provides a fabulous selection of true quality classes. And the kind & healing vibe is much appreciated. ??

  2. Elizabeth Dvorak

    Your network provides a fabulous selection of true quality classes. And the kind & healing vibe is much appreciated. ??

  3. Karen Henke

    Love you and all of your classes that you teach and that others teach. Especially enjoyed the Masters classes. However I did not get thru all of the first one. I was so inspired with Gaudi that Janelle Jacobson taught that I made a visit to Barcellona before the Ballagio retreat. How awesome both trips were!!! Would you consider grandfathering me in to the Master I? Thanks.

  4. R Miller

    I would be excited about this transition only if we are able to still have access to all of the classes we are currently signed up for. I love the classes that you offer, but I don’t want to lose anything I’ve already paid for. Thanks.

  5. luraisat

    oh my gosh you do such an amazing job not sure how you could really get any better. as far as artists you have chosen so many i already love. there is a lady that i started awhile ago watching and she is teaching in lets face it 2017 i think she is so very talented and different from any others i have seen…..Deb Weiers! another person that is a friend of mine and can do so many different styles of art from cutesy to animal and people portraits is Maggie Barbour, check her out~ i know i could probably come up with more cause there is so much talent out there. oh….Jen Cushman, Jamie Dourghety, Andree Chevrier too. i like when the classes have lifetime access, i live on a very limited budget so it helps alot if i can do the classes more than once. thats all i can think of cause you already do THAT great of a job already. thank you so much i know it must take alot of time to keep the site up and always so interesting. <3



  7. Marcia Bylina

    Jeanne, I have loved all your offerings! I have taken at least more than half of your online workshops and have most of the others on my list to take. I have always been very impressed with the content. I love how deep you delve into the subjects and artists and even the supplies. I have enjoyed the other artists as well and enjoy the variety of teaching, subject matter and the depth of each topic and technique. I always feel very inspired. I admire your choices of subjects and teachers. I love how your choices and teachings about supplies are both simple and complex at the same time. I also admire your support for others gifts and skills. I feel that the best way to improve is to keep it coming!!! And maybe to include PDF’s to help when I return to the subject at a later time. Bravo!

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