Isn’t it amazing how deeply art can touch you?

Within minutes of being at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival I was in a man’s booth and one of his art pieces almost brought me to tears.

Later in the day my sister was able to see an artist that I adore and she called me telling me that she could have cried because her art was so touching.

But art doesn’t just move you to tears.  Art can be repulsive and offensive.  It can be dark.  Art can be joyful.  Art can make you laugh out loud.  It can make you think.  It can definitely inspire.  It can bring peace and it can unsettle.

As I walked through hundreds of booths today I was reminded once again about how many gifts we all have.

Not one of the booths looked like another.

Beautiful, authentic, original creativity coming out of each of the artists.

Here are some of my favorite artists from the day and their links.

Cori Dantini

{I actually went today specifically to meet Cori}

I love Cori’s work and she is so kind.  We are currently redoing Madolyn’s room and I will be buying some of Cori’s prints for her new room.

Lisa Norris

She has some really unique dress collages that I wish I could have photographed.  I didn’t bring my camera because I just wanted to take all the art in.  When I am taking photos I think I miss a lot.

Aaron Hequembourg

I pulled these photos off of Aaron’s website.  His work was exquisite.  If you have a chance to ever see he work you will love it.  Some of his art was what moved me so deeply.  I bought the smallest piece that he was selling:-)  I loved talking with him and hearing about the models his uses and all of the salvage pieces that he incorporates.

Ann Wood and Dean Lucker

I really enjoyed their mechanical pieces.  Their art is so affordable and one of the pieces could be like a card.  They are paper with a mechanical piece that reveals a special message.  So unique and very fun.

Brian McGuffey

Brian’s work had amazing textures and his pieces were bold, whimsical and large.

Beverly Hayden

It is fun to meet an artist that is as fun as their art.  Beverly’s personality is definitely part of the joy of seeing her work.  She let the children touch pieces which was amazing at a show that we had to repeatedly say, “don’t touch”:-)

Lisa Kattenbraker

I loved Lisa’s booth.  Each piece had the most gorgeous colors and I loved all the children she painted.

Amanda Blake

Amanda’s art is stunning.  Why does money not grow on trees?  My favorites pieces were little tiny 2″x3″ original pieces.  Very fun.

Court Lurie

I really enjoyed Court’s abstract paintings.  I am looking forward to experimenting more with this style myself.

Rick Wright

LOVE!!  I am still kicking myself that I didn’t buy one of his sketches!  So lovely.

So, there you have it…my highlights from the art festival.

I may just head back again on my own to look around longer.