What I Have Learned This Week


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This week I have learned a few things……

*A three year old rarely actually hits the toilet.

*My laundry is only caught up for 30 seconds and it starts all over again.

*Never under ANY circumstance get on the scale during your period…EVER.

*Having a baby fall asleep in your arms is still one of the most beautiful parts of life.

*Drinking my morning coffee in a pretty cup makes it taste better.

*Sometimes something can look like chocolate…and it is NOT!

*Next month is my 20th high school reunion….I sometimes still think I AM 20!

*Working out can turn my day around so quickly.

*I NEED the weekend with Kelly.  When he is not here on a weekend I feel so off and tired.

*I need to eat the grilled artichokes from White Chocolate Grill at least once a week or I go into a deep withdrawal and it is the only thing I think about. Who wants to meet me right now??????

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  1. Lee Ann

    Oh wow, I would love to meet with you Jeanne, but I can’t just run over from Indiana!! Love how you keep it real! We can all so relate.

  2. Tammy Hensley

    Ditto on the 20th reunion thing. Mine is next month too and I’m not going!!! Just want to feel like I’ve accomplished more with my life!

  3. Shelley Overholt

    I can relate totally sista!!! lol Laundry, 20 year reunion coming up, feel like I should be 20 also! Sometimes I look around at my house, 3 kids and hubby and think “where did you all come from?!?” lol ~Shelley

  4. Teresa Sheeley

    oh baby i am having my 30 year class reunion next month!!! i still feel 20 but my things that are drooping must not feel the same age!!! πŸ™‚ hope you have fun at yours!

  5. Heather Jensen

    You are so funny! I don’t think I want to know about the chocolate. Never heard of White Chocolate Grill..but love artichokes. I always stop by but don’t usually leave a comment. I love how you share such deep feelings. Makes me happy to know others feel the same way I do. πŸ™‚

  6. Kristin

    hi.lar.ious!! ummm…35 year old men can’t hit the toliet!! ;0)
    will be right over for a girls night out!! after i clean the toliet…
    prairie hugs,

  7. Lara

    So that’s why my day started out so poorly! What was I thinking getting on the scale today?! πŸ˜‰
    Grilled artichokes sound divine…like I might need to try that this weekend.
    Absolutely agree with you about the hub-gone-on-the-weekend-dilemma…when Dave is gone I just don’t know what to do with my weekend with the girls…he’s all FUN for the most part and apparently (this is coming from the “cheap seats”) I have trouble in this area.

  8. LouBoo

    Hi – great list – I want and need alot of these things too! Isn’t that a lovely thing about blogging – that you can capture a list like that, share it, face it, hold it in your hands so to speak? Lou x

  9. anne marie

    i love how you started with the potty, and ended up with artichokes
    hilarious…..and if i could meet you, I so would.

  10. Theresa

    I DO!!! A baby falling asleep in my arms is about the only thing that could ever keep me completely still. Completely content. and I’m doing laundry right now and yes right later too! Theresa

  11. jennifer

    I adore artichokes – any way any how. My grandmother always stuffed them with parmesan cheese and bread crumb egg and olive oil stuffing and roasted them…mmmm. I kept the tradition alive with my sons. Chocolate…been there – it was my dog’s eye booger — ahhhrgrrggg! Jennifer come visit jennsthreegraces

  12. susan

    so many things that i can relate too! there is a restaurant here that serves artichokes francese and they are fabulous! have a great day! susan

  13. the wild raspberry

    oyyy….i’m right there with you on the laundry thing. why?! why?!
    and i’m betting it gets worse when they become teenagers. brace yourself jeanne!
    my sister made some delicious truffles from carob powder recently since she is on her raw diet. you may need the recipe for them. they were great!

  14. Gina

    I just celebrated my 30th class reunion! This is the first summer my 2 oldest children didn’t come home from college for the summer…so I have a lot less laundry, but it seems too quiet now.

  15. Courtney Walsh

    if only i could meet you right now! I could use the artichokes AND the girl time!
    My laundry is never caught up. Not even for 30 seconds.

  16. luckygirlgifts

    I would love to join you (wish I could)… Grilled Artichoke sounds fabulous.
    About thinking you are still 20, don’t stop. I still think I’m 18. Hopefully that is what will keep us always youthful.
    Have a wonderful meal.
    cari b

  17. Brooke

    hahah – so true about a 3 year old hitting the toilet. Oh and laundry, do get me started πŸ˜‰
    Hope you got your grilled artichokes πŸ™‚

  18. elisa

    Here’s a thought someone out there somewhere has more laundry than us.
    I’m with you on the scale thing….this rule should be instilled in us from our childhood. Those extra 3-4 pounds really irritate me.
    As for the baby sleeping in your arms, there is nothing in the world to bring us peace.
    Have a blessed day, even if you have to wipe to toilet seat a million times today.

  19. Mikal

    Oh my gosh, this just makes me giggle!
    I’m still waiting for laundry to be done, my “boys” to have good aim, and to “feel” my age.
    Thanks for making me smile, and reminding me about the special things in my life.

  20. Suz Reaney

    Me! I used to get my own artichoke for my birthday instead of a cake. Mind you, this was in South Dakota in the 60’s. No one had ever heard of artichokes!

  21. DreamGirlLisa

    My 25th class reunion is in a couple weeks…I still haven’t decided for sure if I’m going. Makes me feel old!!
    Agree w/ the laundry…it has always been my least fav chore πŸ™
    Hope you get your artichoke fix soon, they sound delish!!
    Have a great weekend w/ your guy!

  22. Cara

    Where is the White Chocolate Grill? Forget the artichokes, what do do they do with White Chocolate?!?! Thanks for reading the blog. Cara / callabee

  23. deborah

    ugh….the toilet thing–so true. but, be patient. we decided our 15 year old had to learn to mow the lawn BEFORE he learned to drive a car….so the lawn looks lovely:) and I skipped Weight Watchers this morning for the exact reason. πŸ™‚

  24. paige

    game on girl!
    any place named the white chocolate grill surely is a winner
    ps-you are so silly

  25. Rachel

    I want more of those artichokes too!! We need to go there and wrestle the recipe out of that crazy waitress!!

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