I have to tell you the truth…this post was hilarious for me.

I don't ever take photos of me before I head out……seriously…who does?

My kids didn't know what was going on.

I had to keep calling for one of them to bring me my camera.

When the weekend came my husband was curious what I was doing before we were leaving the house and the kids were then just calmly saying, "She is just taking photos of her outfits".

I think they are used to my weird blog activtes by now.


Here are the outfits I wore last week.

Before we begin I would like to be the first to say these photos are horrible…how do you guys take photos of yourself???



Leggings Vera Wang (Kohls), Anthro skirt from last year, Anthro sweater from last year, grey shirt from Anthro last year, leather cuff from Seattle flea market, Lucy Messenger bag from my shop, Anthro boots from last year, hat from a flea market.



Gap shirt, tank, Anthro yoga pants, running shoes (even though no running was going on this day).  FYI….don't try running in their yoga pants…they will fall down:-)


 Pajamas ALL day  long.  I love Wednesdays.  We don't go anywhere:-) I am really sorry I didn't take a photo…next time I PROMISE.  I didn't even think about it.  It would have been HOT though!!!  HOT!



I LOVED this outfit and I am really sad that the photo is out of focus.

Vera Wang Leggings (Kohls), Target grey, knit scarf, Gap corduroy skirt, tank, H&M Grey shirt, Target grey suede boots.



JCrew jeans, Target clogs, orange sweater dress from boutique (The White Balcony) in Ft. Collins, Tan sweater from T. J. Maxx, belt from Anthro (but I just saw similar ones at Target), cuff from Lisa Leonard (love her) and necklace from my shop.


JCrew jeans (haha worn the day before), grey heeled Target boots, grey Gap long sleeve tee, sweater coat Gap Outlet, belt Silpada, necklace from my shop, hat from Target.


JCrew skinny jeans (I bought them on clearance this summer and should have bought a smaller size..too baggy for skinny jeans:-)), Gap black tissue tee, black tank, scarf from a boutique in The Barn, Silpada belt, flea market hat, grey heeled boots from Target. 


I live a simple life.  I am usually home with the kids or just running around town.  I think a simple outfit can look even cuter with accessories…a cute hat, scarf, boots etc really makes a big difference.

What is your favorite fashion accessory??