I homeschool my children so most days they are with me.

On Thursdays they go to their enrichment school ALL DAY!

Yes, as much as I love having them home with me …I also love my days by myself.

Tomorrow is Thursday and the first day back to their enrichment school since Christmas break.

I have let them all know in no uncertain terms…that they WILL all be healthy tomorrow because momma has plans.

I have the whole day planned out.

I smile whenever I look at the list.

Even though so much of my inspiration comes from talks with friends over coffee, creating with other creative souls, brainstorming with other shop owners, my daily life with my children and family…these Thursdays are about me all by myself.  

It was strange at first to go to a movie alone, sit at lunch and read a book in a instinct is to call a friend to meet me.  

I have really enjoyed being alone on these special Thursdays of mine.


All things just about me and at the places I find inspiration.

It is not about spending money. It is about making just a little time for myself and surrounding myself with inspiration.

Tomorrow will be full of a book store, fabrics, papers, Anthro and maybe a little shoe shopping (just looking).

I am so excited for how these little trips fill my notebook with so much inspiration.


Where do you find inspiration??