What Inspires You?


I homeschool my children so most days they are with me.

On Thursdays they go to their enrichment school ALL DAY!

Yes, as much as I love having them home with me …I also love my days by myself.

Tomorrow is Thursday and the first day back to their enrichment school since Christmas break.

I have let them all know in no uncertain terms…that they WILL all be healthy tomorrow because momma has plans.

I have the whole day planned out.

I smile whenever I look at the list.

Even though so much of my inspiration comes from talks with friends over coffee, creating with other creative souls, brainstorming with other shop owners, my daily life with my children and family…these Thursdays are about me all by myself.  

It was strange at first to go to a movie alone, sit at lunch and read a book in a restaurant..my instinct is to call a friend to meet me.  

I have really enjoyed being alone on these special Thursdays of mine.


All things just about me and at the places I find inspiration.

It is not about spending money. It is about making just a little time for myself and surrounding myself with inspiration.

Tomorrow will be full of a book store, fabrics, papers, Anthro and maybe a little shoe shopping (just looking).

I am so excited for how these little trips fill my notebook with so much inspiration.


Where do you find inspiration??

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  1. Destiny

    I can always find inspiration through blogs, magazines, and books, but I go to places like Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and antique stores to find inspiration outside of my home. I like to people watch too…I’m one of those people who listens in on conversations (call me nosey) and wonders what that person is going through in his or her life. My husband and I were having coffee one morning at Panera Bread and listened to a couple at the table next to us arguing over who was going to get the Christmas Train Set once their divorce was finalized. They were being so horrible to each other – It was so sad to watch. I’m very empathetic and find inspiration through other people’s lives – you can learn something from everyone! Anything can be inspiring if you are open to it…Have fun tomorrow! I’ll be enjoying my free time while Bailey is at Preschool : ) woo-hoo!

  2. Traci

    enjoy your inspiration day jeanne. a day all to yourself when the kids are younger is pure heaven. aside from all the inspiration found online, i too will head to the bookstore, or anthro, or a scrapbook store.

  3. Mikal

    I’d say YOU with posts like this!!
    Love all these photos… and coveting shoes, yellow chair, and gorgeous drapery. LOL
    Enjoy your day, and kudos to you for caring for yourself like this!!

  4. Suzen

    I see you spied those yellow shoes, too!!!If you lived near me I’d partner with you on a trip to Rockefeller Center Anthro…two floors loaded with wild and crazy store decor AND an art gallery. Of course, I’d leave you alone to peruse, but just the same. To say that this place cranks up the creative juices is an understatement. Good for you that you honor your inner artist this way! XOXO Suzen

  5. Joanne (The Simple Wife)

    Well, goodness, I want EVERY SINGLE THING you pictured here. Inspiring? Books, nature, store displays, antiquing, Anthropologie, words, the fabric store (met you at JoAnn’s a couple of years ago standing in line!).
    We’re homeschooling now too–and going to church these days in Castle Rock. Where do you go?
    And, oh, how I love that shade of yellow. Those shoes…
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Janelle Roberts

    Reading blogs – all of the beautiful ones, including yours!!! All of these creative women have been my inspiration over the last few years…without them I would have not started to change my life for the better! Also, church and being with other Christian women inspires me and gives me strength!

  7. anne marie

    since I don’t get the ability to go out and shop much, this is like the best eye candy for me…this post…with all it’s great style
    what inspires me is talking to people like you, and knowing that I have the freedom to do what I ought to do….
    i love sewing, cooking, gardening…and planning!!

  8. Leah C

    Every mommy deserves some quality “me time”! Lovin’ all your inspiring things…me, I find inspiration in nature, magazines, my family…and right here:)

  9. meghan

    lately you have been inspiring me. fun!
    i have been pouring over that family dinner book. i really loved the story about the kennedy family and their many children being able to have real conversations together. last night my littlest one got up and whispered in my ear…”momma don’t you want to talk to me about how my day was?” i just had a little moment where my heart did it’s happy dance and i realized…this is really working!!!

  10. Tricia

    Mmmm…great inspiration photos. I see you are drawn to yellow like I am…love those shoes.
    Oh, I think I could look just about anywhere, even the most mundane of places and find inspiration, probably because I love looking at the little details around me. Best wishes ? Tricia

  11. Serena Berry

    My insane magazine obsession is where I get most of my inspiration and of course, blogs like yours. I am trying really hard not to be jealous of your “me” days. I have another year and a half before the little one heads to kindergarten. Although, once that happens I’m sure I’ll be mourning that my baby is no longer a baby!!! Hope you have a fantastic day. Love that you take this time for yourself.
    big huge bear hugs to you, my friend.

  12. The Flying Bee

    I always get inspired reading my favorite magazines and of course blogs. There are so many talented girls out there.
    p.s. love, love, love that song All about your heart. i have to get her cd.
    enjoy your day

  13. Brandie

    I keep notebooks everywhere! In the car, in my purse, on my nightstand, etc. You just never know when inspiration will strike. I find inspiration in everything from colors, music, textures, clothing, photographs, the list goes on and on. I got a film camera for Christmas and I can’t wait to get some film loaded in there so I can take it around and capture my inspirations on film and stick it up on my inspiration board.

  14. leanne

    this is all so lovely…makes me want to go on a good hunt myself…my inspiration used to come from a major magazine addiction, but it is now the amazing women in blogland that gets my creativity flowin’
    i also love homes in movies…great ideas there!

  15. Katie Renick

    Hope you had a beautiful Thurs!!! I also homeschool and I have so say the thought of having a whole day to myself sounds like pure JOY! I love spending time with my children but I know I need to take time for myself! I have been looking for a local 1 day a week program,with no luck.
    Oh yes~ your question~~~ What inspires!!! Oh where to begin~ I have to say I am a thrift store junky! I love to buy furniature and transform it! The list goes on~historical homes,garderns,blogs,fabric,painting a room, white twinkle lights,a day trip over to Petluma, St.Helena,Point Reyas,Occidental~The beauty of Gods land makes my cup runith over and over!!!

  16. margie

    YOU inspire me…your heart…your laughter…and your art…
    love you sweet sweet friend…
    miss you can’t wait to see you next week…
    love love love…

  17. Patricia Hunter

    I wanted to say hi! I am working on a series of talks to start motivational speaking called “What your motto?” and it is based on what inspires you and what moves you, what drives you. Would it be alright with you if I added this to my files and if perhaps I used this blog/site as a reference?

  18. kimberly at mimicharmante

    I find most of my inspiration either online or at the bookstore. I follow some of THE MOST inspiring blogs, so they are my easiest “go to” source~
    I hope you had a marvelous day yesterday!

  19. lissa

    love all of the yellow lovliness in this post! so cheery and makes me ready for spring! Love how you put this together. Makes me want to go shopping. 😀

  20. Amy

    Anthropologie does seem to hold a lot of inspiration for me as well. I also homeschool and my husband is off on Fridays. Maybe I could talk him into Fridays being my day off as well and he can teach 🙂 Or at least once a month. Going out on my own always recharges me. The other night I went to Target to pick up a few essentials, but I ended up walking around aimlessly just thinking. It is so easy to think when no one is asking you questions 🙂 I also love to look around blog land for inspiration.

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