We are currently in Illinois visiting my mom and playing on her farm.

When you drive from Colorado to Illinois you have so much time to think and ponder.

We usually visit the farm in the summer so to see the landscape painted in golds, yellows, reds and orange was a treat.

Field after field was being harvested and it hit me like never before.

These men and women have worked all year for this.

The harvest.

They have prayed that the rain, weather and bugs would be perfect.

There has been a lot of down time….and waiting.

Now was the time to gather all that they had waited and worked so hard for.

It made me stop and really see for the first time what the harvest meant to these farmers.

I grew up in Illinois for my first 21 years and had hardly given it a thought.

I thought of my friends that farm and I wanted to call them and tell them that I got it..even if only for a little bit.

It made me think of all of us…..all the things we work hard for….waiting, praying that we have something to gather.

That we have a bounty from our hard work.

It made me think what MY harvest is.

My harvest is my children.

My harvest is my marriage.

My harvest is my business.

My harvest is my relationships.

And then there are the things I am going through that I hope the hard work I am putting into it now will reap a beautiful harvest later……even if it is back breaking work now.

My family is healing from my father’s affair.

We are doing {surprisingly} OK.

We are putting our work into it now.

We are working on forgiveness.

We are loving each other and supporting each other.

We are becoming stronger.

We are praying for the right “weather, rain”….:-)

In ways that I can not even see I KNOW my life will have a harvest from the pain we are going through now.

We will have a harvest because of how we are choosing to deal with the pain.

My children will have a harvest.  Their lives will have a bounty that I can’t even imagine.

We all will.

What is your harvest?