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When Art Saved During the Pandemic


What started as being an impulse to give away one whole course on our site ended up being four whole courses every other week until now during the quarantine.  

Over that time we were able to give away over $650,000 in course content and we still can’t believe that number!

After each course given away we heard story after story of how art was saving people from depression, loneliness, lack of money, direction and so much more.

Your outpouring of love and thankfulness just made us want to give another one and then another one and then another! 

I know that in most areas we are slowly starting to open back up but I will never forget our 9 weeks together when art and the pandemic connected us.  

When for the first time in my lifetime I knew what our members and friends from all over the world were experiencing. 

Please know that your sweet notes to us were read at the dinner table as we prayed for our world.

So much love from our family to yours. 


This piece was originally published in 2011 on Crescendoh by Jenny Doh.

A Constant Companion • by Jeanne Oliver

Jeanne OliverArt has been my companion for as long as I can remember. It has not always shown itself in the same medium but it has been there just the same. As a little girl art has followed me under a shading tree in the heat of the afternoon. Art has allowed me to express myself when I didn’t have any other way to communicate. Art has brought peace and made me a better mother through its process. Why would I be so surprised at the gift that art has given me? I am created by the most creative. Our world is a reflection of the ultimate artist. Creativity has been this incredible and intimate gift given to me by my maker. I have felt His presence, peace, and comfort so many times in my life though art and creating. This time would be no different.

Comfort from Canvas & Paint
We had gotten a call that had shaken me to the core. I was trying to figure out how to get home as quickly as possible. Home was a two-day drive with three children in the car. Home was where the pain was and I still couldn’t wrap my head around what I had heard. As we were packing the back of the Jeep I kept on going back to my studio and bringing more art supplies. I didn’t know why but I knew I couldn’t leave them behind. I didn’t know what exactly waited for us after our 1,000-mile drive but I would later come to find what healing and comfort would come from a canvas and paint.

After 41 years of marriage we had all found out that my dad had been having a long-term affair. We were sad, angry, ashamed, and without answers. As I write this I still can’t believe that my family is now a different-looking family. So many different emotions were going through my head and heart and I had no control over the outcome of any of it. I am 39 years old and watching your family fall apart still hurts. What do you do when you have so many thoughts running through you but you don’t have the energy to talk anymore? I covered the largest table in my mom’s house with plastic and slowly started pulling out all of my art supplies. Canvases were stacked, pens were organized, pastels were laid out, paint was collected, pencils were sharpened. During a situation where I had no control the act of organizing and preparing to create was comforting. Then we began. No plans. No outcome intended. In silence my sister and I started to create. Sometimes we spoke. Sometimes we cried. Sometimes we even laughed.

Healing & Powerful
When you have no words but you are given a way to express yourself anyways … it is healing and powerful. Our end results were never the intention but the results were beautiful just the same. So, for many nights on the farm when the house was quiet, all the children were asleep, when pencils, paint, chalks, and canvas were the only sounds … art saved.


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  1. Janice Lawton

    Thankyou so much for your generosity of spirit. You have opened up something in me that will last in my art work. Love your methods and adventurous play. Your wonder is contagious. Much appreciated.🙏

  2. Mooneen Mourad

    Thank you for your truth shared I can now relate in a different situation but similar pain. Your persona is amazing and I appreciate how you give of yourself thank you

  3. Maeva

    I just want to say I have never met anyone quite like you. Your art talent is amazing but I think your talent of relating to people by sharing your many journeys and the generosity of your heart and the love you pour out is the most amazing thing about you.
    You are blessed and you are a blessing.


    Thank YOU for sharing and this wonderful soulful video. I feel truly blessed. Please take care and stay safe ♥︎

  5. Linda

    Thank you for providing so much inspiration during a terrible time. Please don’t forget the east coast, we are still locked down and opening up seems very far away. I am mourning the loss of my father in law from COVID and my mother in law is still recovering. Your classes give me a much needed respite from the pain and uncertainty we live with everyday.

    1. Jeanne Oliver Author

      Praying that you will be able to open up soon and that your MIL will continue to get stronger. I am so sorry about your FIL.

  6. Susan

    How very kind of you!!
    I don’t know how I missed it. I read your blog and follow on Instagram and Facebook.
    I love your work. When you give, wonderful experiences are given back to you.

  7. Ronda

    In a time when “nothing is ever free”, you have provided a truly free offering. You have given us an opportunity to learn interesting techniques and encouraged self expression. Thank you.

  8. Vickie

    Thank you Jeanne from the bottom of my heart for your generosity during this crazy time in all of our lives. I am there with you when you say art saves, it gives us an escape and a way to work through our feelings when we are not able to articulate them. This has been a very a difficult time for me, I lost my father at the age of 100 during this pandemic and it is difficult to have closure when having a service for him was not an option. He was a big part of my life and I spoke to him every night at 7:00 about everyday life and what was happening in the world. I am finding my way discovering what my life is without him in it. He had his mind up until the very end and was always trying to make people he had contact with to laugh or smile. He gave me the gift of laughter. Honestly without my art supplies during this time, I don’t know how I would have made it. I have been taking your classes for many years and am grateful for you. Thank you again for your generosity. Sending you so much love. 💕

    1. Jeanne Oliver Author

      I am truly so sorry to hear about your father and I can not imagine the pain of not being able to have a service for him right now.

  9. Stephie Thomass

    I love your aesthetics.
    For your story, your art and all your hard work – thank you for sharing so openly and generously.
    You really do make a difference.

  10. Kate

    Thank you so much for your generous support throughout this challenging time. You made a difference!

  11. Loretta

    THANK YOU to you and your family for your love of art and you willingness to share it will us. I confess there are days when even art doesn’t help, but the times that I can make myself be engaged are a true blessing. I love all the artists on your network and have grown as an artist as a result of taking your classes in the past. I am thankful for your servant heart and generous spirit and just wanted you to know.

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