Sometimes your path seems so clear and other times your gifts take you on a journey you never could have imagined.

There are times in your life when you know without a shadow of a doubt that you are doing EXACTLY what you were made for…and then you wake up one day and know it is time to move on.

It was perfect at the time.

It was real and needed and fulfilling.

It opened up the whole world to you and now it is keeping you from the new pullings of your heart.

That is the crazy thing about your gifts.

They let you know in so many different ways what is right for right now…and when it is not right forever.

All of this dream and path talk:-) leads me to this gorgeous girl….

My friend Lara Blair is one of the most incredible women I know.

I feel safe with her.

If you have a friend like that you know exactly what I mean.

She is love, faith, joy, creativity and peace all mixed up together.

All I have to do is hear her voice on my voicemail and I think I breathe a little deeper. A little slower.

Whenever I am with Lara (in person, online or on the phone) we openly talk about our struggles, dreams, directions, passions and family.

I have watched her gifts explode and I love when I hear her heart and head fill me in with everything that she is dreaming up.

I always thought that if I were truly following my gifts that it would be a golden road paved out in front of me with a clear path of where to go….and it has been the most opposite.

It curves and twists and takes me places that I could never have imaged.

Right when I think the path will lead one way…it jets another.

I know the same is true for Lara.

All of my rambling leads me to tell you about Lara’s newest adventure.

She is an incredible photographer.

Her photography gifts have lead her to a successful photography business, retreats, classes, mixed media artist and now published author.

I was so giddy when I received her book in the mail.

I read it from cover to cover and loved how it felt like she was right in front of me.

She is funny, open, encouraging and honest.

I don’t photograph animals but as I read I learned so much more about photography, shooting for my business and even capturing our cat Milo:-)

This adventure has opened doors for her next project that actually leaves me breathless with the photos that Lara has captured.

I will share that project as soon as I can!

Whether you take photos of people or take photos of animals (or you do it all just for fun) you will love Lara’s new book.

I have even had the honor of writing a few reviews for her so please read those to hear more of my thoughts.

I have told you all the lovey dovey things about Lara but here are the other details:-)

Artist Bio

Lara Blair is a fine art photographer, photography instructor, writer and artist who lives in the beautiful Northwest. She owns one of the most successful fine art dog and horse portrait studios in the country. Lara has a dog photography book published by Amherst Media that is now available in stores and on

On the teaching front, she loves to help up and coming photographers stand out from the crowd in a fast growing industry. Lara hosts workshops in the Northwest,Texas and Italy for beginning and amateur photographers. These classes are held each season of the year. The next one will be in February 2013.

There are several fine art photography collections in the works for the coming year. “Askew” will debut in the spring of 2013. All of her fine art collections can be seen on

In addition to running the studio, Lara teams up with artist, Elida Field to host “Ignite the Heart” photography & art retreats in the Northwest and Italy. These two creative souls believe in lifting women up to higher places. The best feedback they’ve gotten from retreat attendees is that the experience was “a life-changer”.

You can visit Lara’s planet here: LaraBlair.Com ~ TheIgnitedHeart.Com