Mixed media collage by Becky Strahle at Farm Girl Paints

When your heart changes you see the world differently.

You see yourself differently.

You become stronger, wiser, braver, more compassionate, more lovely.

When you see yourself for who you could really be….the whole world opens up.

When the whole world opens up before you….you become brave…you begin to take steps to become the person that you really dream of becoming.

I love that my sweet friend Melody recently said that she just figured out that you can be brave and afraid at the same time!! 

Don't you LOVE that!?

How true!

Being brave is taking the steps you need to when you don't know the outcome. 

Fear could keep us from doing so much…but bravery is just taking that first step.

I am so proud that my friend Becky is beginning to take the steps to allow creating to be apart of her everyday life….and that she wants to share her creations with all of us.


Sometimes it just takes a step….one little step…that leads to really big and life changing joy!

I wanted you to get to know Becky a little better and then you can go over and check out her new Etsy shop!


What did you dream of being when you were a little girl?

always wanted to be something in the health field.  I loved the idea of
helping people and making them feel better.  When I was 13 I became a
candy striper:)


you always had a creative voice, are you just finding it or are you
still figuring out the creative path you want to be on?

totally learning as I go along.  I majored in Occupational therapy in
college.  One of our first assignments was to build a step stool.  This
was to teach us how to break a project down into steps or goals for our
patients.  We had no instructions at all.  It was a sink or swim kind
of thing.  I of course painted and decorated mine really cute.  This
started my love affair with crafting.

What inspired or encouraged you to open an Etsy shop and begin showing your art?

used to read blogs all of the time before I started mine.  They
showcased their art and most had stores attached.  I dreamed of someday
opening my own, but I knew I wanted to develop a "following" first and
I of course, still needed to figure out my own style.  The timing just
seems right now.


Where do you create in your house?

we finished our basement I kept a whole section just for me.  It has
linoleum, nice big windows and lots of light.  A perfect spot for my

When do you find the time to create and how do you balance creating and your family life?

tricky.  I have a little one in half day Kindergarten, so that leaves
me a few hours a day.  I create with my girls around too.  They love to
see me paint and often want to paint too, which is what they are doing
in the background right now:) 


How do you start your creative process and how to you focus to begin creative?

I'm totally inspired by words.  So my starting point has been
inspirational sayings or phrases, then the image just kind of shows up
for me.  I also get ideas from fashion magazines and music.


What do you dream of becoming when you "grow up"?

dream of following through with my dreams.  I dream of God using all of
the gifts and talents he has given me.  I dream of success and


If  you feel comfortable sharing with us….where do you see yourself creatively/professionally in five years?

I would love to be a successful artist with possible children's books, t-shirts, greeting cards etc…  The
sky's the limit right??:)  I have always wanted my own Farmhouse and
barn.  I envision a crew of other artists working with me in a studio
in the barn, designing…laughing…having a blast creating
beautiful things. 

What one word of advice would you give to women that are wanting to open a shop and share their art what would you say?

it afraid!  That's what I'm doing.  You will never be truly ready or
feel good enough.  Just go for it!  What do you have to lose?


What steps are you taking to make your dreams come true?

It is OK to be brave and afraid..I don't think you would be normal without a little of both!!!