Have you ever woken up….looked in the mirror….and not recognized yourself?

Have you ever wondered what happened to you?

Where did THAT girl go?

I had such an interesting conversation with a friend this week.

She is a stay at home mom with one child.

She is finding it hard to find herself again in the role of mother, wife, cook and housekeeper.

She was wondering if I have ever felt like that…..did I always create and make the time.


I loved staying home with Jack from the moment he was born.  I didn't feel isolated or resent being home at all.  I DID have a very hard time asking for time for myself.

I felt guilty about leaving him and even though I wanted time to myself on the weekends…I wasn't one to ask for it like I should have.

I was always putting myself last.

At this time in my life the creativity was coming from hosting parties, decorating our home or scrapbooking.

Making our albums gave me some of the creativity I needed and I didn't feel guilty because it was for the family. 

The funny thing now is that because I get the opportunity to create all the time I haven't scrapbooked in years. 

The most important lesson I learned here…I don't need an excuse to create.

It doesn't have to be for anyone else….I am worth creating for.

How does anyone else know how much you need something when you don't ask for it?


Add another baby and then another. 

Where are your dreams?

Is the girl that the boy fell in love with still there?

We can get so caught up in the day to day that we forget that we are amazing, creative, loving, joyful, passionate women that deserve to follow their dreams.

We can make so many excuses.

Now…don't get me wrong….being a mother and wife is what I have ALWAYS wanted. 

It is my first priority and I take great pride in this.

  But…I am also more. 

If I don't take care of me and the talents that the Lord has given me….what am I saying to my children? My  husband?

I am saying that everyone and everything is more important than me…and that will only destroy me.

My children and husband are so proud of me and the creations I make. 

They know how important they are to me…they also know that creating is a part of who I am too….why they love me and they would never want me to ignore that part of who I am.

Have you given yourself the chance lately to create, write, dream????

Whatever it is that makes you ….YOU…don't forget it. 

Don't push it aside. 

You have been given that gift from the One who made you.

He doesn't make mistakes and he doesn't want you to hide the beauty that is you.

I know my friend felt better at the end of our time together because I had been there. 

Most of us have.

Give yourself permission to set up a space in your home…no matter how small…that is YOURS.  You will use it and create (whatever that looks like for you) more often if you have the space.  Give yourself the time. Everyone will survive for a few hours…I promise.

Where are your dreams? 

Find them!!!!


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