Where Are Your Dreams?


Have you ever woken up….looked in the mirror….and not recognized yourself?

Have you ever wondered what happened to you?

Where did THAT girl go?

I had such an interesting conversation with a friend this week.

She is a stay at home mom with one child.

She is finding it hard to find herself again in the role of mother, wife, cook and housekeeper.

She was wondering if I have ever felt like that…..did I always create and make the time.


I loved staying home with Jack from the moment he was born.  I didn't feel isolated or resent being home at all.  I DID have a very hard time asking for time for myself.

I felt guilty about leaving him and even though I wanted time to myself on the weekends…I wasn't one to ask for it like I should have.

I was always putting myself last.

At this time in my life the creativity was coming from hosting parties, decorating our home or scrapbooking.

Making our albums gave me some of the creativity I needed and I didn't feel guilty because it was for the family. 

The funny thing now is that because I get the opportunity to create all the time I haven't scrapbooked in years. 

The most important lesson I learned here…I don't need an excuse to create.

It doesn't have to be for anyone else….I am worth creating for.

How does anyone else know how much you need something when you don't ask for it?


Add another baby and then another. 

Where are your dreams?

Is the girl that the boy fell in love with still there?

We can get so caught up in the day to day that we forget that we are amazing, creative, loving, joyful, passionate women that deserve to follow their dreams.

We can make so many excuses.

Now…don't get me wrong….being a mother and wife is what I have ALWAYS wanted. 

It is my first priority and I take great pride in this.

  But…I am also more. 

If I don't take care of me and the talents that the Lord has given me….what am I saying to my children? My  husband?

I am saying that everyone and everything is more important than me…and that will only destroy me.

My children and husband are so proud of me and the creations I make. 

They know how important they are to me…they also know that creating is a part of who I am too….why they love me and they would never want me to ignore that part of who I am.

Have you given yourself the chance lately to create, write, dream????

Whatever it is that makes you ….YOU…don't forget it. 

Don't push it aside. 

You have been given that gift from the One who made you.

He doesn't make mistakes and he doesn't want you to hide the beauty that is you.

I know my friend felt better at the end of our time together because I had been there. 

Most of us have.

Give yourself permission to set up a space in your home…no matter how small…that is YOURS.  You will use it and create (whatever that looks like for you) more often if you have the space.  Give yourself the time. Everyone will survive for a few hours…I promise.

Where are your dreams? 

Find them!!!!


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  1. mkg

    Your words are beautifully expressed and the photos match the inspiration! Thank you.

  2. Tracy

    whoa. amazingly perfect for where I am today.
    You always know how to inspire and remind me what the important priorities are.
    SO grateful to YOU!!
    xoxoxo – Happy Sunday.

  3. lissa

    Jeanne! I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you on this post. I lost myself for awhile when my kids were young. We never went on dates… never took time to be with friends or go to a brave girl camp and look what happened. It is so important to be that girl that the boy fell in love with! OH, I’m so excited to chat with you all week!! How exciting is this!!!

  4. Becky G.

    Bravo! Well Said! Anyone who ‘creates’ knows how important – how vital that time spent creating is for them. You put it very nicely!

  5. jamie

    Absolutely being a stay at home mom sometimes can bring up these feelings and emotions. I really lost myself when the kids were young for a long long time. For me as they have gotten older and me a bit wiser, I definitely take time for myself. We women have to wear many hats and try our Best not to forget ourselves.

  6. Wendy

    So beautifully written. Mind if I send people from my blog over to your blog to read this wonderful post? Happy creating.

  7. amy

    is there hope for pregnant moms with two other little tikes!?=) when they are so young, it seems like the time is soooo hard to find! but i agree with what you shared. anytime i make my day more creative (even in the everyday happenings or with my family in playtime) i find a lot of joy. but i want more,=) and a work space not accessible to little eyes and hands would be nice! so happy for the week you have ahead of you.=)

  8. {connie}

    jeanne, seriously in tears now!! may i ditto your words. if only at times i would SEE that and DO it for myself. i guess the bgc retreat will HELP me do this. your music is fabulous as well, pictures amaZing and the wonderful feeling i felt is just what i needed. now only if i could pack and get myself ready and not feel guilty! πŸ™‚

  9. traci

    well said jeanne. beautiful post. it is so important to make time for yourself – whether you are creating, relaxing or spending time with friends. those times help to nurture the woman that nurtures her family.

  10. anne marie

    my heart is at home, but my passion is outside…….and what you said is so true – that being a honestly wonderful mother takes such sel-sacrifice…….true love always does……
    beautiful words – really –
    and if you give me your address, I will totally send you some caramel corn – and I am not joking –

  11. The Flying Bee

    Jeanne…this brought tears to my eyes. I am going through this right now. You know, making these last few decisions to go on my trip, to open my booth and my Etsy shop…have been exhilarating! I used to feel guilty for having all these desires, but you are right, the One who made me put these desires in my heart and I embrace that. Thank you for your words. I needed this today.

  12. Leah C

    How is it…without ever having met me…that you could “climb into” my heart and know just what I’m feeling? Guess it just goes to show we women are not alone. I love, love being a wife & mother, but sometimes I do feel lost. And the guilt, oh the guilt; it can get you if you let it. I’ve learned to let go a little and to let loose a little. Feels good:) Thanks so much for the inspiration today!

  13. Maisy

    Jeanne, Sometimes I feel like my creative part is buried and I don’t know how to find it. Thanks for the reminder to keep searching for it. Sometimes a sweet shove is all I need. Xoxo

  14. Brooke

    So glad I stopped by your blog today. I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for reminding us that it’s ok to dream and to create all the while still focusing on the other important areas of our life.

  15. Annette Q

    Oh Jeanne,
    I soooo wish I could write like you do!
    I can totally relate to what youre saying but would never be able to put it into words like you do!
    I started creating again in January after a veeeeery long spell of doing nothing. And I truly believe that ever since then I’ve been a happier wife and mother. The best thing is that my husband really supports me and my daughter totally understands my need to create and she often joins in, which in turn, has brought us all closer together.
    i’m all up for finding and making those dreams come true!
    Thank you for such a lovely post

  16. Brandie

    Oh Jeanne, this post is just perfect. Perfect. I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is definitely something that I need to work on. I have always loved being a SAHM. It was I always wanted to do but I have definitely let ME slip away a bit. My clothing line was a step out into rediscovering myself and photography has been a huge leap forward. I feel like I am finding myself more and more with each moment I take to explore these passions. I hope to realize an old, not fogotten dream of mine when the kids are a bit older of getting back on the stage. Musical theatre is a dream that I gave up to realize the dream of motherhood and I can not wait to get back in there!

  17. Chelsea

    Great post, very inspiring. Being a stay at home Mom, I do feel like I forget about me a lot. So thank you for the reminder. Beautifully stated.

  18. LuLu

    Jeanne, your post was beautifully written. I couldn’t imagine you not being a creative person, I am so happy your sweet family knows how much creating is a part of you and makes you such a good mommy and wife.
    I have so much to learn from you, thank you for sharing.

  19. lorraine lewis

    Lovely post Jeanne.
    Some of my friends don’t quite get my need to paint or to create something beautiful, weather it be setting my table with a gorgeous bouquet or painting a simple bird- it is something that “washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Unfortunately it took me too many years to figure out that this is something that was essential to my life- something I needed to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter of God-me!

  20. Jackie

    Beautifully written and absolutely true! We do need to make time for ourselves – just need a little reminder sometimes that it’s ok!!

  21. lorraine lewis

    Jeanne this is a lovely post.
    I have friends who don’t understand my need to paint or create something beautiful. It does not matter if it’s decorating a table with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or painting a simple bird. It is so true in my life that Creating or art “washes away from the soul the dust of every day life” I have learned that creating something beautiful and lovely is essential to me being a better wife, mother, friend, daughter of God- a better me.

  22. Jerri

    Thanks for reminding us that it is OK to take care of ourselves…and to pursue our dreams! I too, could have been a bit better about it when my kids were younger, but I am learning now…never too late!

  23. tracey

    I couldn’t agree more Jeanne! I too didn’t ask for much time to myself when I only had one baby to take care of, but with each additional one I’ve learned to take the time I need to be me and regroup…I’m certainly a better mom because of it!
    πŸ™‚ T

  24. Alyssa

    That was a great post πŸ™‚ Although I do not have children (yet) I still find myself getting buried under other tasks – taking away from my creative time. Thanks for the great reminder.

  25. Tara

    Beautiful post Jeanne, I couldn’t agree more..if we don’t make the time, who will. The person I am today is the person I will be tomorrow, as long as I give myself the time I need to be ME! …the hubs and the baby are the icing (or the wrinkles) on top!
    Love you!

  26. Jennifer O'Brien

    So true. Making time for myself is still hard, much easier but still. Marley and Me has been on HBO every night it seems and my favorite part is when she(Jen) says “no one tells you how hard it’s going to be or how much you’re going to have to give up.” Then she goes on to say “I don’t regret any of it.” I find it goes in waves and it does get easier and sooner or later little hints on the old you come back, you have to work at giving yourself permission to be selfish every once in a while. Very true,we have to love and value ourselves for anyone else to be able to.
    Sorry to go on and on, you may have hit a nerve:).

  27. Holly

    Thank you. I know the “lost” feeling of wanting to create but thinking my family is the priority, and I was/am not. Thank you for putting it into words, and sharing something that appears to be more common than we might have expected. As the kids get older, my creativity is growing, and I am finding ideas are once again sprouting. I too believe that we are creations made by the Creator, meant to create. . .as difficult as that creating might seem some days.

  28. kana conger

    So enjoying this post! I agree that we moms do tend to forget about ourselves. I finally got to create the last couple of days and it sooo made me happy!

  29. Teresa Sheeley

    You remind me of me many years ago, when the kids were little. From someone who has been there, cherish every little moment with your young ones and enjoy what you are doing, it’s your season for this and I wish you nothing but beautiful memories to live on in the years to come. The girl in the mirror is still the same, she just gets smarter and better! πŸ™‚

  30. susan

    Jeanne, this is so beautifully put. I did really feel lost the first few years I was home. I didn’t miss work, I just felt like I lost myself. I still have a hard time leaving the kids and really taking time for me. Thankfully, I have my little shop it truly fills a void I once had, I’m so grateful for that and all the wonderful women I’ve met since I started, it’s pretty amazing…..thanks!

  31. heather

    I didn’t figure that out until my son started kindergarten! And now my son teases me for being “obessed with photography and art.” He’s almost 10 now and a wise guy. πŸ˜‰ Well-written post and oh so true! πŸ™‚

  32. LeeAnn

    I just found your site though “Humble Pie” blog. I loved this post! I needed to hear what you had to say about taking time to create and set up a space in your home to create no matter how small. (and mine will be small!) I have a very creative spirit and some talent that God’s given me, but I always seem to push it back under all the other things that seem higher on the priority list. Sometimes, I think I do that because I feel my creations are not special when I measure them to others! (guess I’m to much a perfectionist against myself) Now isn’t that an awful attitude to have? What is more important is that I create for ME!
    I want to follow your blog. I need this kind of insp1ration.
    Thank you-
    Lee Ann

  33. rue

    This was a really terrific post Jeanne. Right now I’m having a hard time taking on two more children and in the last few weeks have lost who I am. Thank you for reminding me πŸ™‚

  34. Amy Muffoletto

    I have not come for a visit in awhile. I really needed to hear your words… I know who I am…but confirmation from a friend is always wonderful. Even if your words were not directly meant for me. You just touched my heart!!! Hugs, Amy

  35. JenR

    You ares o right.. but it’s so hard, especially when our first priorities are these beautiful little creatures we brought into the world. But you are sooooo right. I hope you had a great time this week!

  36. Jen@thecottagenest

    I’ve been there too. I think it’s something we all have to go through but we come out better at the end of it. Jen
    P.S. I can’t wait to see what you are selling at Silver Bella!

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